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Mistakes on Serebii.net

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In the Game Mechanics EV section, you can't go to ANY of the Pokemon's pages. Example: I want to look at Poocheyana's Pokedex Entry after looking at it in the Atk Evs Game Mechanics Guide, it says that the page does not exist.
on the move tutor page for DP Draco Meteor is still written as metoric storm, and when the link to go to the move page is clicked it goes to a blank page

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On the 3rd gen page, click on Fire stone down the bottom, it will say "The pokemon evolve when traded with fire stone"


It says Gligar and Sneasel evolve by trading when holding the respective items needed to evolve.
But really they evolve by leveling them up at night when holdng their items
Also, please check my PM or thread, it regards the main site.


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The first page says Lukas is the male player character's name, while that is wrong as it should be Lucas.


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Does Gligar evolve when leveled up while holding a Razor Fang only at night or anytime? Because on the "New Evolution Methods" page for Diamond and Pearl, it says at night, but its D/P Pokedex page doesn't mention that it has to be at night...

Also, the D/P dropdown list still says Driftblim (with a T), but its page say Drifblim.


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Also, the D/P Pokedex pages for Magnezone and Probopass and their pre-evolutions still says, "Lv. Up in Tengan Mountain". It should be Mt. Coronet now. And did Moss Rock and Ice Rock chang names? or ar ethey still the same?
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