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Misty Returning?

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Ashy Boy

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I keep hearing rumours that Misty will be making an appearance in the D/P saga. Are these rumours true?


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There were rumours about her voiceactor that she would return... don't know if these were true though. But perhaps same voice actor other character?

Pearl's Perap

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Please say the rumours aren't true, I can't see them being true but...ANOTHER stale character would just put me off even moreso...


Moose with the Pen
I think Mayumi was referring to Kasumi's cameo as a fishing lure (WHICH PROVES TAHT ASH LUVS MISTY~~!), and not a real one.

Draco Malfoy

The VA is obviously talking about Kasumi's seasonal visit to Ash and Co. (like she did in Hoenn and the BF). And Kasumi isn't really THAT stale. Her off-time as Gym Leader kinda refreshed her and made her stale towards us cause we haven't heard from her for ages.

Haruka and Masato (and to a lesser extent, perhaps maybe even Shuu and/or Harley) might make their seasonal appearance in Sinnoh. Haruka is definately going to make one sometime in the future. The Japanese Haruka fans made sure of that. >>;;

I think that's what Kasumi's VA was talking about, saying Kasumi will make her brief seasonal apperance like she did in Hoenn and the BF.


Red: True Master
Ash and Dawn got in a fight over her because each of them wanted to put her on their rod.
Nice to see that they're rmembering the lure unlike the hankie. She'll come back but it unfortunately will be only a cameo.
She may come back for one or two episodes in the future but as of now there's no indication of her appearing in Sinnoh.

Misty's VA "second" appearance was another 10th anniversary special, which aired in Japan a month ago. Apparently that was her second appearance thus far.


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LMAO! Haha, It's so funny that you took that the wrong way. And after I read your comment I realized what you ment.

But anyway, I don't think Misty will appear any time soon in the anime. Give D/P alittle more episodes and then let her in for one or two.


The Grand Draconian
Let's hope she does because Misty is one of my favorite charecters and I like her & May much more than Dawn....

LOL! At Koroboshi Kojiro's post....
Misty will probably return for her seasonal visit. I mean seriously, it's almost inevitible considering like Prof. Oak, she is the type that would have an episode or two and then leave. The only thing I'm wondering about is May since it's kinda impossible to have a full epsiode with May in it since she is in Johto (that's why hopefully after the end of the sinnoh GF, May could appear).

To be back on topic...do I think Misty is returning...possibly.

Permanant? NO.
Temporary? Of course.

That's all I have to say.

High Commander Solomon

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I hope not. Honestly, the only thing worse than Cybercubed vs. The Idiotic Misty Fan of the Day is a stampede of Misty-related insanity. Is the color of the rubber band in her hair a shippy hint? Isn't she better than every character ever, and not at all cliche? Does she have better legs than Dawn? If Misty was pitching for the Dodgers, would they beat Dr. Eggman? (There is actually somebody who would ask that last one...bonus points for anyone familiar with the nut.)

Well, then again...they might bring back May instead. Scratch the above paragraph - not only would all those questions be asked with regards to May, but the Misty fanbase would get agitated and start a stampede of insanity. Fun for the whole borderline-psychotic family.


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Kasumi and Haruka should not show up again unless they do it at the same time. Heaven help us if one makes an appearance before the other.


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May may appear with Eevee and ti will evolve into one of its evolutions in that episode.


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maybe she will appear with a togekiss..


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I don't see why either of the girls should be denied a cameo just because their fanbases are loopy.
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