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Is Misty really coming back as a main character? I heard somewhere that her Japanese voice actress officially announced thatn Misty would be returning. Does anyone know anything about this?


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Yes she will. That's a good thing.

Since we all know the future, it's 100% safe saying "yes it will happen/no it won't happen" comments.

Not sure though. I'd like to see her come back though if she had more of a place in the show.
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I think she will appear as a cameo again like in Hoenn..

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Both Misty and May would get a two parter episode, but they will never return as main charracters.


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She'll make a new cameo someday, probably during the League or something with Togekiss. May will have a cameo to someday, maybe something ewith contests. It is very unlikely they'll ever join the main cast again though.

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Sorry if this is information is wrong, but on Wikipedia, it says that her Jaapanese voice actress said that she would become a main character again.


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First of all, never reply on Wikipedia. Her VA said she will come back, weather it is one or two episodes or full time is UNKNOWN.

I swear if a statement online says "Misty will come back for one episode", people see: "Misty will come back..."
Misty might come back for one episode or two but that is all, she will never come back as a main character agian. Neither May nore Misty will.
How many times must it be said that her Japanese VA hosted the 10th anniversary specials that aired in Japan back in friggn APRIL.

We're now entering July, that's all her voice actress was hired to do. Some people jumped the gun and assumed she was going to be in an actual episode, but were proven wrong THREE months ago. Why are we still talking about this?

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"Ash, Pikachu, Brock and Team Rocket have all returned, Misty will be returning soon in a later episode of the new series, as confirmed by her Japanese actress, while May and Max did not return as main characters, they might return as guest characters more later in the season."

That's what I was reading. The way that it was worded confused me a little. Sorry.
What you're reading is out of date material when her VA said she was going to host the 10th anniversary specials, which people confused with episodes. As said, those specials aired in April and Misty's VA did indeed host them.

I can see Misty showing up in the D/P series for an ep or two sometime down the road, but its definitely not happening anytime soon.

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CC said it, what you read was the VA talking about the 10th Anniversary Special, not the main series.

I don't see Misty ever returning again, even for occasional cameos, since she is no longer the 'used-to-be-main-heroine-but-now-is-not' as that role has been taken by May. May will now make a few cameos like Misty did, possibly even a 2-parter in mid-Sinnoh, but now that Misty is not the ex-heroine, I see her never returning again.

And once Dawn's replaced, May will never appear again and we'll get occasional cameos by Dawn.


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She'll come back as a cameo character like May and Max will. I'm sure in the last arc of the show everybody will be back though.


I highly doubt she will... =\

I sort of miss Misty. Back then, GOD did I hope she was taken off and re-
placed with some other girl. But now, I find her character development the
most captivating. These new female characters just bore me (in a way)...
Probably just the nostalgic coot in me ^^;
Man, it's not fair!


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Maybe Dawn will be battling against May in the grand festival.