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Misty's Magnificent trade shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by misty135, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. misty135

    misty135 Member

    credit for banner goes to the user thrain
    Shop is closed due to wifi/internet issues on my end
    None of my pokemon are hacked that i know of, those i traded for are the only ones i don't know about. i don't like hacked, but i don't mind clones and rngs

    I specialize in breeding dream world pokemon and pokemon natures. However, I can breed for egg moves but that might take longer depending(probably not though). I am interested in trading for other dream world pokemon and shiny pokemon.

    If your request is not READY within a week I will give you a vitamin of your choice.

    I can make all pokemon have pokerus upon request.


    UT/ut means it hasn't been touched and i normally use with event or shiny pokemon
    all dreamworld pokemon will either be hatched or in the daycare
    I will mention if there was any ev training.


    What I want: Rare, Event, Shiny and/or DW pokemon. I am not real picky right now.
    fully ev'd pokemon

    Nobunaga's Rayquaza event(lvl 70 shiny, modest) <3
    lvl 100 shiny charizard (self ev'd )
    lv 62 shiny mew, relaxed (almost positive it's the faraway island event!)

    (probably touched) lvl 6 Blissey-female, bold (clone from emerald) -has Seismic toss and Heal bell (3rd gen exclusive moves)It also has good def IVs(30)
    lvl 100 Raichu- gently and female, ability is static
    lvl 61 Entei- hasty
    lvl 50 Cresselia-Bashful female
    lvl 100 Zekrom- Jolly
    lvl 100 Kyogre- Quirky
    lvl 65 Glaceon-sassy male, abilty is snow cloak
    lvl 100 serperior- timid male, ability overgrow(nicknamed snake, but can change)
    lvl 81 zebstrika- jolly female
    lvl 97 samurott- serious male (ev'd)
    lvl 82 Dialga- naughty
    lvl 43 Palkia- Docile
    lvl 92 Jolteon- hasty male (ev'd) with QUICK FEET
    UT tornadus event- timid
    UT Gamestop Pikachu colored Pichu - OT-GAMESTP-jolly male
    UT movie Keldeo with item-modest
    touched japanese World Hobby Fair - 2th Anniversary Manaphy
    lv 62 shiny mew, relaxed (almost positive it's the faraway island event!)
    Nobunaga's Rayquaza event(lvl 70 shiny, modest)
    lvl 50 Deoxys-serious (currently being checked to see if it's a hack)
    zekrom lvl 100 -Docile (u.s. event, spring2012)
    Darkrai lvl 50- modest
    mew lvl 42- quirky
    Arceus lvl 100, Docile (Gl event)
    Mewtwo lvl 70, Docile (wifi gift Feb2012) still has hold item
    phione lvl 1 (can breed)
    Victini lvl 17(raised two lvls) Hasty, liberty garden event
    All 3 legendary dogs shiny (gamestop event)
    Celebi lvl 53- quiet (OT win2011) and touched
    Mewtwo lvl 70-Docile, Feb 2012

    I don't check IVs or EVs and I will specify if I found it myself
    (ut means i KNOW its been untouched, otherwise i either don't know or it has been touched)
    lvl 100 shiny mew (Japanese i think) from hoenn- quirky
    lvl 100 kyurem-naughty
    lvl 100 Cobalion
    UT dwf vulpix lvl 1, timid (flawless)- knows ember,hypnosis,will-o-wisp, and protect
    UT beldum lvl 1, adamant (flawless or near flawless)
    UT natu lvl 18 male, modest(flawless or near flawless)
    UT gastly lvl 1 male, mild(flawless or near flawless)
    UT dw jolteon lvl 1 male, gentle(flawless or near flawless)
    UT skorupi lvl 1 female, hardy -knows poison sting, leer, aerial ace,and poison jab
    swoobat lvl 39 female, modest
    UT misdreavus lvl 1 female, calm (nearly flawless) -knows growl, psywave, imperison, and destiny bond
    UT shinx lvl 1 dw male, brave -knows tackle, helping hand, fire fang, and ice fang
    Mewtwo(named EXODUS, cannot be changed) lvl 70, timid(flawless or near flawless)
    UT absol lvl 1 female, adamant-knows scratch, feint, sucker punch, and swords dance
    Rotom lvl 8, modest (apparently slightly ev trained)
    UT ralts(named Arcee, cannot be changed) lvl 1 female, timid (i believe it is near flawless)-knows confuse ray, mean look, destiny bond, and will-o-wisp
    UT scraggy lvl 1 male, adamant (i believe it is near flawless)-knows fake out, ice punch, thunder punch, and brick break
    UT litwick lvl 28 female,mild
    UT mienfoo lvl 33 male, docile
    UT tranquill lvl 26 female, relaxed
    UT zebstrika lvl 29 male, quiet
    charizard lvl 39(self ev'd)-near flawless i believe
    Sharpedo, lvl 44 female, naughty
    Gyarados, lvl 31 male, gentle (nicknamed LEVIATOR, cannot change)
    (might be untouched) Steelix, lvl 33 female, timid (foreign, Japanese i think...)
    UT Bulbasaur, lvl 1 male, modest-flawless- knows tackle, ingrain, grasswhistle, and petal dance
    UT Squirtle, lvl 1 male, bold- flawless -knows tackle, foresight, scald, and toxic
    Seismitoad, lvl 36 male, hasty

    Up for Breeding

    Females will be traded at lvl 1 with either a random or requested nature
    (used for breeding only) Banette (event)-mild (nicknamed spooks *can be changed it will still have cotton spore guaranteed
    Omanyte (1 has muddy water *can be bred to have it)
    Dusknoir-bold (in dream ball but can't be bred)
    DWF-daycare only- Staravia -naughty (can't bred and I only have one)

    Male DW-what I have is what I have unless I also have a dwf
    UT Horsea(octazooka)-bashful-nicknamed Dragon (can be changed)
    UT Tailow -impish
    UT Gastly (sludge wave)
    UT Espeon(event)-modest (it will take a decent offer to trade)
    UT Shinx- various natures at lvl 1
    UT giligar- various natures at lvl 1
    Nidoran- sassy lvl 3
    UT(GL event) Croagunk-careful
    UT Skorupi
    UT Mamoswine (GL event)
    i can breed regular pokemon too but the list is too long to put up here so just ask. and please only fair offers


    Cloning services!!!!
    Ev training services
    items: I have them all.

    don't have time to ev train or just too lazy?
    i'll do it for you! you don't even have to provide the pokemon(having me breed is a little more costly)...
    tell me what stats you want ev'd and how much and i'll do it.

    cost: clone of the ev'd pokemon is acceptable, upper lvl pokemon, pokemon with good ivs, shinies are welcomed, basically just offer.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2012
  2. misty135

    misty135 Member

    I am currently open for breeding and trading :)
  3. gabric

    gabric Well-Known Member

    im interested in the pansage shiny growlithe and phione would you trade these 3 for a flawless shiny squirtle and bulbasaur (also shiny/flawless)
  4. misty135

    misty135 Member

    Sure :) i'll meet you in the room now if you want. i'm warning you pansage is nicknamed "Leafy" but i can change that if you really want.
  5. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    what are you looking for in return? (want list?)
    do you ever breed and evolve pokemon? i have a few i'm looking for the final evolution. if you don't have the first level i can trade and you can level that one up (welcome to breed to get your own too)
  6. misty135

    misty135 Member

    well i don't normally do the evolving part but i defiantly could. and i would love a male eevee or eeveelution with wish if possible but i'm not picky. what pokemon would you want bred or evolved?
  7. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    What would you take for you DWF eevee? I have much to offer.
  8. misty135

    misty135 Member

    another dwf that i don't have, shiny, fl/nfl, starters i don't have, basically just offer.
  9. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    anyone of these would be awesome(if they require an item i can supply it too)

    i've got lots of eevees with wish and yawn. (mostly male)
    if youre looking to breed these three glaceons have pretty good stats at least the best of what i currently have.

    ml-Hasty, lv11 6/6/22/31/20/29 tackle, helping hand, yawn wish nn-Boy
    ml-Adamant, lv11 31/17/22/25/20/31 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn- Bi-ru
    ml-Lax, lv11 31/12/5/31/21/21 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn-Deiru

    they do all have nicknames mostly so i can tell them apart when trading. otherwise it's tricky.

    let me know if you are willing to do any of those or if you want to do multiple just let me know what else you're looking for or check my shop.
  10. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    How about a unique egg move Riolu? Blaze Kick and Hi Jump Kick, it has 31 Iv attack and 31 Iv Hp. So that you can bread good IV eggs from it.
  11. misty135

    misty135 Member

    well i believe i have all but the blue gastrodon on one of my games. i can transfer them up and get a blue gastrodon probably by sunday. so trade then to get them on your dex? (no items are needed so don't worry)
    and i would love the ml-Adamant, lv11 31/17/22/25/20/31 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn- Bi-ru glacion

    sounds good and i have an eevee ready to go
  12. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    any comment on my offer? I have a few Dream World Pokemon but not many that you would want.

    Scratch that you edited your post.

    When can we trade?
  13. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    awesome!! i'm only 20 away from completing my dex. i'm super excited! i don't mind waiting, just send a vm when your ready. and which all pokes you want. i'll put a hold sign on Bi-ru for you.
  14. misty135

    misty135 Member

    now works, i just need your fc

    sounds like a plan!
  15. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    I'm interested in your Movie 14 Victini, I'm willing to offer several of the pokemon in my sig for this. I can also hunt down something for you. I canNOT trade the Dragonite. Favorite pokemon. shiny. flawless. :3

    Please reply back, I prefer to work via PM, but I can do through posts too.
  16. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    just give me a second to check it and I'll meet you there.
  17. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    its 1206 4893 9147 Note
  18. misty135

    misty135 Member


    I don't know, just give me a day to think about it please
  19. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    Ok I'm in the wifi room.
  20. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    Will do :D awaiting your response.

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