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Misty's Magnificent trade shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by misty135, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. GogoGojira

    GogoGojira Member

    What are you looking to get for your shiny Shinx?
  2. Ch12is

    Ch12is Collectron

    Oh Ok I'm actually not sure I've never checked
  3. Wizorbe

    Wizorbe Black Mage

    Thanks for the trade we did a while ago. You have a pretty awesome selection in there.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea what you'd like for your shiny Mew? And what about the normal one?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. 36squid

    36squid ISingTheBodyElectric

    Squirtle/natu :)
  5. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    oh hey I didn't realize you had a shop xD. Now, I'm willing to do some 1 sided trades (1 sided on your side I mean lol) but ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CLONE if so Id want 2 clones of my pokemon back and the
    3 Gamestp event dogs
    Feb mewtwo event
    the shiny Near flawless mewtwo( EXODUS LOL)
    And the Shiny flawless bulbasaur and squirlte
    for my
    ALL OF THESE ARE SHINY FLAWLESS AND lvl1 UT unless stated: Klink lvl 25 UT, Jolly mienfoo, adamant DWF dratini, Impish DWF gligar, Impish skarmory with EMs, Bold male frillish and
    Flawless events ( not shiny) ALL UT: Gamestp deoxys-a(naive), SMR2010 jirachi(jolly), Movie 14 victini(adamant) GL with your shop misty :D If you evr desperately need a poke ask me and I'll try to find it for ya, and I could also work as an EV trainer for ya If you gave some credits to take pokemon in the future lol
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  6. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    ill trade you a shiny flawless drought ability vulpix lvl 1 ut for your dwm torchic
  7. misty135

    misty135 Member

    sounds okay to me, i've been look for a dwf vulpix (shiny/flawless=better!)

    well i'd like another shiny for it and i was told the shinx is flawless/nearflawless...

    well if you could and let me know that would be great!
    You're welcome. thanks.
    shiny mew= shiny or flawless/nearflawless event and maybe shiny flawless(non event)
    regular mew= shiny, event, decent offer
    the squirtle is flawless so i'd want another flawless or a shiny legendary/event or regular event(depending)
    natu is flawless or near flawless so i'd take a shiny with similar ivs or a shiny legend/event or regular event(depending)
    I can't currently clone but i might be able to in the next couple of weeks...but i could trade you legendary dogs(i have more than 1 of each).
    sure thing, i'll remember that :) and i'm pretty good with ev training but if i need an extra hand i'll let you know (and i would definatly give you credits :) )
  8. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    okay NOTE:vulpix is japanese when can you trade
  9. misty135

    misty135 Member

    i can meet you in there now... and the torchic is japanese too
  10. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    ill add you and be i there right quick
  11. misty135

    misty135 Member

    thanks for the trade. :)
  12. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    ya hopefully we can trade again soon.
  13. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    Can I have the EXODUS Mewtwo for my DWF Dratini?
  14. warrior777

    warrior777 Member

    I like your UT natu lvl 18 male, modest(flawless or near flawless), can you check my thread for what you want?
  15. misty135

    misty135 Member

    im interested in your Bagon level 1 UT [Adamant][w/ egg moves Dragon Dance + Dragon Rush]

    well i actually just got a dwf dratini... sorry
  16. 36squid

    36squid ISingTheBodyElectric

    squirtle for shaymin?
  17. misty135

    misty135 Member

    well i actually have a shaymin on my platinum...
  18. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    I definitely like your shiny, near-flawless Misdreavus. And maybe your Mewtwo, as well. Check my shop to see if you like anything? ;)
  19. misty135

    misty135 Member

    i'm interested in your
    Eevee: Timid-Wish/Fake Tears/Stored Power/Yawn-31/16/31/31/31/31-Anticipation and scyther: Adamantlevel 1-Vacuum Wave/Quick Attack/Leer-31/31/31/5/14/31-Technician
  20. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Two-for-two? Sounds good to me. :)

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