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Mitchlord's mixes,edits etc


Bad Taste Everywhere
So here are my sprites please rate them in order left to right Human color shiftry, Lucian edit, Toterior and Full Moon Forme Lunatone (I know this one sucks)



Splice Spriter
I would say that Lunatone-Full is quite good actually, nice idea!
Toterior is weird for a few reasons:
a) the shell looks like it has a hump
b) WHY are there GREEN leaves behind it near the tail ???
c) the head horn is not attached properly.

I dunno about trainer sprites.
Shiftry is OK, but I dont thikn you should have changed the shading on the hair :p

If I were you Id put the Lunatone in your sig instead of Toterior...


Bad Taste Everywhere
http://i37.*******.com/315zfpd.png Well I lowered the shell and removed the leaves

And without a horn http://i37.*******.com/10wk1ox.png
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Bad Taste Everywhere
Well the rules say i can post new work and double post 24 hours after the last post so...
Wyform rain,Lanfluff, Phichu, and Green mawile


how much words
Lanfluff was fused nicely, but the face looks particularly small. Might just be that I'm not used to it, but it's odd.

The 2nd and third version of Torterrior actually aren't missing all the feathers. As well, the shell looks odd again, so it's not the height that's the only problem. Otherwise, pretty good stuff.