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Mixed Breed pokemon??


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I can understand that a didto and a another pokemon would make that pokemon becouse did can transforum but you can put to (sometimes random) pokemon in the daycare and get an egg of the female pokemon....doesnt that seam....odd.. I mean first off it cross breeding which is odd and when you get the egg its just a normal pokemon...shouldnt it be a mix of the two...

tell me what you think

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Err... no. what would it look like if it was a machamp and a jynx? and then what if that "majynx" breeds with an alakazam? then you get a "majynxazam" then keep going on until you got some 1 million pound beast that is fused with every human-shape pokemon.

LOL true!!!



if you could get that then what about breeding ponyta and vulpix (ive done it) what would happen would be a fusion

for that i give three words . . .

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Although it WOULD be kinda cool if there were species of pokemon only obtainable by breeding. And I don't mean like Azurill and Wynaut, I mean by breeding two different species and getting a mix of the two. But only from certain pokemon. Kinda like a mule, or that weird animal they got when a zebra mated with a horse.

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Kinda like a mule, or that weird animal they got when a zebra mated with a horse.

There used to be one of those zebra creatures by my aunt and uncle's house.

On Topic: Well, the egg was obviously produced by the female pokemon, so all it needed was the fertilization of a male pokemon of the same breeding group.

And no one dare come in and say: OMG WE NEED HYBRIDS!!11!11


We don't. That's impossible to sprite.


^good complicated explanation..!! :D....that would be wierd!! really...400 and some pokemon mixed together.....UGH!