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MLB 2021

Pokegirl Fan~

Hotaru Best Girl~
Hopefully we'll have a full season with no teams under 500 making it to the postseason this year.


Meh ಠ_ಠ
Will the Tigers be good this year? I'm optimistic that they might just be a .500 team. Good ole A.J. Hinch changed the whole clubhouse philosophy and demeanor.


The Imminent Storm
Well, that Citrus Series (Marlins/Rays) earlier was certainly something.

There was a couple pretty evenly-matched pitching duels in the first two games before Miami's bullpen gave up the winning runs late (The second game was especially painful...needless to say, blown saves suck). The third game however was a slug fest where the Marlins stopped the sweep with an offensive outburst; loved watching Chisholm Jr. wreck havoc on the bases. For a team that's on the rise but not quite there just yet, I'd say the Fish handled themselves just fine against the AL champs.

In other news, the Cubs took their series against the Pirates earlier today so that was nice. I find it somewhat interesting that their schedule is nothing but Pirates and Brewers until the 16th, where they'll face the Braves (Hoo boy).