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MockShipping General Discussion

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MockShipping | PaulxUrsula

Credit goes to FairyKitsch from deviantArt​

MockShipping is the name given to the belief that Paul and Ursula from Pokémon are/should be in a romantic relationship. The name comes from their mocking and condescending attitude towards their rivals and those they consider beneath them.

In this thread, you can discuss the hints, interactions and future development of this ship.​


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MockShipping Army:

-Blood Red (Owner)

-Victorian Rush

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Let's get things started with a topic:

What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?
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Victorian Rush

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YES!! Someone finally brought it back. I've been a Mockshipper for the longest time and I was the owner of first ever SPPF Mockshipping thread, just pointing that out. I love this pairing, can I join this thread, please?

Lets start with the topic.

What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?

Well, none of the other ships involving Paul, espeically Ikarishipping *shudders* appealed to me in the slightest. But this one is a completely different story.

I honestly, still to this day, believe that Ursula is the female version of Paul. They are so much alike, IMO. Although she was not as harsh towards her Pokemon as Paul was towards his, she did tend to treat Dawn the exact same way Paul treated Ash and that is the main reason why I can't help but to ship these two together.
Welcome to the Army, Victorian Rush! Since you were the original owner of the thread, I'll add your name without the obligatory PM :D

With that out of the way, it's time I answered my own question:

What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?

I think it's because of how similar they are. While most people think opposites attract, I think the opposite is true as well. I can imagine them becoming a couple and antagonizing Ash and Dawn throughout their journey across Sinnoh :D

EDIT: Turns out PM's aren't required to add names to the thread. I think I should take a look at the rules once more ^^;
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Pirate King
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I'd like to join too, this is definitely my favorite pairing involving Paul.

What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?

Like pretty much everybody else, it's how much alike Paul and Ursula are. When Ursula first debuted, I automatically saw her as the female version of Paul and that is what made this pairing stand out the most to me. She was extremely harsh towards Dawn, which is exactly how Paul was towards Ash.


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What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?

In addition to the similar personality i also see the few differences would drive their interactions. I see both being the sort who could properly get under eachothers skin.

Satoshi & Touko

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Hmmm. I do kinda like this ship. I can't remember them ever meeting, but I can't help but feel that they wouldn't be too bad together. To me, they both have some kind of personal problems, whether or not they're shown, and if they had ever met, I would've liked to see that this had been a turning point for them. Had they ever met, they, perhaps together, could have explored what their issues truly were and worked together to fix them and eventually become better and nicer people because of it.

Did I just open up an idea for a fanfic?

You can add my name to the list of supporters of this ship if you want.
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Pirate King
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I can't remember them ever meeting.

Well, Paul and Ursula have not actually met yet, at least on screen. But there is always a good chance of them meeting off screen so yeah.

I have a topic for you all.

How would Paul and Ursula meeting play out?

Well, I definitely an argument between them is inevitable. I can see Ursula refusing to admit that she and Paul are actually alike and she might even start off despising him but eventually would warm up to him.
How would Paul and Ursula meeting play out?

Interesting question. If Paul and Ursula meet, I think Paul would get annoyed at Ursula's tendency to go hyper sometimes and compare her attitude with Dawn's. Annoyed, she'd bring up his defeat against Ash, which, in turn, would annoy him and cause an argument to break out.

But I think your idea's pretty great as well :D

Trainer Yusuf

Ah, this was one of my older favourites. I love that this thread is brought back.

I don't think this thread will survive for long, but whatever.

What made you choose MockShipping over other Paul and Ursula ships?
Roughly for similar reasons as above, though I can't really say I like this ship over other Paul and Ursula ships. At least not anymore. I love their similarities, but these days I ship the two more in a platonic manner than a romantic one.

How would Paul and Ursula meeting play out?
Obviously the two would fight initially. I don't think the two would get along in their first encounter, though they might find their similarities very soon. As for the reason of their fight, it can be anything. The two's ego, the two's success rate, their hairstyles etc. But they would probably find a reason to mock the other.


Australia Amourship
Ohhh nice two characters that would get on wekll togherther♥
lets hope to see a pokemon chronicals episode with these two arrogent lovebirds
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