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Mod Face-Off

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Yes, SM and Magic, you guys can vote. :p

I just realized I forgot to vote. XD I vote Cay. She's cool and helped me a lot when I was first modded. ^_^

Cayenne - 5/8
Dogasu - 7/8
Dragonfree - 5/8
Murgatroyd - 1/8

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
I vote Murg. He helped me out when I was new.


Old Coot
Damn. Tough call. Dogasu and Murg both do a great job and provide plenty of info. D:

I'mma have to go with Murg though, since he's just got a little more knowledge and experience on his side.


Its almost time
Iya vote for Dogasu simply because his Website is funny with all the Pokemon Bashing articles and his coments on the Bashers articles.
Cayenne - 5/8
Dogasu - 8/8
Dragonfree - 6/8
Murgatroyd - 3/8

Dogasu wins. And yes, cool site.

Next group:

I vote for the hamster obsessor that named me Eggroll.

LilyPichu - 1/8
Shiny_Magneton -0/8
SapphireL - 0/8

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
LilyPichu. I know her the best. :3


Lily, no doubt. XD. Well, she's in love with Roy Mustang right?

Factory Head Noland

Wahey Dogasu won!

I vote for SapphireL, she's doing a great job and I really really like her.
SapphireL. ...if there is a needed reason, then its because she gets the joy of putting u with RMT, and does it so well.

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
SapphireL. Even if I think she is too nice to mod RMT... (But she knows a lot about battles).

F-Zero Addict

I dunno, but I vote SappyL cause I know her from PC too.
Ah, what a brilliant idea! A mod face-off! Huzzah! I vote SapphireL, she's the only one I've seen much.
O_O;; I didn't think I'd get so many votes! OMG. I didn't think many people knew me! XD


I vote for.... uh... LilyPichu.
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