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Mod Face-Off

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Old Coot
..We have a mod named Shiny Magneton? o_o When'd this happen?

Lily. :s
LilyPichu - 10/8
Shiny_Magneton -0/8
SapphireL - 8/8

Lily got the most votes but Sapphire got right first so she wins.

Next group:
RaZoR LeAf

Toughie. Magic and PX are both cool (don't really know Metal, they might be cool too). But I've known Magic longer so I'm going to vote for him.

Magic_Sunburst - 1/8
MetalYoshi17 - 0/8
RaZoR LeAf - 0/8
RaZoR LeAf, he does a lot for the forums, in the sense of killing more sigs than seems humanly possible, he's also a pretty decent guy.


Oceanic Legend
RaZoR LeAf, since he seems to be the more active mod of the three.


Strawberry Milk
RaZoR LeAf. Iv'e seen him around a lot more than the other 2


Hyper Coordinator
RaZoR LeAf cause he's a good mod.. never even seen, heard of the other two (sry) and cause i copied his name style without asking.. (lol)


Well-Known Member
RaZoR LeAf because he is good at targeting sigs and a great mod. Ive seen him around on this board lots of times and he is very good at what he does.

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
RaZoR LeAf because he is the *only* (almost) mod that cares about the General Pokemon Discussion.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
RaZoR LeAf, he does alot for the forums as well as kills loads of sigs..... and I should know that!


Well-Known Member
RaZoR LeAf, and I think he has ten votes now.
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