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Mod Face-Off

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~*Myuu the Ryuu*~

The epitome of grace
I have a question. Will Alfonso be in this face-off since he's a mod now?


Gone Crusadin'
Flame Sabre said:
In all my life at SPPF I only saw ONE post by Muyotwo. O_O;;; I don't even know the dude properly.

So I vote for Togepi4Eva. :) I know her pretty well.
MondoTR said:
Muyotwo - 0/10
Togepi4eva/Bluchu/Dudette Dani/IceTrainer/Togechikku/Furaigon/Ororo Munroe/Belldandy/Mondo - 12/10

If you're not an ASBer, an FBer, or a veterans veteran, you don't know me. That's just about all there is to it.



Wolf Goddess!
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