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Mod Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by MondoTR, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. ~Shadow Espeon~

    ~Shadow Espeon~ I did it!!

    pika2000. Its just my opinion(sry alfonso)
  2. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    Pika200, because Alfonso is a rleatively new mod I believe, and no-matter how good he is, I feel a veteran is more worthy of winning this face-off.
  3. Alfonso gets my vote.
  4. Waterlight

    Waterlight Oceanic Legend

    Both are great mods from what I've seen, but I'll say pika2000 because she helps out all over the forums.
  5. JoshYEAH

    JoshYEAH ???

    Alfonso, because he's my fwend :D

  6. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    I vote for Alfonso!
  7. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    KK, both of them are pretty new to being modded here.

    Alfonso - 4
    pika2000 - 5
  8. Ohtachi

    Ohtachi mia san mia

    Yeah, a veteran would be like Ed. But I still vote pika2000 because I haven't seen Alfonso around as much since he was modded.
  9. ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~

    ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~ The epitome of grace

    pika2000. she's helpful in the newbie lounge.
  10. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I vote for pika2000...thought that match up is pretty hard to choose from. =\
  11. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    Hmm...I know Alf better, so I'm voting for him. :<
  12. Phosphate

    Phosphate N/a

    I apologize Alfonso, but my vote is for Pika2000. I have seen her a lot in the forums that I post in. She is a nice person and is a great mod.
  13. Altair

    Altair Guest

    Sorry Alfonso, but I know Pika2000 better, therefore, I vote for her.
  14. Fatal

    Fatal Banned

    I vote Alf.
  15. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    I dunno?


    Alfonso. Because he closed a thread when I told him to in one of my posts. XD.

    Nah, that isn't the reason though...
  16. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Alfonso - 7/20
    pika2000 - 10/20
  17. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3


  18. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Alfonso - 7/20
    pika2000 - 11/20
  19. Locke Yggdrasill

    Locke Yggdrasill Eustis on reddit

  20. Prelude

    Prelude Prelude

    Pika2000. I know her better, although I barely know her at all...
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