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Modest or timid nature for Choice Specs Dragapult?


New Member
I recently asked on Pokémon Database if a modest or timid nature for Choice Specs Dragapult was generally better in competitive single battles in Sw/Sh and gen 8 OU singles in Showdown. I received one answer in favor of timid and another in favor of modest. Here is the reasoning why both natures are good for Specs Dragapult.

• Sp. Attack is already boosted by Choice Specs
• Multiple mons can outspeed and OHKO Modest Dragapult, but not Timid Dragapult
• SpA Stat with 252 EVs: 299 x 1.5 = 449 SpA with choice specs
• Spe stat with 252 EVs: 421

• Dragapult already has an insane speed stat
• Modest nature allows it to make up for its lower SpA stat than its Atk stat
• SpA stat with 252 EVs: 328 x 1.5 = 492 SpA with choice specs
• Spe stat with 252 EVs: 383

I should mention that I do run a sticky web team, so Modest seems like it would be the obvious choice. However, my sticky web setter (shuckle) can be KO’d by multi-hit attacks before it can set it and sticky web can be removed by Defog and rapid spin users. Here is my Dragapult’s information:

Dragapult @ Choice specs
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Modest/Timid (Still unsure)
Ev Spread: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
IVs: All 31
• Draco meteor
• Shadow ball (Go-to move)
• Fire blast
• Thunderbolt

So my question is this: Is there a noticeable difference between a 449 SpA stat for Dragapult (Timid) and a 492 SpA stat (Modest) or would both usually be able to OHKO with Specs + STAB Shadow Ball (excluding dark and normal types)? This will decide for me which nature is better.

Thank you in advance.

Divine Retribution

Conquistador de pan
The only significantly used Pokemon that Timid Dragapult outpaces that Modest doesn't are positive-natured Talonflame and neutral-natured Barraskewda and Zeraora. There aren't even any notable boosted threats between those two benchmarks; base 80s and above outspeed even Timid Dragapult at +1. Given Talonflame's overall low usage and the fact that Dragapult beats it anyways, Zeraora's overwhelming tendency to run positive natures over neutral natures, and Barraskewda's low usage combined with being used almost exclusively on Rain teams where it's liable to have Swift Swim activated making this entire comparison irrelevant anyways, I'd say Modest is by far the better choice on any team, let alone a Sticky Web team.

I'd also hesitate to take competitive advice from Pokemon Database, but at least they gave you some reasoning to back up their opinions, even if it's slightly wrong. Technically neutral-natured Barraskewda and Zeraora can outpace Modest Dragapult but not Timid, and, while I don't currently have access to a damage calculator, I'm sure they can both do significant damage with Crunch and Knock Off respectively, so I suppose multiple Pokemon can outspeed and threaten Modest Dragapult but not Timid... and by multiple I mean 2.