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Naughty Nurse
Hey. I would love if you had these pokémons in low lvls


I use a regular Nintendo DS. Is there a way we can trade that way?
Btw. It's my first time being on the net with my DS. I might not have exactly what you want. But I assure you. I will literally do anything for those four pokémons.
Especially a Mew...<3
@shinycrobat sure no problem :) just vm me
Today as in today or yesterday


New Member
@Croc hey so seens your almost 12 hours ahead of me lol just let me know when you will be on and ill try to be on for that time :)
Okay everybody please remind me of our trades through vm or something cause I got a lot of trades going on and I'm starting to lose track :)


The Sole Survivor
Towards Morgan, Ive got an exeggcute female with the DW ability. Its breed, so its not from the DW, dont know if that matters. I wouldnt mind trading it for a DW female ability Ralts.
Gamemaker Mogan hasn't been on in ages so its pretty much just me :)


LU's Guildmaster!
I'm interested in these ones:

machamp female docile lv 100 t
staraptor male lonely lv 100 t
breloom female careful lv 100 t
darmanitan male calm lv 100 t
lanturn female quirky lv 100 t
I can offer you this (Choose what you want):
Event Reshiram, level 100, Relaxed, OT: SPR2012, moves: Blue Flare, Fusion Flare, Mist, Draco Meteor.
Event Zekrom, level 100, Adamant, OT: SPR2012, moves: Bolt Strike, Fusion Bolt, Haze, Outrage.
Japanese Event Genesect, level 50, Timid, OT: (Some Japanese letters), moves: Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, SolarBeam, Signal Beam.
Japanese Event Genesect, level 50, Naive, OT: (Some Japanese letters), moves: Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, SolarBeam, Signal Beam.
Event Victini, level 50, Serious, OT: Movie14, moves: V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Searing Shot.
Korean event Mew, level 50, Adamant, OT: (Korean letters), moves: Metronome, Psychic, Teleport, Aura Sphere.
Musharna, level 100, Quiet, OT: (Some Asian letters), moves: Psychic, Energy Ball, Gyro Ball, Shadow Ball.
Japanese event Pikachu, level 100 (, or maybe Korean or Chinese), Timid, OT: (Asian letters), Item: Light Ball, moves: Thunder, Volt Tackle, Grass Knot, Quick Attack.

(Wich ones you want for those Pokemons?)


Naughty Nurse
Hey Frozen.
Do you trade your Mew?
my darmanitan isn't level 100, but I would appreciate it if you would trade with me.
Thanks for reading.
what are you wanting in return for any meloetta, any mew, any keldeo or any shaymin? chuck me a pm of a list :)

I need a shaymin and I can trade any shinies I got as for ev trained ones only if ur shaymins ar flawless


sorry what it was meant to mean was what do you want from me to give you in order for me to receive one of these pokemon, sorry for the missunderstanding
oh right, ummm shiny flawless pokes

Celestial Moth

Guardian of the Tree of Time
hey hows it going,
IM very interested in the Nabonagas rayquaza that u have.
I can offer a lvl 91 timid shiny mewtwo, please message me back somehow


New Member
Hi mate, I'm interested in your DWF Bagon and DWF Vulpix. I'm a fairly new trader and don't have a lot to offer apart from a DWF Clamperl and a shiney ut Golum. Let me know if your interested :). Cheers
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