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Mogans Shop Stop

What should i add more of?

  • Shinies

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Shiny flawless

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • Events

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Event flawless

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • its goods as it is

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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RNG enthusiast

I could get you a shiny flawless feraligatr (ev trained), dont know if i can nickname it and it does not have crunch but otherwise meats your requirements. You interested?


paradise lost member
ill trade an event sinjo ruins flawless lv 1 palkia for your lv1 shiny zorua PM me if interested :)
Interested in both the above pokes, can u guys cloneback ? And what ar u interested in


RNG enthusiast
Before i decide what i want i want to know if it still is concidered a major want even though it does not meet all your requirements? Also i don't have it yet and will be getting within a few days through the forum. And then i'll have to train it cause i'll get it UT. I can cloneback.
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paradise lost member
i can cloneback nd i want the shiny zorua
@victini ok deal
@el-Yama it's not a major want unless it is nicknamable as I already hav one that's not nicknamable


New Member
I am intrested in your shiny WISHMKR jirachi lonely lv 5 ut

I can offer
Event DW Porygon UT
Event DW Impish Arceus UT
Event DW Naughty Arceus UT
JAP Event Genesect Modest Flawless UT (clone)
Legendary Dogs Winter 2011 event UT Flawless shiny (clone)
GAMESTP Celebi Modest Flawless (clone)
Movie 11 Victini Adamant JAP Flawless (clone)
Nobunga's Black Rayquaza Naive Flawless (clone)
Nobunga's Black Rayquaza Jolly Flawless (clone)
Event Naive Meloetta Flawless UT (clone)
Event Adamant Keldeo Flawless UT (clone)
Shiny Machop UT
Shiny Pichu UT
Shiny Zorua UT
Shiny Joltik UT
Shiny Throh UT
Shiny Krokorok
Shiny Flawless Vulpix UT


Artistically angry
@ croc

Poke(s) you are interested in: shiny flawless jolly landorus
Pokes(s) you have to offer: Shiny flawless adamant shinx. Male, from johto, UT, rivalry, with tackle and all 3 elemental fangs
Are any of your offers in my want list: (y)
Can you cloneback: check the current announcement on the trade threads
@dragon I like that shinx and also can u cloneback LEGALLY without using the external devices ?


New Member
Water absorb
Scald - shadow ball - recover - toxic
252 Hp 220 sp def. 36 def

DW slowbro
Psyshock- scald - slack off - light screen
248 HP 244 def 16 sp atk

I'm offering shiny flawless Chansey Bold, with Wish, Soft boiled, Seismic toss, Toxic 252hp 252 def 4 sp def and shiny flawless DW Armaldo Jolly with Aqua tail, swords dance, x scizzor, and earthquake 252 speed 252 atk 4 hp

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Det. John Kimble
I have a Shiny Tangela-Sassy lvl 36 UT for trade and I'm looking for a Meloetta or a Keldeo, that are UT.
@Go2check. Ok deal, can u legally cloneback ?
@dragon ooh that's a problem u kno anyone that can do it legally !
Oh then I gotta find someone to clone.for.me


I am interested in your UT meloetta, I have many events and dream world pokes, please pm me if you are interested, I have been looking for a meloetta for a while.


New Member
Looking for a Genesect. Have shiny swadloon, shiny charmeleon, shiny sableye, shiny medicham, volt tackle pichu, dw cacnea, and dw vulpix.
Friend Code: 2537 4458 2568
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