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Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra! (1200)


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Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra!

Ash, Goh & Lillie have gone to the Crown Tundra after hearing of a mysterious Pokémon that has been spotted there. At the same time, Lillie, Lusamine & Gladion's search for Mohn has also taken them towards the Crown Tundra. Will they meet up and find Lillie's father?

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Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
I really hope Mohn gets his memory back while fighting together with Zoroark vs someone in a Pokemon battle.

BTW, I really like Mohn's new look.


Too lazy to pick a pic
It’s extremely nice to see the family reunion and some SM flashbacks, if only to remember that nihilego is a serious threat, benign or not.

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Nihilego just got caught by the entire family! CUTE!!
(I think it belongs to Gladion now)
But I guess it's officially Gladion's.

If Gladion uses it next week the Nihilego might get quite a mindfuck from acting as a dauther to being used in a battle.
But it's Pokemon logic after all:-D


Arthur Morgan is the GOAT character ever.
Damn, this episode got dark and heavy pretty quickly, and really wrapped up the Aether family loose ends pretty well and satisfyingly. I'd say it's the second best return in the series so far.

And that pixelated leak was spot on.
He went out of his way to do the storyboarding, got Matsui (a known Lillie fan) to write her episode, and is apparently ensuring it gets great animation.

Gee, you'd think he was biased.
You're onto something. That Iron Tail segment was far too good looking compared to the animation the rest of this series has seen so far, much less the general visual presentation in it. Tomiyasu needs to straighten his priorities.


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