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Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra! (1200)


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As an avid critic of how the Aether family was handled in the anime, let me be the first to say that was an absolutely amazing episode. The premise was fantastic, Ash, Lillie, and Gladion’s reunion was handled perfectly, and the reunion with Mohn was just chef’s kiss. There was no villain, no arbitrary foe shoved into the episode, just a broken family finally getting their pieces back, now with a Shiny frame to hold it together.

Just from looking at the staff list I already knew this was gonna be one of the best episodes this season and I was right.


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A generation comes to an end. Happy ending, stellar episode.


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If Nihilego found out about Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine through Mohn's memory, then why did it try to attack them ?

Best Journey episodes so far. Lilie is my favorite pokegirl of all time so i glad that her story is finish with the reunion with Mohn.

Next Ep: 10man Bolt DEM

btw, why i suddenly have feeling that Nihilego's design is similar with Lilie is only for this episode? Like they want this to happen in the first place. Weird.
Pheromosa looks similar to Lusamine, it's from the games.


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Lusmaine with the HOT drip

Great episode overall although IMO Ash and co didn't need to be there. It was cute that Ash got to see the reunion albeit unnecessary


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Probably one of the best, if not the best episode of the series. I'm glad no spoilers came out, because I was genuinely surprised to see the shiny Nihilego and Mohn's memory loss. Though, I probably should've guessed the latter would occur...

But this was a beautiful episode. I was really invested in Lusamine, especially since Mohn's her husband, and he apparently forgot all about her. I was surprised with how Nihilego was handled, too.

I should mention that Lillie looking like Nihilego was purposeful from the start if we look back to the Sun/Moon games for reference. That made this all the more investing for me. Stellar episode overall.

I'm hoping that more stories like this can be pumped out for the remainder of the series. Nothing too dark, but enough emotion to get people invested. Guess we'll see how it goes.


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If Nihilego found out about Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine through Mohn's memory, then why did it try to attack them ?
From what i can hear, Nihilego fear that Mohn with get memory back and leave it behind to go home with his family, which is understandable from a wild Ultra Beast point view

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So the shiny Nihilego is a family Pokémon? I wonder under whose name it's registered. Also, I gotta say...the animation was unnecessarily good this episode. Where was this effort in all the PWC battles so far?


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Although this episode doesn't fix all the problems I have with Lillie, it's still good, I had to admit that Matsui is very talented. Tomiyasu is the only bad thing about this series.


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Well, that was the most satisfying that this series has been in a long damn while.

Today's episode might be one of the best for Journeys with
Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine finally being reunited with Mohn
and it was just so damn satisfying. Great work from Aya Matsui.

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This was the single best episode of Journeys so far and also the single best episode the anime has had in literal YEARS. Also absolutely the best return by far with no spotlight being taken away from what mattered most in the current setting. Makes me look forward to next week. I really love how Alola and SM related episodes always manage to nail the idea of close relationships and family.

Unironically 10/10 episode. This is a big part of the kind of thing I feel this particular series has been missing from day one. Can we just go back to Alola for another SM series instead? lol
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I don't think this episode is the best of Journeys, the tension and sad scenes are there but still there are things that felt forced like Ash's meddling. Also, Mohn remembering everything suddenly felt very random. I'll have to wait for the subtitles.