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Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra! (1200)


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I have some super mixed feelings about this episode. The biggest, glaring issue being that this episode has come right the heck outta nowhere. This feels like an episode that should have happened DURING SM or that sweet spot right before JN started when we saw Pikachu as a Pichu. Goh and Chloe felt incredibly out of place here and Ash only really mattered for those few choppy seconds of somewhat decent animation that viewers here are mistaking for sakuga because the camera angles were different.

I also just…don’t like the Aether family, especially the anime version. Their designs look so identical that they look more like siblings than a married couple with their two children.

Again though, my biggest beef with this episode is timing. Oh and tossing Crown Tundra in there. Because that’s what Galar deserves. DLC representation in the form of a conclusion to a storyline from 3 years ago. Can’t wait for Isle of Armor to show up to conclude the GS ball arc.


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Again though, my biggest beef with this episode is timing. Oh and tossing Crown Tundra in there. Because that’s what Galar deserves. DLC representation in the form of a conclusion to a storyline from 3 years ago. Can’t wait for Isle of Armor to show up to conclude the GS ball arc.
I agree Crown Tundra deserved more but it is where Ultra Beasts appear in SwSh so still makes some sense


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Do you think it would have fit more if Lillie would have caught Nihilego?

Although, they basically caught it as a family so it could be considered as they adopted it as a family Pokemon.

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Not sure where this logic comes from. Numbers aren't what make Legendary Pokémon 'Legendary', or Mythical Pokémon 'Mythical'; it's literally just their in-game distinctions and official material that help us categorize them.

And that makes them less special because...?
Mostly because in their native worlds many of the UBs are common organisms. While many legendary pokemon do have multiple individuals, reproduce, etc. they are still naturally very rare. UBs are certainly more special than regular pokemon, but I wouldn't say they have legendary status overall, more like something in-between. The UBs also are lacking in terms of having legends associated with them. The Cosmog line are the Legendary equivalents of the UBs, and do have legends associated with them.

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To the people "complaining" about this being a "SM" episode and not a "JN" episode: I don't blame you, but that's not a problem. The problem is that this anime has had an extremely poor inter-series continuity (especially in the last decade) and this feels almost unnatural. This should be the rule for what is supposed to be an ongoing story. This is a Pokémon episode, episode 1201 to be exact. This started back in 1997.

The division between series should only be used for convenience, deal with smaller numbers and mark the start of a new generation, not to soft reset from everything that came before and hurt the established story. A division that also divides the fandom. Yeah, I know, new audiences and all that, but there are many ways to deal with that. This very same episode had flashbacks at the beginning. Any kid would understand what was going on even if they didn't watch SM. Of course it wouldn't have the same impact, but they wouldn't be lost either.


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This is a top five for JN for sure. Ash and co were horribly shoehorned in but everything else was pretty much perfectly done. I got emotional when they finally had their reunion, such raw human emotion is what SM is best at and Aya brought it to the table once again. As someone who wanted to see a conclusion to this subplot for years I’m SO glad it was done justice.


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Really heartfelt and character driven episode, cuts straight to the chase but also had slow and poignant moments. I didn't know much going in so that Nihilego situation caught me off guard. I like that it wasn't evil either, stark contrast to previous ones we've seen. Glad journeys is wrapping up old plot threads in a satisfying way

Also that iron tail animation was so unnecessarily clean, love it


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I still have to watch the Project Mew episode but couldn’t wait and watched this during my break at work. Apologies for me basically gushing about the episode below.

+Love that they used the music that plays when Lillie catches Lusamine after defeating Mother Beast. One of the most emotional tracks in the franchise IMO.
+The “or was it?” gag with the Mayor of Freezington was funny. Small thing but I’m a huge fan of characters with spiral eyes/glasses like E. Gadd.
+I like that Zoroark helping Magearna can be seen as a parallel for Mohn and Lillie.
+I know I’ve been saying I miss Koharu’s more sassy attitude to contrast the boys, but I do like that she expects and enjoys their (over)enthusiasm with Pokémon the more the series goes on. Reminds me of May.
+Gladion looks annoyed even in his sleep lol
+The snow falling off the roof representing the bombshell that Mohn doesn’t remember his family.
+The Aether family’s reaction to the aforementioned point really hits you after all of their progress in SM. Pretty much everything they’ve went through happened because of Mohn and now the one thing that caused all of it is blocking their path to closure. Especially when he uses phrases like “your kids” and “their father” and still has his cheery and comforting personality.
+To build off that, having a Nihilego named Lillie who’s said to be shy and playing the same song as Lillie must have been salt on the wound when you consider Lillie’s trauma, Lusamine’s obsession, and Gladion’s career as a Trainer all stemmed from an encounter with one.
+Magearna holding Vulpix was cute.
+Lillie literally opening the dirty window and Gladion noticing the lack of mirrors to build up to Nihilego’s attempt at hiding the truth of Mohn was done well.
+That Iron Tail was nice.
+Love the reunion between Ash/Pikachu and the Aether siblings. Pikachu greeting Lillie was cute.
+They used the exact same picture from SM08, the episode where Lillie was watching the Egg. Now that I think about it, the scene with Pikachu saving Lillie from Nihilego is similar to the scene in the same episode where it saves her from a Salandit. Love the callbacks.
+The scene where Lusamine sees how happy he is despite not knowing what he’s missed remind of the post game event from USUM. I imagine something similar went through her head there before she ultimately decided to let him stay at PokèPelago.
+I like that they used the flavor text of Nihilego acting like a human girl as a part of the story.
+Nihilego have never been malicious but this one explicitly doing something for a good cause is a nice change of pace that helps complete the “arc” of UBs not being evil.
+I’m not one to get emotional but the moment where he remembers everything after looking into the mirror, Lusamine starts to cry, and they have a group hug made me tear up. This is up there with Ash catching Chimchar and Litten after they had nowhere else to go.
+Catching Nihilego and having the entire family together again was a perfect end to the Aether family’s arc. Gladion openly accepting a UB to the thing he cherishes most, Lusamine welcoming one in a healthy manner, Lillie being the first to invite it to their home, and Mohn being appreciative by having both Lillies together.
+The Crown Tundra being the literal opposite of Alola’s climate and atmosphere was a great place to show their growth.

This was a perfect episode which is something I don’t say often. I’ve been a vocal critic of JN but it does manage to get returns right for the most part. I stand by the opinion that the Aether family are the best written characters in the entire franchise and while I have some nitpicks with the way the anime tackled it, this episode only strengthen my belief. The emotional pay off was worth it as someone who’s a big fan of SM. I’d rank this in my top 5 Pokémon episodes easily. My only issue is it’s a shame Calyrex or Peony wasn’t used given the location but it doesn’t taken away from the episode for me. 11/10.

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I like how they blew the budget on an emotional episode about Lillie meeting her father again and having deep character engagement rather than some shallow dime a dozen battle. Glad they have their priorities straight. Almost gives off the impression interesting character writing and depth in this toyetic anime matters more than just cool fights that people will never get enough of and crave more of when they’re finished so might as well focus on some of the more artsy and long-stranding stuff people will care about in the long run afterwards.

Hell even still feeling the repercussions of COVID-19 and the animation industry being especially cutthroat and all right now really makes you appreciate this episode’s production value. Lusamine crying looks more fluid than anything in recent Pokémon anime history.
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It's kind of very sad that everyone likes this episode just because it wasn't about Ash or his little team. Ha ha.

I guess that's what happens when none of those three have any sort of...well, any sort of well-invested baggage, really.

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Nice and heartwarming to the core, and also offers a nice explanation to Mohn's disappearance. Visuals and lighting are absolutely gorgeous.

My only hot take concerns the lack of Galar Pokémon debut in a Galar-centric area that was heavily promoted during its time, and considering the fact that so many gen-8 pokémon have yet to make their debut.

Other than that, 9/10 Episode.

Even though I was kind of expecting this to be an arc, I'm glad that they are following up on Alola in the next episode.
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SM049 was the 1000 episode by TPC in Japan, and since then 97 SM episodes and 111 JN episodes were aired, so this is episode 1208.
It’s so hard to see what officially counts as an episode with the assortment of banned episodes, “specials” and episodes that are clip shows or ignored by the dub.