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MokKish's Coffee Shop for Breeders

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by MokKish, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Rayquaza is Green

    Rayquaza is Green What Flow

    Want: Scatterbug, Modest, Premier Ball
    Icy Snow pattern
    Compound eyes male or female

    Offer: Petlili, Timid, dusk ball
    Own Tempo or Leaf Guard
    You have my FC but its 3909-8006-3272
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2014
  2. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    Sorry but I already have a Petilil in Nest Ball (which I prefer) somewhere in my boxes waiting for breeding. If you got something else to offer I don't already have let me know.

    Additions to the shop:
    Bunnelby, Jolly or Adamant, Ultra Ball
    Eggmove Spikes
    Huge Power

    Also added eggmove Baton Pass for both Scyther and Gligar, and can now breed Gligar Jolly too. I'm propably forgetting a lot of things I've added lately but oh well, they're all in the first post.

    I also edited my wants with some more special ball females and some spesific iv/nature/eggmove pokemon.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
  3. Pokemister

    Pokemister Brendan

    Would you be interested in a Shiny 5IV Adamant Absol w/ Play Rough?
  4. pikamilk

    pikamilk Active Member

    I can get you the Shroomish with the EM Drain Punch, but have to see if you still need it and if you do, that if you prefer a male/female.
  5. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    Depends on what you're looking for it?
    I left in everything I'm somewhat interested in, I'll pm you so we can do more spesific arrangements for the trade.
    I'd like a male one (unless you have female ha in nest ball). Just let me know what you want an we can discuss the trade then.
  6. Pokemister

    Pokemister Brendan

    How many 5IV pokemon could I get for it?
  7. pikamilk

    pikamilk Active Member

    Oh, Love Ball Miltank, a perfect one. It actually freaks me out a bit but think it can be surprisingly good sometimes, I guess.

    So you probably won't care too much about its ability then, if you want a male?
  8. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    That depends. Is it Kalos-born? Nicknameable? What IV is it missing? Ut or EVd? I'll see how many I'm willing to offer depending on those.
    Sure thing, I have a perfect 5iv ready so it shouldn't be too hard brweding one. I'll let you know when I'm ready. And yeah, ability doesn't matter.
  9. Pokemister

    Pokemister Brendan

    Missing sp att, kalos born, ev'd in Att and Spe and it is nicknameable

    EDIT: Oops it's 4IV :/ missing spa att and sp def though.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
  10. pikamilk

    pikamilk Active Member

    :D Will now start breeding a perfect one with the 4 EMs then.
  11. Strytho

    Strytho Tactical Breeder

    I have the following pokemon in dream balls:

    chansey, bagon, pineco, tympole, skorupi, pidgey, meowth, tropius, krabby, mawile, seel, tangela, spinarak, mr. mime, drowzee, weedle, houndour, buizel, wobbuffet, sneasel, makuhita, seedot, ducklett, sigilyph, swebble, togepi, natu, mankey, axew, gulpin, onix, miltank, srilburr, galvantula, sandile, aipom, stunfisk, spheal, pidove, shroomish, buneary, shuppet, zigzagoon, poochyena, shuckle, elgyem, numel, karrablast, druddigon, emolga, kricketot, burmy, ledyba, finneon, gible, stunky, roggenrola, audino, heatmor, petilil, venipede, snubbull, slugma, delibird, phanpy, skarmory, larvitar, wurmple, surskit, whismur, roselia, Illumise, barboach, ekans, venonat, diglett, growlithe, geodude, abra, ponyta, pinsir, kangaskhan, carvanha, torkoal, chinchou, mareep, mantine, starly, and swablu

    I was hoping some of these pokemon might interest you. I'd be willing to trade some for other dream ball pokemon and others for items.

    I would like the following pokemon in dream balls with their hidden abilities where-ever applicable:

    tentacool, murkropw, misdreavous, gligar, heracross, clamperl, cottonee, alomomola

    I am interested in the following items:

    Evolution items
    battle maison items
  12. mars714

    mars714 I'm a Raichu.

    Hello! I would like some of your females in dream balls with hidden abilities. I want the Eevee, Gligar, and Murkrow.

    In return I can offer, a Drilbur, Lileep, and Slowpoke in dream balls (all female) with hidden abilities. Also, female Dratini in a lure ball, and female Zubat in a fast ball with brave bird and zen headbutt.
  13. cannibaleyes

    cannibaleyes Holier Than Thou

    Hi =)

    I'm interested in a female of
    Croagunk in Dream Ball (Poison Touch)
    Cottonee in Dream Ball

    I can offer a female Totodile in a dive ball and Cyndaquil in a repeat ball. ^__^
  14. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    I left in those that I'm interested in. I'll let you know when I have the pokemon you wanted.
    I'll trade for Lileep, Slowpoke and Dratini. :)
    Perfect! I'll let you know when I have them.

    Edit: already got your croagunk and cottonee (assuming you don't want perfect ivs). I'll pm you for a trade time.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2014
  15. Rayquaza is Green

    Rayquaza is Green What Flow

    Im gunna continue to try and get this...
    Scatterbug, Timid, Premier Ball
    Icy Snow pattern
    Compound Eyes

    Venonat (Net Ball)
    31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid
    Baton Pass, Toxic Spikes, Giga Drain
  16. Strytho

    Strytho Tactical Breeder

    I have everything ready on my end.
  17. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    That sounds good actually. I'd like a male tho, been thinking of breeding it in a heal ball myself. So do you want a timid or modest one? I believe you asked for modest last time.

    Also, additions to the shop:

    - Pidgey in Level Ball
    - Sandshrew in Safari Ball
    - Machop in Safari Ball
    - Onix in Safari Ball
    - Cubone in Level Ball
    - Kangaskhan in Safari Ball or Level Ball
    - Swinub in Level Ball
    - Skarmory in Heavy Ball
    - Combee in Fast Ball
    - Hippopotas in Safari Ball
    Went on a little catching spree there. I'll add some of these to the IV bred section soon as well.
  18. dreas94

    dreas94 Cool Trainer

    Pokemon i want: Scyther and a Eevee and a Axew
    Gender: Scyther: Male, Eevee: Female, Axew: Male
    Nature: Scyther: Adamant, Eevee: Calm ( i can supply with a 5 iv calm male eevee to ease the process), Axew: Jolly
    Ability: Scyther: Technician Eevee: Any except the DW ability, Axew: Mold breaker
    Nickname: Scyther: Sanguine, Eevee: Zelda, Axew: Blade
    IV's desired: perfect ivs wheres the eevee skips out on attack stat and the other to skips out on special attack
    My Friend Code: 2020-0782-5443
    My In Game Name: Andreas
    What I offer: Ghastly Male or female (your choise) 31-xx-31-31-31-31, Timid nature or Shiny (mabye flawless) milotic or a Shiny 100% flawless gallade with punch egg moves and adamant nature

    P.S Id like to request if its possible to get the pokemon in classic balls aka the normal ones
  19. Rayquaza is Green

    Rayquaza is Green What Flow

    Awesome! yeah Ill take a modest, thanks!
  20. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    I'll let you know when I have yours ready, will take a couple of days tho because I won't be able to breed right now.

    I'm going to have to refuse; I just hatched an eevee like that for myself, but it took almost a week to breed and I'm definitely not doing it again. Also, I'm not very interested in the pokemon you're offering.
    I'll let you know when I have it, will take some time tho.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2014

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