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Momo's Sprites v.2

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Momogirl, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Momogirl

    Momogirl pikachu is ma' homie

    Ok, since my old sprite thread is looong dead and gone XD I'll just make a new thread, I think I read in the rules that its ok, right? XD;
    I have some new sprites to add, not a whole lot, but some new ones!

    Scratch Sprites (old)
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]


    (these ones I just did recently after a long hiatus, I'm working on doing my whole DP team, I want a trainer card and I want it with my own sprites :D I also took a few liberties in shading/highlighting so theyre not exact D/P style...)

    fire type dunsparce


    Hope you guys like! A lot of you probobly already seen all the old ones XD;​
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2007
  2. Frosted Heavens

    Frosted Heavens Crystallized Wind

    Remember me?

    Probably not (the name differs too much) but anyway, I'm ESF(Electric Soul Fairy) from back then and I decided to take a look. Since I have seen all your older sprites, including some new ones on C-spriting (the Marshtomp from your tutorial) I will only comment on the newer ones.


    The pose is nice, gives it a more timid image, which I like. The wings, markings, eyes and all the rest was practically done perfect, so I don't really have anything else. Much crit isn't what you're going to expect from me as I only see the quite obvious errors and don't go very much in detail.

    Oh well, very good!


    Te only thing I don't like is that we can barely see the eyes, at least I can't see them very well. For the rest you have been going into detail (I like that) and didn't forget the red spot on its tail, which probably could be forgotten easily.

    Good job on this one as well.


    I think that pose seems familiar, like commanding a group of combee? Oh well, it suits Beequeen so I'll compliment you on that. Not very much to say, as once more there wasn't anything forgotten and it is well-shaded.

    Nice work.


    While the pose is nice, it seems like it's hopping and I don't see a Torterra hopping that often, although it could be that you were going for a running pose. Nice colouring, good shading, etc. Why am I still here? These sprites are practically perfect!

    Well done!

    Well, that was it (not very much crit. the sprites were way too good).

    'till next time

    ~Aimi Hanako~
  3. Momogirl

    Momogirl pikachu is ma' homie

    I htink i recognize your old screen name...XD;

    thanks! I appreciate the long comments and the crit ^^

    it was hard getting lumineons eyes right, since its face shape causes its eyes to really look flat from the front I assume, ill see what I can do though~! thanks again!
  4. Your scratch sprites are awesome- all are almost flawless. I wonder, do you use any images as pose references or is it your own idea?
  5. Momogirl

    Momogirl pikachu is ma' homie

    thanks! I just use the official sprites as general proportion/detail/size reference, and come up with my own pose, like just drawing the pokemon in a new pose but smaller!
  6. mewmew202

    mewmew202 Well-Known Member

    wow these are some of the best scratch sprites I've seen and the poses are much better than the official. Amazing job.
  7. pipersgirl™

    pipersgirl™ <This girl rocks!!

    Wow, they are awsome! I love the Vespiquen sprte soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    oooooooooooooo much!!
  8. ZangooseHunter

    ZangooseHunter Well-Known Member

    Wow! These sprites are great! I don't see a single mistake or flaw in any of them. I love that Cubone sprite. It looks like it's ordering an army to attack someone.
  9. Momogirl

    Momogirl pikachu is ma' homie

    thanks guys!

    new nincada sprite
  10. shaunybug

    shaunybug KAZAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

    these are class i reali like vespiquen she looks awsum :p:D
  11. Momogirl

    Momogirl pikachu is ma' homie

    I didnt like my other volbeat, so I mades a better one.
  12. shaunybug

    shaunybug KAZAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

    wat an improvment .... i like it
  13. Eclipse

    Eclipse I AM GONE.

    You are really good. I especially like the Torterra. Looks like the real thing :p
  14. Rageman

    Rageman That's real neato

    Wow. Your style is amazing. You blend clours perfectsly, and you have so much potiential to be even better. Keep working at it, and you'll start to see your sprites impoving like they always have, Momo.
  15. Euphoria

    Euphoria Soul Salsa

    The baby Kangashkan is so cute and ickle. ;_; I wanna pick it up and cuddle it.

    You're great with colours, detail and shading and I look forwards to seeing more.
  16. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    I like your Lumineon one, the Electabuzz and Scyther is adorable too :3
  17. Dean

    Dean Wonder of Thunder!

    That torterra sprite is amazing!!! °o°
  18. Zeeky H. Bomb

    Zeeky H. Bomb that Krell guy

    these have to be some of the best scratch sprites i've ever seen. i'd love to be able to do this kinda stuff. nice job, any more?
  19. maxxa

    maxxa ~her last bounty~

    i still think same as i ever did about the old ones but ive never seen the newer ones and i think you have improved greatly keep up the good work
  20. Eternal Flame

    Eternal Flame \m/(&amp;gt;.&amp;lt;)\m/

    they are The Best SCratched Sprites I have Ever Seen. Maybe Make Kangakid A Bit Bigger

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