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Monarch Programming: Plaguing the media or another dumb conspiracy theory?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Grei, May 2, 2010.

  1. Grei

    Grei not the color

    Monarch Programming takes it's name from a type of butterfly that is apparently very present in much of the media we are exposed to. As such, the butterfly is a symbol of Monarch Programming, as is the covering of one eye, Mickey Mouse ears, and so on.

    (Kerli-Walking on Air music video)

    (Lady GaGa-Telephone music video)

    (Paramore-Brick by Boring Brick music video)

    There are other videos with compilations of this "evidence" as well, if you care enough to search Monarch Programming on Youtube.

    Monarch Programming explained

    ^The above is a link to a site that explains Monarch Programming.

    While there are many who believe this conspiracy theory to be true--I mean, the evidence is simply overWHELMing--many believe it all to be a huge farce. The butterfly is a symbol of beauty and is a popular thing for many--especially girls--to wear. Hair covering one eye is a popular hairstyle nowadays. And so on.

    Use this thread to point out and discuss evidences of this "Monarch Programming". Is there evidence in your favorite media? Or is Monarch Programming a byproduct of a paranoid population?
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  2. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    So...how do the logistics of this work?

    1. Are Paramore and Lady Gaga singing about Monarch Programming, or

    2. Are they singing in order to trigger monarch slaves into action, while obviously singing about it, or

    3. Are they singing in order to install Monarch Programming?

    I've never understood completely how these mindless-themed songs are related to Monarch Programming, considering there also has to be electroshock and torture involved.
  3. bel9

    bel9 n3w 2 sppf :3

    Wow. So when I first read what you are describing I wanted to say "It is just fashion" and after skimming that page I still want to say "It is just fashion." I mean I could write a page saying "flowers" are a brainwashing symbol online and I could easily persuade and gather followers who believed me. There are just paranoid people like that out there.

    MKULTRA ended like 40 years ago. And MK ULTRA or whatever was really just a bunch of ethically unsound psychology experiments to better understand the human mind. If you have ever looked into that type of stuff you have to notice and realize it takes ALOT of electroshock therapy to break someone and get their mind back to a practically blank state. Because of this the test subjects of the unethical experiments involving serious mind alteration, (the mentally unstable, prostitutes, consenting subjects, their own employees), who were really in MK ULTRA (Cathy O'Brien is a liar) have permanent brain issues. It also involved many nonlethal or traumatizing experiments. For example once they simply studied unsuspecting men under LSD for one night.

    Also the idea of "sleeper agents" is perpetuated simply by the science fiction novels. The idea makes for riveting plot such as The Manchurian Candidate but in actuality there is no way to simply "turn on" and "turn off" someone like that. Like I said before you can completely break someone with enough electroshock and then reteach them but that will be there new persona. They can't just switch back and forth between the two.

    Sadly I think hypnosis turned out to be too 'fruity" for the CIA. They really wanted something that gave them control over the subject but hypnosis alone cannot do that. Hypnosis was too "fruity" in that it is really just a state of heightened suggestibility that has become key in many therapies to help people and not get key information from a Pow as the CIA had hoped. The problem with Cathy O'Brien's argument is that a) she was too young to participate in MK ULTRA (she claims it was continued but fyi it wasn't) b) true hypnosis is a highly suggestible state in which a person can recreate or create memories that don't exist which is why hypnosis is not used in the court room (my theory is that Mark Phillips accidentally helped her "create" some of those memories and then they ran with it). She could truly believe all this happened to her now because of here reliving those "false" moments c) there are too many inconsistencies in her claims that don't parallel that documents that survived and d) I think she was a little bit off to begin with.

    Now to go back to the question. I read the page. It started talking about the Anti Christ and satan's army, etc. so it is just another group of paranoid religious zealots trying to gather more into their own cult. Since their facts are very twisted I would say don't believe a word of it and that it isn't true.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  4. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    I saw this coming. The average Serebii Joe debates against and derides anything pre-categorized as a conspiracy theory.

    Is Lady Gaga walking laying in bed with the charred remnants of a man who buys her, with horned gazelles on either side...fashion?

    There's no argument saying that flowers are symbols of brainwashing. That's quite a put down to the talented people who work hard making quality conspiracy theory sites. If you pose the argument that Lady Gaga walking through fire unscathed and then laying down with a corpse between two horned bovine heads is a symbol of ritual sacrifice to Baphomet, then you have an pretty good argument, am I wrong?

    The eye-in-triangle hand gesture, be it as it may, is not Gaga's trademark. There is a fashion going on here, but it is not artistic or creative, it's more like heraldry, or like the signs gangs throw up. Symbolism - which this is - is not art, it's imitation.


    Not really an argument to this, I mean you're right, there were a lot of "ethically unsound expiriments" in the middle 1900's...but I mean, just because that's in the past doesn't mean now is a squeaky clean ethically waterproof time period either. There's no way to tell if there are ethically unsound expiriments going on today or not, we only know the illicit, secretive practices of a time period decades later. So, neither of us really are wrong or right yet.

    Some more clarification about the one-eye symbolism. The eye of providence, or two eyes with one covered, is a sign of Horus from Egyptology. This is because it's intrinsic to the legend of Horus that Set, the jackal-god, would gouge out his left eye every night as the sun went down.

    Now, you don't have to be Egyptian to believe this legend. Egyptology and its gods are important to Thelema, a left-hand ideology who also worships Bahomet amongst other gods. Their motto is, "Do what thou shalt," which you can imagine gets flak from Christians who believe you should obey God.

    The way I think about it (since I prefer to be an impartial observer) is that there are good, well-meaning people out there who believe in self-empowerment and independence a'la America, so when they turn to symbols for their art, they pick the demonic ones, the non-Judeo Christian symbols, the "pagan symbols" to say "stuff it, God".

    Coincidentally, the Islamic Antichrist only has one good eye.

    This isn't just arbitrary.

    And, neither is Judeo-Christian-Muslim monotheism a cult. People all over the world pray to a God whom they cannot see, imagine that. They find comfort in faith, and/or they find comfort in power. Only, some find comfort in a two-eyed God, and some find comfort in a one-eyed God.

    Honestly, I don't know about the butterfly. I consulted my symbolism book and it claims it's a symbol of rebirth because of it's metamorphisis. This kind of makes since when related to mind control, because the goal of mind control is to change someone's mind. That's the only way I can interpret it.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  5. Grei

    Grei not the color

    If I were to take a guess, it'd be the first and third options, probably the first. However, part of me wonders (or wants to believe) that the songs that Paramore and Lady Gaga sing about aren't actually about Monarch Programming, but when made into music videos have Monarch Programming references added.

    I mean, Paramore has said a lot about Brick by Boring Brick and described what it's about in-detail. I'm not saying what they said couldn't have been written for them, but part of me thinks that what they write and sing about is rather innocent compared to the Monarch Programming images that are put into the subsequent Music Videos.

    Same with Lady Gaga. I think it's possible that the songs themselves aren't directly referencing Monarch Programming, but people begin to make connections between the lyrics and MP when they see the music videos of their songs--Lady Gaga in particular (with Bad Romance, especially).

    I think the songs (or, more accurately to me, the music videos) reference Monarch Programming with the symbols but aren't trying to instill the Programming or anything like that. I think, if anything, the bands simply sing/have videos about the Programming without being exposed to the Monarch Programming themselves.

    I read a comment on a Youtube video (which I know really may not have much credibility) from an alleged Fashion Show producer who stated that the employees simply dress these singers and models and actors, and that it's there to look pretty or neat. I think it's possible that the Monarch Programming references are simply put in there. Like, somebody who wants the MP symbols to be there just tells the employees/famous people to wear the symbols without telling them why.

    I dunno. Maybe that's the innocence in me wanting me to believe that Paramore and Lady GaGa aren't corrupt, but are innocent as well and are just as subjected to this stuff as we are.

    Which leads me to defending Paramore: If you look at Brick by Boring Brick, it's about leaving the fairy-tale land that people live in because the fairy-tale turns into a nightmare. In Monarch Programming/MK ULTRA terms, this means that a mind control slave should leave the "happy place" that they escape to during the painful mind-breaking experiments. That sounds almost like a warning to stray away from Monarch Programming than a popularization of it.

    I suppose what I don't understand is how religion ties into Monarch Programming. To me, they sound like separate entities.

    Monarch Programming is about controlling somebody's mind. The One-Eye symbolism relates to other religions, as does all of the alleged Baphomet/Devil references in videos like Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. The only way I could see the two being related would be if the occult references were used to scare and torture mind-control slaves, given that those slaves are Christians.

    I just don't see much connection besides that.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  6. Satfire333

    Satfire333 Banned

    This is obviously a conspiracy theory being that monarch means king it is trying to use these influences to have an "absolute monarch over the people all idol`s of today are using this to draw you in to a state of deception where you have nothing to worry about they try to fool you so that they think for you instead of you thinking for yourself using such methods shall cause the government powers to have full control over all forms power
  7. bel9

    bel9 n3w 2 sppf :3

    or a cry for attention? She dresses freaky on purpose. It is a part of glam "pop/rock." Ask Mick Jagger and David Bowie. There outfits were extremely bizarre for their time but now that we have grown acustomed to them- so freakier outfits are needed. Glam/pop stars must continuously break through the noise.
    Also do any of you know that there are conspiracy theorists who claim that The Beatles had subliminal messages/devil worshipping stuff in their albums when the albums were played backwards?
    Maybe if you don't want me or anyone else to comment you should pm this stuff to each other. And the question was is it just another dumb conspiracy theory to all I did was answer “yes.”
    The “talented” people? More like schizophrenic. I mean I feel bad for them because the people that create these theories suffer from schizophrenia and paranoia like John Forbes Nash or Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is no wonder that they can’t handle this kind of stuff- It is very hard for Nathaniel Hawthorne to even listen to recordings of his own music without hearing “voices.” It is even nearly impossible for him to watch television because he will see things coming out of the television and hear strange whispers. These people obviously don’t show as strong of symptoms as Mr. Hawthorne but they show signs of minor paranoia and schizophrenia.
    I could easily look throughout the course of human history, looking for symbols indicating flowers. We are all human- ever heard the expression "Nothing new under the sun?" The point is since we are all human and cultures have come up with similar symbols or even mimicked other cultures symbols that they found visually appealing.
    Symbolism isn't an art? That is like saying my Brittany Spaniel isn't a dog. Take a look at the different crosses inspired by different cultural influences. It is still the same cross but everyone has their own way of looking at it.
    Actually we do know- right now- but the conspiracy theories draw attention away from what is really happening. Waterboarding and playing music at high levels 24/7 are currently torture techniques to break down our inmates at Gitmo.
    Also read everything I wrote about advertising in your thread on Toys in Happy Meals, Sunny C. Now that stuff is conditioning. But alot of people don't want to believe it because it is right there in front of our eyes instead of supposedly “hidden’ in secret messages.
    Exactly, pick the symbols that are not popular to get attention. Or warp the symbols that are popular to give a visually appealing symbol with new perspective.
    Ohs Noes. Go tell that to the pirates of the 17-1800s. Go tell that to anyone who has ever lost their eye in a war- Actually I do know someone like that, I will have to tell him that he is the Islamic Anti Christ.
    [/QUOTE]And, neither is Judeo-Christian-Muslim monotheism a cult. People all over the world pray to a God whom they cannot see, imagine that. They find comfort in faith, and/or they find comfort in power. Only, some find comfort in a two-eyed God, and some find comfort in a one-eyed God.[/QUOTE]
    I don't think my God has eyes. But just to poke a hole here did you ever make God's eye as a child? Took the cool colored yarn as a child and wrapped it around perpendicular popsicle sticks? It is a Hispanic tradition but it was popular for children with a Christian upbringing to make these at day care and stuff.
    I think it is just coincidence. Have you seen the freaky outfits that go out on the catwalk? They are extremely bizarre- and have to be- to get attention. And these can't be a part of Monarch Programming because there are too many designers working on their own lines, in many different countries across the globe.
    Furthermore the site that sunny C quoted earlier has a giant gaping hole in their theory- they claim that GaGa is “brainwashing us” in the music video but all they do is use bits and pieces of her video to summarize Monarch programming. That is a summary not an actual brainwash. This is similar to how John Forbes Nash cut out bits and pieces from a magazine to create Soviet encryptions- the thing was though- it was all in his mind. He created the patterns and symbols himself.
    And to be honest- these types of theories claim that we are being “brainwashed” from an early age and programmed, etc… Well yes we are but I have news for you, anthropologists call it “culture” and specifically in Lady GaGa’s case “pop culture.” Unless you understand the idea of Monarch Programming you are not making any connections, not even in your subconscious mind, between say Disney Movies and toddler’s television and the “reprogramming.” If you have to search for the symbols and look hard to find them then they are not subliminal. These are just a part of our American culture now (and fyi 90% of Disney movies are just readapted parables, stories, and plays from other cultures). All those stories from other cultures had themes and morals to them like what our children watch on television. All cultures do this thing (teach the young stories, parables, etc) so the culture can carry on. The only way to really avoid any of this is to be raised by wolves, apes or some other mammal (and yes that has happened more frequently than you would think).
    Stories also get adapted and readapted as generations change, especially back before we had cultures that relied on oral story-telling and not television, radio, etc.
    I don't know how that got thrown in there either. I think the site you referenced had AntiChrist references.

    I guess my most major argument about conspiracies like this is that the creator’s don’t seem to have a fundamental grasp of “culture” and without any type of culture that is passed down from a generation to another the world would be in complete anarchy.
    And I mean the only conspiracy about Lady GaGa is that she has a *****.
  8. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    I'm all for subliminal advertising, and yes certain things are there to symbolize something else, but to say that it's a plot to take over the world or tell you to commit horrendous acts you would not want to do is just a preposterous idea. It's nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to buy their product. Or, as I stated, something to symbolize a thought (according to a site I looked up, the butterfly represents sensuality or life. I would've thought innocence, but oh well).
  9. Vermehlo_Steele

    Vermehlo_Steele Grand Arbiter II

    It's actually the Jews trying to control us all. They're fooling us into believeing the govenrment is good for us. I've seen them and their plans for world domination. The Jews steal all the petrol and food and throw in into the rivers so prices go up. The Jews faked 9/11 to make the Jewnited $nakes of AmeriKKKa go to war with Islam! If the Jewnited $nakes win, the Jews will control all the world's oil and will attempt to steal it all for themselves.

    How do I know all this? I'm Emanuel Goldstein.
    Last edited: May 3, 2010
  10. Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

    Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster And yet, it moves!

    Oh come on.

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