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Monday: Pokémon X & Y - US Gengar & Diancie Events


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I'm a little miffed that the events are in store just because they're isn't a GAME store for miles near me so it seems I won't be able to get these events. I understand for Mega's, Shinies etc. but for actually getting Pokémon that'll only ever be available during Events you'd think they'd want to give everyone the chance.

I understand events, doesn't mean I have to like them though!
I feel the same way. I'll still be going in to get them, but the store is around an hour or so away. So it's not always easy to get up to it.

Don't mind my local GameStop though, they're at least not trying to pull crap. Don't envy anyone who has to deal with it, I'd be VERY angry if they tried to do that... I've already pre-ordered the games, you guys. Thank you very much. -_-


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Hello everyone! I was reading this post and I am kinda sad, because I live so faraway from any GameStop Store to get myself a code to get a Diancie (I also, did not get a code for Gengar u.u)
I was hoping to Nintendo may give away those pokemon via WiFi event like Heracross/Pinsir but until now I only got a very cute Pumpkaboo.
Does anyone know if there's a chance that Nintendo make another event for Diancie but via wifi?

I also learned that if the local GameStops ran out of cards, you could call Nintendo's customer service and they'd email you the code for whichever event is going on (IF they were to still do that in the upcoming events).
Do you know if that is true? Maybe a I still have a chance if I email them. I have nothing to loose. Thanks for the data!


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Side note, but in my case with the Gengar code, they directed me to the store's customer's service rather than Nintendo's. Worked out because I got my code. :V

By the by, try the Questions thread in Pokemon General or the XY section rather than here, more of a chance of people seeing your question that way.


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What the heck happened to wifi/wireless events. Gamestop better not run out of codes for these...
Right! I mean the only xy wifi event I know about is that torchic one. There's probably been a few more than that but honestly there's too many gamestop events. I did get diance from this but maybe next time my parents won't be able to bring me, and then I would either have to wait or if it was the last day I wouldn't be able to get it. I'd rather these events then nothing, but I would still prefer wi fi events.


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Yeah it seems events are becoming more inaccesible again (the eon ticket I'll never be able to get)... I mean in the only store I could conceivebly get to that hosted the Diancie event ran out of codes in less than a day so i missed my chance apparently as I was a little to late (or they were just lying to me which I wouldn't put past them), if this is the new standard it really sucks... I would honestly have them as paid DLC or something rather than this (as sooner or later I will run out of spare events to trade for the new ones...)
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I was kind of frustrated and sad too on the lack of Wi-fi events in the game and that for some events, you have to get a code through a store. Why was there less events for Pokemon X and Y anyways? I remember in the new Silver game, there was a ton of events that they offered?