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Serebii.net has just updated with this:

11-02-2013 13:04 GMT / 08:04 EST by Serebii CoroCoro is due any day now and will have new Pokémon X & Y details so keep checking back. We did have an image up briefly earlier, but quickly removed it due to our uncertainty about legitimacy. This may ...


President People

Eat The Path
Oh lord, it's begun. I was deathly afraid of what the new Eevee evolutions would be like. I could be just overreacting, but I'm not sure I can warm up to it.

Please let that not be an Eevee evolution.


Reputable Trader
Finally another eeveelution, I bet its flying type or an unknown type that is yet to be released, maybe to evolve it you will need a special item and to trade it like Electabuzz or Magmar, or possibly only evolving once you evolve Eevee into some other form and it appears in your party the same method as Shedinja :D


Panda Power
Ninfia looks like a Victini evolution to me going on the face.

I say its an alternate form of Victini or a fake pokemon.

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
an eeveeution!!! flying or light or my call!!!!! ^^


Eevee Devotee
Hmm, if this is indeed an Eevee evolution, my guess is a normal evolution. I say this because it just doesn't seem to have an obvious type like the others do. Ribbons and bows don't scream flying to me, either.

Also I would just like to say that I'm not happy about this news. This new evolution, I suppose I could warm up to it, but... It just doesn't have that Eevee evolution feel to it.

President People

Eat The Path
I will admit, the more recent scans are much better than the very first image. The color's much better and it's not as stretched vertically.

I read some very interesting discussion I found on Neoseeker forums, and let the news sink in. I feel that I did indeed overreact (I was rather depressed), and I suppose I'm alright with this now.

TL;DR I'm giving Ninfia a chance, and taking back what I said.