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Monotype Bug Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Shockking, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Shockking

    Shockking i dont know anymore

    Like all my teams, this is for use in the Battle Subway, Random Matchup and against my friends etc.
    I've wanted to do a monotype for quite a while and I especially have wanted a Bug one because what better time to do do it than in gen 5, when most of the usable Bug Pokémon hit the scene? For most of them I went attack hard and hopefully fast. On to the team:

    Volcarona @Sitrus Berry?
    Flame Body | Timid
    4 HP | 252 SpAtt | 252 Spe
    -Quiver Dance
    -Flamethrower / Fiery Dance
    -Bug Buzz
    -Giga Drain / Hurricane / Roost
    So here's the inevitable Volcarona, King of the Bugs. A special sweeper without any boosts, with a boost or so is absolutely deadly. For the last slot if I go with Sitrus Berry I don't think I need Roost, so Giga Drain is what I'm thinking is my better option.

    Durant @Focus Sash
    Hustle | Jolly
    4 HP | 252 Att | 252 Spe
    -Iron Head
    -Stone Edge / Rock Slide
    -Hone Claws
    With a nice little base Speed of 109 this little ant can outrun a bunch of things, just barely. With Hustle its attack gets pretty crazy and Hone Claws is the obvious move that seems to have been made for this guy (or maybe the other way around?). The Rock attack hurts Flying and Fire Types, both of which this team dislikes, for obvious reasons.

    Galvantula @Choice Specs
    Compoundeyes | Timid
    4 HP | 252 SpAtt | 252 Spe
    -Bug Buzz
    -Giga Drain / Hidden Power [Water?]
    -Volt Switch
    A cute little spider that packs a fairly big punch, especially Specs'd. Thunder for the Coumpoundeyes spamming, Bugging Buzz a good STAB attack, Volt Switch for switching voltily and the other slot taken by a move for coverage, I'm not sure which though.

    Crustle @Leftovers / Chesto Berry
    Sturdy / Shell Armor? | Impish / Careful
    252 HP | 100 Def | 156 SpDef
    -Stone Edge
    -Curse / Rest / X-scissor
    -Curse / Rest / X-scissor
    This is my most tentative pick of the team, and I really don't know what to put on this guy. I want EVs to maximize overall defensive prowess, but perhaps focusing on the better Def stat would be smarter, I dunno. Also, there is quite a debate on which ability to use, they are both actually pretty good. I'm leaning towards Sturdy. For the last two move sets I'm not sure if I want Rest (hence the possible items) or just to leave it at lefties for some residual recovery. Also, I feel like maybe there could be a better pick for my team, but I actually like the idea of this guy a lot.

    Scizor @Choice Band / Life Orb
    Technician | Adamant
    248 HP | 252 Att | 8 Spe
    -Bullet Punch
    -U-turn / Bug Bite
    -Superpower / Swords Dance
    -Pursuit / Roost
    I'm not fully decided on CB or SD, but I'm leaning towards CB as I don't want too many boosters... But how many is too many? lol. Basically everything on the left side of the brackets for CB and right for SD. I'm really leaning towards CB but I know after a single SD whole teams can get ripped apart, just by Bullet Punch.

    Yanmega @Life Orb
    Speed Boost | Modest / Timid
    4 HP | 252 SpAtt | 252 Spe
    -Bug Buzz
    -Air Slash
    -Hidden Power [Ground] / Hidden Power [Water]
    Pretty standard for Yanmega I think. HP Ground / Water since this team will obviously need all the help it can get dealing with Fire types, Water also helps with those dang Rock types.

    So there it is! Any suggestions about swapping around items, moves or even team members are welcome. :)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  2. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Ah, Bug type. It'd definitely be my third choice for a monotype team (behind Poison and Steel).

    I'd definitely go Choice Band on Scizor to differentiate him from Durant who is already serving as a physical setup sweeper. As much as I love SD Scizor, it's hard to deny that CB Scizor is damn good at what it does. It'll be good for softening up stuff for Yanmega, Durant, or Volcarona.

    I'm... definitely as iffy as you are about Crustle. Of the options you listed, my preference tends to be towards Sturdy and Leftovers, with Curse and X-Scissor to give you a bulky attacker who can also Toxic stall. If you're using Curse, I'd go with a Careful nature to give you a little more bulk on the special side while you boost your defense. Never been a big fan of Chesto-Rest personally, so hi there bias! Though of course, this set is at the mercy of steel types. Swapping in Earthquake for Toxic could remedy this, but at the same time, you're probably not going to want Crustle to stay in on steel types regardless, so keeping Toxic works just as well.

    However, have you also considered White Herb-Sturdy-Shell Smash Crustle? Sturdy can (best case scenario) assure you a turn to Shell Smash, and White Herb'll patch up the defense loss of course. It's an alternative to a Curse set, anyway.

    I'd go HP Water or Ice over Giga Drain on Galvantuna, personally. Both will take care of the ground types that can annoy you, but Ice is better for dealing with Dragons and Landorus, while Water will take care of Fire and Rock types. Though Giga Drain isn't a bad choice either, it's just personal preference for me.
  3. Shockking

    Shockking i dont know anymore

    Thanks for all your helpful thoughts Draco! :)
    Yeah, I'll almost definitely go CB Scizor, except for if I swapped Crustle with Scarfed Heracross. I hate having that many Choices items on my team, 2 is the max for me, so if I were to do that I would probably switch Scizor to SD. The difference between Scizor and Durant wouldn't be too much, but its still still there. Heracross would definitely help since Fighting is a great STAB.
    About Crustle, I don't really think I like Resto that much either. I have also thought about using Shell Smash on it, in fact I have before. I used a Jolly max Speed and probably attack IVs and those stats maxed EVs with QuakeEdge and X-scissor and while it can do quite a bit of damage, it usually got saved by Sturdy the first turn and then if it missed a KO or the opponent has priority it was basically screwed. If it lasted a while though it could wreck. The only thing is that if I did that, Durant and it would both basically be destroyed by fast things since they both basically neeeed to use their boosting moves first turn as Crustle isn't the fastest thing around, even with +2 Speed under its belt and Durant's low HP and Special Def stats let it get taken out by many a move. I actually want to use Crustle because I do want a bulkier Pokémon on the team, what other sets could anyone suggest?
    For Galvantula I would actually like HP Ice now that I think about it, but unfortunately I already have one that has all these moves but a bad Hidden Power and I'm not in the mood to RNG another. For Yanmega I'm thinking that perhaps I will take Hidden Power Ice on it for those dragons and stuff.
  4. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    One thing before I move onto the Team; in the Subway you'll want Truant Durant + Entrainment.

    Hidden Power [Ice] on Galvantula, if you are willing to breed.

    Ever thought of Shell Smash Curstle? As the name suggests, it Smashes holes in the opponent's Team. I'd say replace Curse. Earthquake > Toxic too. The EV's should be shifted to 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Spe to outspeed Base 100's after one SS.

    Might also want to take into account that Monotype's aren't very good in the BS.
  5. yolotot

    yolotot Member

    aren't monotypes not good anywhere? aren't monotypes meant to be a challenge?

    cb sciz is pretty useless outside of competitive, so i would just go with sd unless youll be doing a lot of that

    hp ground on yanmega the coverage of it is far superior
  6. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    I fail to see how that's true. Heck, you could arguably make the case that it's actually better in-game. You still get the massive increase in power right off the bat, but given the AI almost never switches, you don't have to worry about mispredicting. Plus, outside of the Battle Subway/PWT, the free switches after KOs make it so you don't have to waste a turn after your Choiced-KO. Mind you, not everything makes good use of CB in-game, and it can be counter-productive if you rely on one Pokemon to check many types in the same battle due to coverage. And of course, the U-Turn mind games don't exist since the AI doesn't "think". But it's certainly far from useless.
  7. yolotot

    yolotot Member

    k right it's not useless. but you can do better. revenge killing ingame is generally not a great idea. in competitive sure, after the battle it doesn't matter how many of your pokemon are gone. but say going against, for example the e4 (i don't know what other things people do with their ingame teams) you only have five opportunities to revenge kill which isn't really that many. if they don't switch (which the ai doesn't) its better in game if you leave one pokemon in, set up, and plough on through. choice items require a lot of switching which is fine competitively but ingame isn't very efficient. and what are you looking for ingame if not to be efficient? everything works, we all know that... but how well does it work in comparison to other things?

    also given that this guy's using it against friends CB would be fine but what i said is still relevant in relation to what you said.
  8. dimmestarc

    dimmestarc New Member

    Honestly, I'm not sure about Crustle. I've never raised one but I feel like they're just another "meh" bug. I would look into Scolipede. Fast, and can hit physically pretty damn hard. Leave it with poison point, and give it Steamroller, Venoshock, poison jab, and toxic. This was the setup I had on mine in White. Poison it, and spam with Venoshock. It's not great against steel types, and you have steamroller for those pesky psychics, most of which you can outrun. When it comes to items, it's a bit open, but I had mine carrying a air baloon. Makes you immune to ground-type moves and entry hazards. The ground resistance is amazing (some of the strongest, most common moves are ground, and entry hazards always suck), and just makes scolipede even harder to take out.
  9. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Scolipede does nothing for this team. He did specifically say he wanted something bulky, and while Scolipede's defense is actually decent, its HP and special defense leave a lot to be desired. It brings nothing to the team that Durant or Yanmega don't already bring. Plus, Venoshock is terrible, especially with Scolipede's base 55 special attack. It needs Megahorn or it won't hit hard enough, since 90 attack is usable but unspectacular. Swords Dance remedies this though, and the Earthquake/Rock Slide combo gives Scolipede the coverage it needs. It may have STAB on Poison, but Poison's coverage isn't terrific.

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