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Monstahunta's pics

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by monstahunta, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    Well here's a few pics I drew using photoshop cs5.1, (I'm a total n00b at it and am still learning it), and my bamboo tablet =D

    Critiques, Critics, Flamers, Haters, all are welcome here! =D (Just don't go overboard. I mean there are kids who use this forum)

    First is a very lazy minun I did. I just pulled up an image on google for reference and quickly sketched this up. I need practice in shading since I basically have no idea what I'm doing when I'm shading so I drew something that I thought would shade easy.

    PS Any shading tips other than, "Imagine a light source at point x," would be great. I already try to imagine light sources, but I also put shadows in random places sometimes so.... >_>;


    Second is a less lazy, (yet equally crappy), Skarmory! Woot!


    I tried to go with the whole, 'Solid color shadows,' concept that I <3
    (See Persona 3 art)

    And I put a texture I made in the background. It's nothing special, but I'm kinda proud of it. (It's the first texture I ever made after learning how). Advice on how to get smoother lines and metallic shading tips would be appreciated.

    And lastly is my custom pose minun.
    (If you couldn't tell, minun is my go-to pokemon for drawing.)


    I know his right arm is thick and his colors aren't as uniform as I'd like, but other than that, any comments on him???

    Well there's my first 3 pics and I hope to do many more!

    Thank you for looking at my thread =]
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2012
  2. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Lovely! Firstly, I love the Skarmory, and your shading is spot-on! Now the critique.. Minuns ears are a bit.. Uh, off shape. They should be the exact same (practically). Also, I noticed that your lines are very rough, and while sketchyness can be good, you shouldn't have it when using a thick marker like that. Try making a lighter outline first (seperate layer, and it can be as crappy as you want), then go over it, finally erase it. I find that it helps A LOT and is much easier than just going out there! Also, try picking one light source that you will shade fom EVERY TIME, and don't change it! Eventually you'll get good with light coming from that one area, and you'll be able to shade any shape that life throws at you! Keep up the good work, and good luck!
  3. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    Thank you =]

    As far as the roughness of my lines, I actually do the light sketch on a lower layer and then try to draw better lines on the next layer ^_^' It's just I suck at it right now. But you did give me a good idea! I think if I use these drawings like the sketch and turn their opacity down then I could probably achieve smoother lines.

    Any tips for brushes to use to get the smoother lines? Like should I start smaller and work my way up to bigger brushes? And if I zoomed in far enough would it be better with a semi-thick brush or look all jagged from having to scroll more?

    And thanks for the shading tip! I never stopped worrying about light sources long enough to realize that if I kept the same light source I would eventually get better at it >.<
    A little obvious I know, but I tend to have a ton of things going through my head at the same time a lot. ^_^'

    Oh and all the minun critiquing, was that for my one with the shadow on the ground, or the one that I shaded? Or both?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2012
  4. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Both, they both have FANTASTIC shading! And by working your way up to bigger brushes, do you mean outline it small first then widen it out, then yes that does help!
  5. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    Alright. Thanks for the tip =]
  6. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto


    Here's a deino using strength.

    If anyone can help me with backgrounds, I would REALLY appreciate it ^_^'



    And here's a 20 minute zombie bulbasaur too =3
    His plant died when he did and is now releasing a horrible odor, and his face and chest skin has rotted away. Also his vine was cut off in battle while he was still alive.

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012

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