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Monster Houses


Team In Flames
I use Powder Snow if my Articuno's with me. Otherwise I go into a corridor and use my normal attack.


Well-Known Member
i hate monster houses,there so annoying and i died from running away from one in lugia's dungeon on the 64th floor =(,and i left my partner to die =)


Shine Now!
I sleep powder them and then kill them with bullet seed.


Platium Rank
With Aricuno: Link Box + Powder Snow + Mind Reader = Uber Pwnage
(With Articuno, I usually have Mind Reader and Power Snow linked)
Blizzard only effects the Pokemon in front of you. o_o

I just use Powder Snow on 'em with my Articuno, Dei. If the moves misses any, then I'll use a normal attack, which'll do 100+ damage.
same here legendaries rock


Well-Known Member
Heatwave, Surf, Powder Snow, Silver Wind, and Vacuum-Cut attacks all foes.
Vacuum-Cut does 30 damage to each foe.
Thunderbolt and Wide-Slash are best used when close up to several foes.


Well-Known Member
Shedinja has 5 HP, takes only 1 damage from regular attacks, and immune to other attacks except for Super-Effective hits.


Team NightSpark
One-room monster houses...
I just saw one in Fantasy Strait...
They are creepy...
Ain't going near one of them again...


Well-Known Member
Talk about bad luck..

During my 2nd go at Sky Tower I encountered a Monster House and used a Transport Orb to make them disappear. And what happens? All of them turns up in the room right next to me.