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Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by alexsteele, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. alexsteele

    alexsteele Coordinator

    Yay! My first Serebii fic! *is excited* I've been trying to get something up but so much has happened that I've never found the time! Now, in between studying for exams [when I should least be free] I have finally had time to write the first chapter of 'Monster' as a stress reliever! Haha, I hope you all like it. Please leave me as much constructive criticism as you can; I'm trying to improve my writing as much as possible at this stage. One thing that I do not take too kindly to or will just flat out ignore though is when people change the way I have worded something. Please don't tell me my sentence structures are weird because I know they are - that's just my style. If it really doesn't make sense then please do tell me just don't comment saying 'this line was weird' or 'that doesn't make sense at all' without saying why or how it could be improved [in a mature way, please -.-] Nooooo flames either please; it will only lower my self-esteem. >.< Kidding, but still - it's quite rude and reflects badly on you not meee! ^.^

    Now, as for the story details, if it makes you feel better, this can be AU but it’s not really meant to be. :3 Hehe, I don’t really know Blue’s character too well either btw so don’t kill me if she’s off and Paul shouldn't really be that OOC. He's older and more mature though that cold exterior is still obviously there so keep in mind the ages whilst you read. In coming chapters it will be more apparent though, don't worry. This is of course and Ikari fic [my life] and take place in the future so Paul/Dawn are around the ages of twenty ~ twenty-one ish. Um.....the rating is PG-13 but there are some suggestive themes so I suggest if you don't like heavily implied things you turn away now. Hum.... I need to work on getting a banner so if you have any idea's PM me, um.... the PM lit is always open but please keep up with the fic if you ask to be on it, and er... i think that's all. Ooh yeah, I love you all so much for reading in the first place! *glomps all to death* Aside from that, I don't think there is much else. ^.^ Enjoy~!

    The sound of footsteps echoed down a desolate corridor in an abandoned warehouse just outside of Eterna City. A flickering light passed over the concrete walls illuminating the swirling shadows and highlighting some disgusting smears of dead and decaying plants dribbled all over them as if something had exploded. Up ahead, the sound of boxes being disturbed and gurgling could be heard as quick flashes of color were seen darting past the end of the corridor.

    A policeman shone his light over the walls and took in every detail of the scene with an impassive face musing over his situation with an unnatural calm. Of course he had to be the one to come out and catch the rampaging pokemon and set it free because he was a ‘junior officer.’ In reality, the policeman didn’t doubt he had the skill and brain capacity of the rest of his workmates combined. What did time and age count for in place of skill level and intelligence? The only one that could really had the final say in matters such as that was Officer Jenny who would be retiring soon and leaving the command of the Veilstone force to her daughter - Anna. That would just prove to be hell to him though; the two couldn’t stand each other through good, bad or love. Even in bed that chick wouldn’t stop arguing. Now that she was to be in charge, he would be getting all the minor assignments and nothing he did could change that. What’s worse, she would be running the monthly assessment check tomorrow morning and he didn’t have the brightest of pasts; a fact of which she was well aware. Anna would only use this to her own advantage and nitpick him in order to demean the police officer and keep him from becoming anything more than a junior worker for the rest of his life. That was Anna though.

    As he approached the end of the corridor, the noises quieted and the policeman raised an eyebrow suspiciously. Rounding the corner, he flicked on the light switch and the room was immediately flooded with a dim light that flickered once before steadying. At that same moment, a surge of nastily angered pokemon turned and dove forward in an attempted attack. The policeman was quick and before the attacking pokemon had time to blink, an Ursaring appeared blocking their way; it growled menacingly. The little pokemon froze in their attack and retreated, swarming the room before disappearing through a glowing something in the wall - a mirror of some sort. An eerie silence fell upon the room and the policeman stepped around his pokemon to examine the damage. That swarm of angered pokemon had been a mass of Unown but their purpose or reason for rage was unknown to the officer. As his cold gaze flickered around the room, it landed upon the mirror through which the Unown had fled. Approaching it with caution, the policeman noted many odd markings scribbled across its surface in ink. The man reached out a rough finger to touch the ink when suddenly one of the Unown reappeared. It floated in distress between the policeman and the mirror. Then with a random lunge, it whacked the policeman across the face in it’s haste to escape and disappeared into the mirror once more. Letting out a mumbled curse, the officer called to have the mirror removed from the scene and be taken to a research center.

    With that, he returned the Ursaring and felt his eye. It was pained from the bump but he wouldn’t know if it would become blackened until he got home. Shaking his head, the policeman exited the warehouse and returned to the Veilstone Police Center.


    Paul Shinji gazed at his reflection in the mirror with an irritated scowl evident on his striking features. His right eye, swollen and turning more purple by the moment, would not please Anna one bit. That girl had problems beyond belief and the uniform look of her officers was one of them despite minor physical injuries. Normally she didn’t come down quite so hard about the injuries and sometimes even sympathized with certain officers. The only problem was, since it was Paul who had managed to get the black eye, he would be the one persecuted for it and nagged mercilessly about being a junior officer. That damn Unown had been the problem though, not him.

    An irked sigh escaped the young man’s lips and he turned away from the mirror to prepare for bed. There was no use worrying; Anna could go burn and rampage the city in her rage to the point of devastation and he wouldn’t give a damn. What did it matter that she was his new boss? It didn’t. Not in the least.


    That following morning, Paul walked into the office dressed like the professional he was. With that, his face also had put on a special act for Anna just today. It had acquired the look of being twice as sour as usual with three times as much gall and even a tiny scowl was discernible through the miniscule parting of his lips. She couldn’t complain he hadn’t prepared himself specifically for the occasion.

    Entering the sort of locker room all minor officers shared, Paul tore off his jacket and tossed it in his cubby. The “cubby‘s” each officer had, were about the size and shape of a full on locker though why they weren’t just referred to as the things they were, Paul never would know. Grabbing his licensed pass for the main building, the purple haired man ran a hand through his violet locks and let out a deep sigh slamming the cubby shut. At that moment a bright, bubbly and exceedingly annoying face appeared in his line of vision.

    “Hi Paul!” a shrill voice greeted in an over enthusiastic chirp. Paul cringed internally and felt his ears threaten to bleed from the pitch. “How was the assignment yesterday?” the voice continued. “Did you catch whatever it was? Oh, silly me, I’m sure you did. So what was it? Oh let me guess. A Carnivine? No wait, a Bellsprout! Actually, I bet it was a Voltrob…”

    The voice continued giggling, babbling and testing Paul’s patience to the limit until he finally cut in.

    “Did you want something, Blue?” he asked close to exasperation but keeping his tongue in check. The short brunette looked him over and giggled again.

    “You know I do.” she replied. “But I still don’t know why you refuse to give it to me.” the bubbly face turned to a pout and Blue crossed her arms. Paul held his retort to himself.

    “Did you have any other reason for coming over here than to sexually harass me first thing in the morning?” he asked instead. Blue’s eyes widened and she thought a moment.

    “I did…Oh right.” she suddenly exclaimed. “Anna wants to see you A-S-A-P.” Paul raised a brow.


    “Dunno.” Blue shrugged. “But you’d better go.” The obnoxious cheerfulness had returned to her face and Blue gave Paul a dazzling smile before turning, retreating and returning to her own business. With another sigh, the man turned and left the room to begin making his way to the main building.


    As he approached the security check, Paul thought to himself what Anna could possibly want with him already. He couldn’t have done anything wrong yet nor could she have caught wind of anything that quickly even if he had. A thought occurred to him then and Paul felt his feet suddenly drag for a fraction of a second. She needed another toy for the night. That, or she was going to give him a promotion but the latter was so improbable that Paul pushed it from his mind before the thought had time to even fleetingly develop.

    Walking through security check and showing his badge, Paul passed through and entered the main building. His feet automatically began heading in the direction of the main office to where he knew Anna would be waiting. As he approached the door, it suddenly opened and a young girl exited escorted by two officers. As they passed by him, Paul noted the aloof expression on the girl’s face but paid her no more mind than to momentarily wonder about her night life and whether it was active or not - he was a human male after all. As she and the thought passed, Paul entered the office and shut the door.

    A young woman with bright hair and eyes was sitting at the desk across from the door with a few papers scattered before her and a lollipop grazing her crimson painted lips. As Paul entered, her amber gaze lifted and fell upon him the same way as that of a child playing with her Barbie dolls would look at her newest toy. No matter how long they had known each other the look was always the same and Paul, used to it by now, simply stared back expressionlessly.

    “Paul, what a pleasant surprise.” the woman greeted. Her voice was silky and velvet as it slithered from her vocal chords ready to stroke whatever prey was cornered. It was one that could easily catch any man by just the sound with or without any other assets and something Anna was used to using to her advantage. She knew she could manipulate men with a simple phrase and bat of her lashes; that was the reason she’d joined the police force after all.

    Paul - used to the sound, the games, the tricks - didn’t even blink as he was addressed and simply bowed his head.

    “I see you received my message?” Anna continued. “Blue is a faithful dog on your tail, isn’t she?” Paul was silent and Anna stood coming around the desk. “It intrigues me how obvious it is she wants you yet you take every girl aside from her. I sometimes wonder if it might be a form of protection but then when I think it over, that’s not like you at all. That only leads me to the conclusion that you really just don’t like her.”

    As Anna purred her musings aloud, Paul could only grit his teeth. One of the things that irked him most about her was that she automatically assumed she knew everything about him. So what, she’d used him a few times? That didn’t mean she knew anything about him. As for Blue, that was none of her business nor anyone else’s.

    “Is there a legitimate reason you called me in then?” he asked in a sour tone yet as politely as his bitterness would allow. Anna sensed the tension and a tiny smirk flickered across her lips before vanishing a few seconds later.

    “Of course there is.” she replied. Then leaning against the front of her desk, she crossed her arms and turned to Paul with a more business like air. “I have a job for you.” At this, the man quirked an eyebrow suspiciously. For the first time in his life, Paul did not see Anna pressing herself against him insinuating something obtrusive. She actually sounded as if she needed something official; the thought almost made him laugh.

    “Do you?” he asked.

    “Don’t sound so surprised; I often do actual police work with the real officers.” she purred. Paul narrowed his eyes but didn’t let her little remark get to him. “It’s the toy’s I often don’t bother with.” she added.

    “There are others?” he asked before readily thinking the question through. Anna’s eyes flickered excitedly a moment before returning to their guarded state.

    “Why, does that bother you?” she asked losing all inklings of respect Paul had momentarily considered before.

    “No; they just earn my pities.” he retorted emotionlessly. Anna narrowed her eyes and decided to change the subject.

    “Anyways, the task I have you assigned to isn’t much nor is it anything you’ve not done before.” Anna walked around her desk and opened the top drawer pulling out a file and letting it fall neatly atop the cluttered desk. Flipping it open, she pulled out two pages and walked over to where Paul stood. “This is your assignment.” she said holding up one of the papers to his face.

    Paul gazed at the image on the sheet and immediately recognized the face. It was that of the girl whom he had seen being escorted out of the office moments before arriving. In this picture, she was smiling goofily at the camera with a pokemon by her side looking almost indignantly at its trainer. The image had to have been taken a few years back because the face of this girl was much younger than the version he’d seen walking out. The height hadn’t changed much but the face definitely had. For some reason, this thought jogged something in his memory but Paul couldn’t determine what exactly or why.

    “You’re setting me on a little girl?” he commented dryly deciding to play oblivious. “You’re one thing, but a child?”

    Anna snapped the picture away and glared daggers at the man before her. “No, you idiot!” she snapped. “This is that girl that was just in here! And to think I assumed you would be bright enough to understand that.” Moving the picture back into Paul’s line of view, Anna pointed to the girl’s face. “This girl has the Lustrous Orb. The orb of Palkia. She refuses to give it up or even acknowledge the fact that we know she has it so you are going to get it for us.” Here Anna’s tone softened and her eyes dimmed. “You’re going to need to protect her as well. Team Magma and Aqua have been spotted in the area and we think they are after it as well. They are going to do everything to get to that girl so it’s your job not only to get the thing for us but to guard her as well.”

    Paul’s eyes flared and their amethyst depths darkened; a rising level of resentment towards Anna was evidently inferred from a single glance at his face.

    “You want me to baby-sit a full grown human?” he demanded. Anna put her hands on her hips and looked him straight in the eye.

    “Are you defying an official order?” she retorted. Paul was silent and she smiled. “Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad.” she smirked. “Here is the address and I expect a full report at the end of the week.” Slipping the second paper into Paul’s hand, Anna gave another small smirk. “I suggest you don’t get too friendly with her either. You never know who might be watching.”​
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2010
  2. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Well I must say that this was pleasantly interesting. Though Paul I feel is a little too obeying, I can understand why. Otherwise, it's all good. I find your dialog to be incredible - it's smooth, interesting, and keeps the scene moving with it evenly. It also makes the characters - though you describe what they look like, their personalities are all in their dialog, which is no easy feat.
    The story itself also picked up right from the beginning - the setting was set immediately and we got right into the real story at the end of this first chapter. The structure of the story as a whole is already following a trusted route.
    As for the themes, I see we get more than romance, which is always fun and keeps readers coming back for more than the ship. Good work.

    However, it wasn't without flaws, but I must note that I'm picking these out as advanced issues...meaning that you know how to write, there are just some wrinkles that need ironing out.

    "...anything less" should read "...anything more". She's keeping him from going up in rank, so she's keeping him from being anything more than a rookie.

    Dunno if you intended it, but you mentioned Paul's name twice, though the other is his Japanese name. It's okay to use the Jp names, but you need to be consistent. If you're using it as his last name...don't. The Pokemon characters don't have last names (except maybe Ash) and that's how it should be. It irks a lot of readers.

    Try to avoid using words twice closely together. A thesaurus, if you don't already use one, will become your best friend in these instances. Instead of saying "voice" at the end of your sentence (for the second time), use "tone" or any other word that means "voice" or perhaps better fits there than "voice".

    Typos are still mistakes and need to be caught and corrected. "...being" should be "...begin".

    This is an awesome line. :D Using larger vocabulary makes your work more interesting to read and assures the reader you know what you're talking about (even if you don't >D).

    Details...here you didn't tell us what color her hair and eyes are, which are important for a main-ish character. I assumed red, but who knows. ^^;

    Anyway, as said, your work is well on its way. These few issues weren't even scattered throughout the story...they were mostly isolated, which is great. I can tell you looked this over or put a lot of focus into perfection.
    Overall, the story is well on its way, and I will be back to review a new chapter. Tell me when it's up. :)
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2010
  3. alexsteele

    alexsteele Coordinator

    Thank you so much! You don’t know how great a deal that review meant to me especially coming from you. >.<

    Now as for a few little things, yes Paul is obedient but he has his reasons. They will be revealed later on because he’s still lovable old Paulie. xD Nitpicks are always welcome btw, so thank you. When I mentioned Paul Shinji it was because I intended it to be his last name. I’ve adapted it, in a way, ever since I was younger and fell in love with this shipping and sometimes last names - made up or not - come in handy for me to emphasis certain points.

    Haha, missed that one. I try often to catch repeated words and swap them out; thank you for spotting it and mentioning the nasty little blemish to me. I‘ll soon have gotten rid of it. >D This also goes for the typo. *dies of embarrassment*

    I thought about that line quite a bit actually. ^^ I didn’t know if it would benefit anything or detract from the scene if I put it in but I’m glad you enjoyed my quirky, roundabout babbling.

    Hehe, as for this I’m not going to say much, but there is a reason why Anna was not described too well though. As of now, I want the readers to make their own assumptions for her appearance based on whatever stereotype they have in mind because later I will turn and challenge this image. [Hopefully].

    And sure thing; I’ll put you on the PM list just so I don’t forget. xD Thanks again for the review!
  4. alexsteele

    alexsteele Coordinator

    Alrighty, well nobody's posted any reviews in weeks so I guess I'll just post the next chapter and hope for the best. ^^ So in this one there is a bit of made up information about Paul and Dawn's history as would be expected of an adult pairing between them. Just note that you can always think of this as AU if you'd like. xDD In all, I'm not too pleased with how this chapter turned out though. Constructive critisism is always helpful.Thanks for reading!


    A gentle breeze, soft enough to brush feather down without unsettling it, floated by a large, green field filled with berries of all kinds imaginable. Drifting over the sweet smelling things and carrying the aroma with it, the zephyr approached a small house and paused by the porch to dance between the welcoming bars of a wind chime. The tinkle of tiny bells and pipe music began to resound between the bars and, frightened, the young breeze moved on disappearing into the sunlight.

    Rays of light glimmered and shone down upon the leaves evaporating any last traces of early morning dew that may or may not have clung to the grasses at this time in the afternoon. The berries, most ripe in all their splendor, soaked up the warmth of the spring sun and basked in glory ready to be picked at any moment. They all seemed to smile up, thanking the sun and sky for everything and reaching their stems upwards in raised arms of praise. Below, stalking through the leaves in its playful attempt at being mature, a baby pokemon maneuvered its clumsy paws through the soft grasses underfoot. The item it was stalking, a brilliant red berry dangling near the ground, was so large and tempting that the baby couldn’t help but yearn for just one bite. It was so perfect and firm looking all filled with the juice of a sweet, succulent BERRY! Lunging, the pokemon let out a tiny growl and threw itself in the air at the target. Swiping its paws blindly, the pokemon attempted to whack the treat off the bush but instead landed on its head before rolling a few feet in the dirt on the other side.

    Shaking its head, the pokemon’s eyes where wide with bewilderment. What had happened? Had he gotten the berry? Looking down between its paws, the pokemon lifted its tail into the air and stared at the offending bush upside down. His prize still hung there! Cocking its head to the side, the baby growled in frustration when suddenly it heard an unfamiliar noise. The pokemon straightened with such speed an electric current couldn’t have moved faster; then it froze waiting for another sound. A click. A clack. And footsteps. Uneven ones; unfamiliar and heavy ones. Letting out a ‘mmmrow!’ of alarm, the baby turned tail and began racing through the bushes back to the house where his mother was.

    In the pokemon’s haste, it splashed through mud puddles and rubbed against bushes attracting burrs so that when it finally approached the white steps of the house and clambered up, tiny little paw prints where left behind. Not taking any note, the pokemon continued sprinting its way onwards and mewing in terror for his mother. Struggling through a small hole in the door, it landed upon a wooden floor and skittered a moment, nails sliding and clicking, before regaining its footing all the while mewling loudly.

    These pitiful sounds echoed all through the small house and out into the back flower shop where a young girl lifted her head curiously. Placing the potted red flower she had been holding onto the ground, the young girl turned and made her way through the doorway back into the main living area. When she entered the living room beside which the front door was located, she let out a gasp. A tumble of muddy, matted fur was sprinting across the floor towards her and plunged into a pair of open arms a moment later as the girl scooped up the frightened kit.

    “Shiiinx,” she purred soothingly. “What’s wrong; what’s happened?” The tossing tumble of paws continued to flail even in her arms as the girl tried to hold it still. Finally the pokemon reacted to her voice and calmed down enough to gaze up at its mother. “There, baby calm down.” the girl said and gave it a smile. Shinx nosed her gently and buried its muzzle in the space between her chin and neck mewling in fright. The girl giggled and pat the messy baby gently wondering what could have possibly frightened it to this extent.

    “There we go,” she cooed softly whist running her fingers gently through the tangled pokemon’s fur. Relaxing under her touch, the Shinx calmed and began to purr softly until it was happy enough to be set down. The moment its muddy paws touched the wooden floors, the girl sighed and looked around at the mess. Then, she looked down at her dress and was appalled by the mess she found there as well. Giggling and shaking a chiding finger at the baby, she turned and went to go change. The pokemon followed close on her heels and scampered up the steps with one last fearful glance towards the door.


    The sound of a doorbell echoed throughout the house just as the girl was running a wet towel across Shinx’s back. The gleaming white tiles of the bathroom were wet and slippery as the girl lifted her baby out of the tub and wrapped it within the towel. Then, brushing back a stray strand of blue hair from her face, she turned and made her way out of the room and down the stairs all the while rubbing the soft, absorbent material over Shinx’s head. The doorbell sounded again and the girl wrinkled her nose at the person’s impatience.

    Pulling it open, she smiled and then just as suddenly frowned. The baby Shinx growled at the figure and the girl almost made a move to close the door but she was stopped by a foot in the doorway. The person who had caused each of these reactions and paused the door from being slammed in his face was a policeman with unfathomable purple locks.

    “I was told I could find a Ms. Dawn Summers here.” he said by way of greeting. The girl narrowed her eyes.

    “Yes, that would be me. What do you want?” she replied in a somewhat snippy tone.

    “I’ve been told you have something we need. I’m here to recover it.” the policeman, Paul, retorted in an almost equally sour manner.

    “I have nothing of the sort. I’ve said it countless times. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to close my door.” she responded bitterly.

    The two were silent a moment, each thinking how the other would react if they commented on the lie. Finally, Paul broke the silence by asking to come inside and the girl, Dawn, reluctantly was forced to let him in. When she was able to close the door, the blunette turned and glared at the policeman refusing to say a word. Why didn’t they just give up? She’d already been dragged down to the station, questioned and put through countless tests today. Why did they send someone else to come beg for an item she didn’t even have.

    “Alright, so you don’t have the orb.” Paul said breaking the pressured silence once again. “Do you at least remember me?” he asked. The second tactic he was being forced into working with was not something Paul was going to keep up for long, that much he knew. He couldn’t play the nice guy for any extended period of time despite Anna’s words ringing in his head, stupidly, accurately and demanding.

    “You’ve met this girl before, I was told. Play her into trusting you. You know her better than anyone else on the force despite the fleeting time you were together and you know how easily she trusts certain people. Make her give it up but by all means protect her from anything or anyone that might try and steal it. And don’t screw this up. I’d hate to have to fire my favorite toy.”

    On the other side of things, Dawn’s reaction was almost immediately suspicious. She’d never seen this guy in her life. Or had she? The purple hair seemed to ring a small bell and poke something in the back of her mind that had been shut away for a long time. Sorting through the images of her days traveling as a coordinator, Dawn tried to think if she’d ever seen this man. Then, as she reached the earlier parts of her journey, an image finally caught. Piplup…her other pokemon…Brock, Ash…his rival. What was the jerk’s name?

    “Paul?” she asked cautiously. The policeman quirked an eyebrow before nodding slightly. So she did remember him. My how he’d changed in appearance! “Wow; never thought you’d become a policeman.” she scoffed and turned her back not in the slightest bit worried any more.

    As she placed Shinx on the ground and walked through the living room, Dawn made her way to the back of the house where she ran a little flower shop. Shinx scampered on ahead and leapt down a few steps into the bright, sunlit room before disappearing behind some potted plants in the corner. Paul stuck his hands in his pockets and let out a sigh before following. As he stepped into the doorframe leading to the back room, he crossed his arms and leaned against the side to watch the girl flit from flower to flower ignoring him completely.

    “So what are you, like some plant guru?” he asked. The girl paused a moment with her back to him before continuing to attend to each flower and check the soil plus regulate the water. Smirking, Paul lowered his head and closed his eyes. “Never saw you as such either.” he said. “I guess those idiot pokemon never pulled through for you, huh.”

    Dawn paused again and growled audibly. “Shut up!” she exclaimed turning on him with her cheeks red from anger. “I don’t see any of your’s making you pokemon master!”

    Again Paul could only continue looking down with the smirk playing across his lips. “That was a childish dream.” he replied. “Nothing good enough to continue striving for with a pathetic bunch.”

    Dawn didn’t reply as she turned and continued her work to seethe in silence. The silence stretched between them and lasted a good twenty minutes before the blunnette was finally irked enough to break it. “Do you still need something?” she asked in a displeased tone trying to regulate her irritation to keep from bursting.

    “An orb.” came the reply.

    “I don’t have one.”

    “Then I’ll be sticking around until you do.”


    Paul couldn’t help the impending wave of hatred flowing towards Anna at giving him this idiotic assignment. How the hell was he supposed to get anything from this troublesome brat if she refused to acknowledge the fact that she even had the orb! Irritation levels were nearing their max as the reality of her existence brought back the memories of a past he’d much rather forget. Especially since he’d been a part of it and taken it away.

    “Just give me the orb and I’ll go.” Paul said roughly in his agitation. “If you don’t, I’ll be forced to baby-sit you until I have it.”

    “That’s ironic since we used to be baby-sat together.” Dawn replied easily as she checked the water levels of a particularly bright, flowering berry plant. Paul growled under his breath at the reminder of his even earlier childhood with her. One only four people, including the two of them, knew about it.

    In truth, Dawn and Paul had known each other since the earliest days of their nursery. Mrs. Summers had often left little Dawn with Paul’s older brother Reiji when she was called to important events or to judge a particular contest. The two never really got along but had adopted the other as somewhat of an annoying sibling during the times they were forced to play. Having met up again later in life along their journeys, the two had played oblivious and never spoke the truth about how much they knew of the other. Now, hearing her refer back to it, Paul couldn’t help but scowl.

    “None the less you still need a baby-sitter.” he muttered darkly. The blue haired girl ignored the comment as she brushed by the exasperating policeman. Entering the kitchen, she filled a glass with water and walked back out to the sun room to administer that water to a plant in the far corner which she had checked only recently.

    Just then, a phone rang from somewhere inside the house and the girl paused to go answer it. Slipping past Paul once more, she entered the house and picked up the sleek black telephone sitting on the kitchen counter.

    “Hello?” she greeted. As Dawn spoke on the phone, Paul wandered lazily into the kitchen and leaned against the counter beside her. Hanging up, the girl seemed far more cheerful than she had shown before. “I have a delivery to make in Canalave.” she said gleefully. “Looks like you’ll have to go!”

    “On the contrary.” Paul replied quite irritated. “Looks like we’re both going on a road trip.”​

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