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Monstercat Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Argon Wartortle, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Hello all, and welcome to the
    Monstercat Fan Club!
    I am Argon Wartortle, a huge fan of Monstercat since about the time of 004-Identity.

    About Monstercat

    Monstercat is, as I presume most people reading this know, a record label founded by Mike Darlington devoted to promoting up-and-coming musicians, specialising in Dubstep, Electro, Trap, Trance, Drumstep, House, DnB, NuDisco and Glitch Hop/110BPM. On its YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/MonstercatMedia, it currently has 805,000+ subscribers, as well as ~54,000 followers on Twitter. (@Monstercat)
    As a label it has released 13 compilation albums to date;
    001-Launch Week 7 July, 2011
    002-Early Stages 28 September, 2011
    003-Momentum 4 October, 2011
    004-Identity 18 December, 2011
    005-Evolution 20 February, 2012
    006-Embrace 13 April, 2012
    007-Solace 6 June, 2012
    008-Anniversary 27 July, 2012
    009-Reunion 12 September, 2012
    010-Conquest 31 October, 2012
    011-Revolution 19 December, 2012
    012-Aftermath 11 March, 2013
    013-Awakening 10 June, 2013

    Newest Song (as of club update)
    Glitch Hop/110BPM--Lets Be Friends-Manslaughter (VIP Mix)

    ! 21st August 2013-Monstercat has hit 900K subscribers!
    ~21st August 2013-Muzzy will return with his new song "The Phantom" featuring High Maintenance.

    Club Rules
    -All SPPF rules apply.
    -Don't bash certain artists or songs; these people work incredulously hard to produce music, and the last thing they need is people giving them negative but unconstructive criticism.
    -Keep to the topic. This club is for talking about Monstercat, not moaning about how awful your social life is or taking out your anger because your pet Lesser Antillean iguana ate the last cookie.
    -No spam. This includes replying to spam posts.
    -Have fun! :)

    Club Registration
    Registration can be done via either PMing me or a simple thread post about why you want to join. As I will soon have too much schoolwork to be on the forums very much, Atari will welcome you but you may not appear on the member list for a while. I will PM you back and add you to the member list ASAP, but in order for me to be willing to do so, you must:
    Verify an active interest in the topic, for example naming one of your favourite artists or something you like about Monstercat.
    Have at least 25 forum posts in your post count. This is so we don't have tons of inactive members and so you prove you'll actually stick around.

    As the club owner, I reserve the right to ban people from the club. This leads me to:

    Strikes and THE BAN HAMMER
    If you are found to have broken any of the rules, a strike will be issued without question. The system goes as follows:
    Strike 1 A warning, nothing more, because I am such a kind fluffy cuddly nice person.
    Strike 2 A 48 hour ban. During this, you are required to sit on the naughty step-wait, that's preschool.
    Strike 3 A week-long ban. 7 days. Start to consider what you're doing wrong.
    Strike 4 A month-long ban. Just stop whatever it is you're doing and get a life, you spoon.
    Strike 5 A permanent ban. Well, I hope you feel good about yourself, because the BAN HAMMER has spoken.

    Member List and Claimed Favourite Artists
    ~Argon Wartortle (Owner) [Tut Tut Child]
    ~Atari [Ephixa]

    Thank you all for reading, and enjoy your stay in the Monstercat Fan Club!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2013
  2. KyuremFreeze

    KyuremFreeze Hello, b0ss

    where have i heard the name monstercat before? hmmm... i just cant remember!
  3. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    A few artists I heard of before I heard of Monstercat were Noisestorm, Halo Nova/Varien and Arion, who lots of people know for his dubstep remix of the Pokémon theme tune, if that helps. :)
  4. KyuremFreeze

    KyuremFreeze Hello, b0ss

    so, basicaly a monstercat artist is a dubsteper/remixer? in that case, i claim keatonkeaton999, he made an epic song of storms remix!
  5. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Not necessarily dubstep-maker or remixer, there are many other genres on Monstercat. There are 40+ artists on Monstercat, but keatonkeaton999 isn't on it as far as I'm aware. It's a record label. If you liked the Song of Storms remix that you mentioned, you may want to check out Ephixa's remix of it. He made an entire EP with it, also consisting of Gerudo Valley, Dragon Roost Island and a few others which is called ZeldaStep. ;)
  6. Atari

    Atari Did it on 'em

    Wow.. I'm pretty surprised this exists! I actually just got into Monstercat releases a couple of weeks ago, and I've got to say it is definitely my favorite record label.

    The first song from them that I ever heard was One For All, All For One by Razihel & Virtual Riot. After that, I was pretty much hooked. Monstercat is literally the only thing that plays in my car now haha.
  7. Argon Wartortle

    Argon Wartortle Farewell, SPPF...

    Yeah, same here; Monstercat is where 99% of what I listen to comes from, except for obviously JB so I'm really happy I'm not the only one on here who likes it.

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