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Moon Ball Gallery


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A New Generation; New Pokemon to Catch in Moon Balls.

I am looking for Moon Balls and/or Pokemon caught in Moon Balls.
Newer Generation:
Charcadet HA
Tinkatink HA
Bramblin HA
Cetoddle HA
Glimmet HA
Greavard HA
Shroodle HA
Frigibax HA

Older Generation:
Mouth (Kanto and Galarian) HA
Mankey HA
Charmander HA

I also have the following items for trade for Moon Balls:
Heavy Ball 1
Lure Ball 1
Friend Ball 1
Fast Ball 1
Master Ball 1

Leave a comment if you're interested in trading.
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Shedinja Trainer
Do you still have a Fast Ball you can trade for a Moon Ball?

Edit: I have Moon Bramblin with HA, if that interests you, too.
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Female Trainer
I have Moon Ball Charcadet with HA that I can breed for trading, do you have any Moon ball pokemon you can offer?