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More 5th gen pokemon? real or fake?

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Listen, if there's a new Pokemon, it will be posted on Serebii.net. Until it's posted there, don't believe it. Don't post it. Just wait. This has been posted so many times. There's a 5th Generation page that list the 5th Generation Pokemon that have been revealed. If anything comes out, Serebii will post it on the main page.

And can these two be added to the fake Pokemon page? They've been around awhile now.


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Proven fake by crappy copright spelling (which seems to be cut off in this image, interesting...)


Fake because the leak in the Funny farfetch'd thing doesn't look sugimari style... and didn't i see this on Google Images a while ago well i was hooking up fake pokemon? It seems very familiar to me


and it looks as if there is some distortion around the sprite


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As everyone has said before me, its fake but it would be cool to have an evolution for Farfetch and Delibird.


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any real information will be posted on the main site and 5th gen forum. don't post threads like this here.
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