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More digital, more traditional, more better, just look =P

So as some of you know, I sometimes post my stuff here :3 as always, just click on it to go to its respective DeviantArt page.

So I'm gonna post some stuff I haven't posted xD

Fisrt the digital:

This one was done with one of Profesco's sketches, ain't he awesome? :3

That one makes a great wallpaper xD

Yah, haven't done much digital, so here's the traditional:

You can tell I don't draw people often xD

And this is a really really OLD drawing that got an update:

So yah, please comment, and feel free to insult my pencilwork, and horrid Photoshop skillz CX
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You sir have left me speechless that is incredible work. Shading-Flawless and on most of them so are the proportions, and yes that picture does make an awesome wallapaper XD

My personal favourite is the eagle, on the portrait I would say the lower jaw looks a bit wide to me. Other than that aweomse work :D


Fire trainer
That shiny Charizard is simply amazing!!

I love it


You've left me Speechless, so Speechless.

Great work as always TMS though I do have some tiny issues with the Shiny Charizard. It's a little too thin compared to what a Charizard would look like in most media and the wings are a bit strange, almost vampire-like in shape and form. I'm loving your take on color though even if you didn't draw the sketch originally. I think the blue flame for a tail is a nice touch, any other person would've gone with the standard orange and that would've been a bit stale :p

The Dragonair, the flowers, and the Mewtwo all look great but the sketch of that young boy does look a bit odd. The eyes, nose, and mouth are a little too small from what I can tell, I think you should expand on those features and it'll look a bit better but it's still some of your best work so far. Who is that supposed to be? Anyone special?


Absolutely stunning as always.

My favourite one would be the eagle because firstly, I liek birds and because it looks like it has been more a lot of effort into it. Although I gotta say: the white head feathers looks more like hair than feathers. There is a big difference between the two, and by looking through eagle photos, I think that you should make the shading more subtle, and the feathers not so sitcking in different directions.

I like the Charizard one, but the problem is that the highlights and shadows are everywhere! I can't tell where the light source(s) are. This gives a sort of 'unrealistic' feel, as if the Charizard is made of shiny rubber, or metal even.
What I suggest is to put more concern on where the light source is and to make sure the shading makes sense. Take Charizard's tail for example: the blues flame is a light source, yet I see no tonal difference between the start of the tail and the general flame-tail area. Same goes for Dragonair.

I'm not entirely sure about the eagle critique, so you can ignore it.
jahz Thank you, that was actually my wallpaper for a while :) Now that you mention it, the jaw IS a bit wide. Thanks again :3

Nacreous Thanks

The 4th Kira Thin vampire, that's what I thought when I saw profesco's sketch, and I thought, wow, it's different, but I like it, a lot, so I chose it, and it took me... ages to finish xD. The version y'all see here is tiny x3

Ah the boy, well, someone sent me a very tiny picture, like 50x50 pixels was the area around his face, and I felt like drawing him, I liked his exaggerated jaw xD. The quality was horrible, so I had to make up the details on it, and so I exaggerated on some expression and folds in the ocular skinso that among other things made him look a bit odd, with child-like head proportions, but adult-ish detail, his eyebrows scare me now xD. /weird phrasing.

kiogrey Yes, I did put a whole lot of effort into the eagle piece ^^;, when I looked at the photo reference, I did notice I made the head feathers a bit funky, my sister told me it looked like hair too xD. I think I may have had something funny to smoke while shading charizard, and he tail was the last thing I colored, bu that time I'd spent so much time on everything else that I just gave up on trying to make the tail look good.

As for dragonair, I didn't let the spheres affect the shading of the overall thing, except for the overlay effect they have. The shading was done in a freaky way, I'd say for lack of better terminology, with a light source, a counter-light source, and some weird subtle hue effects,, as well as some highlights on the lineart's edges on some stuff, which was kinda weird to keep track of >.> I really shouldn't be posting it, as it is part of a bigger piece, of which it is insignificant despite being the main focus. I don't know where I'm going with it =x

Thank you all for taking the time to comment ^_^


Arukate Énigme
Better than you and i well ever know. These made my eyes have an orgasm.All of the detail and shading and the EPIC digital......... Why am i not able to type ive pressed back space space so many times trying to figure out how to say what i want to say? Magnefico the rose is simply (in a complex way) touching and beautiful and other synonyms that work with those previous words. And the Link on is so detailed and looks so regal/with much power like it was the final shot to destroy evil or something. WOW. Love the arrow tip sparkle.

P.S. love the sig on the link on and you forum sig.



I'm feisty Watch Out
I love the last one and the dragonair :D I can't draw roses :( You're good at them.


ernie, your pencil work is lovely as always. (do you even remember me? i am sammi. we used to talk on msn and you would always forget who i was.)

i do, however, think that your digital work needs vast improvement, and i am sure you yourself are aware of that. for instance, on that charizard, you seemed to only use a colour plus lighter shades of it in white-- consider using lighter shades of it in differently tinted colours. for example, when painting with orange, you could use a red tinted, darker, more saturated orange that is really more close to red to create a more dynamic, stunning effect, which would really go well with the line work you produce.

but other than that i really love seeing your work. the flowers you draw are so beautiful.
omg, sammi x3, course I remember you. I remember precisely because I always forgot CX

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the comments. I'll take that bit of color choice advice into effect the next time I hit photoshop.

I'm glad to see your comment, really I am :)


Whoa. Those are pretty awesome.

Now, I know next to nothing about art, but I wanted to let you know what my favorite two are and why.

First favorite is the Dragonair. It's just so... captivating? Something like that. It's color was really good, and it pretty much left me speechless.

My second favorite is the eagle. You really drew the eagle well. Captured it in the drawing. It makes me wonder why he's so angry...

That's all.
Well, it's all very nicely done, dragonair is wonderfully coloured. I love the orb-ish thing it has, so pretty x3

the flowers and link stand out more to me however, since I've always liked traditional art more. Very nice,detailed shading