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More than 4 attacks?


Dark lord of Sith
Well, I work around the 4 moves rule. In PLX the Pokemon have to maximum 5-6 moves, which are currently used. There are old moves who get forgotten in the process of learning a more powerful one. Not in the "delete" forgotten way but in the "not used anymore because of a stronger counterpart" way.


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I don't follow the four move rule. In my writing, I prefer to think of pokemon learning virtually any move within the canon's constraints, but being limited by their intelligence (intelligent pokemon will be able to learn new moves easier and be able to use the moves they know creatively), breeding issues with in real life would be impossible (skitty and wailord, for example) and obviously the wealth of the owners, which determine what moves can be 'bought and taught' as it were.

In real life, I think that a single move would be far more varied; in strength, duration, execution and so on, mostly due to the pokemon using that attack. Different pokemon species are going to use the same attacks in a slightly different way, older, more experienced pokemon are going to use an attack differently from how a younger, inexperiened pokemon would.


I write fan fiction a lot (all pokemon) and I like to have more than moves but definitly no more than 10 then it would just ruin it and you would just forget about them all


Your Lord and Master
Ok now I'm intrigued but see, this is why I ignore "standard rules" in all things Pokemon.

To the point, I let my Pokemon use all the moves at their disposal for their stage of evolution in my Fanfics. This includes TMs as wel las Egg Moves. The way I see it, Egg Moves, Move Tutors and TMs are fine as long as you A.) Mention at some point prior how said Pokemon got the move and B.) ave established a means for Pokemon to learn moves outside leveling.

It's when people fail to do this they run into problems. In Pokemon Kanto: Team Rocket Version (one of my fanfics) a trainer visits the Move Tutor in the Sevii Islands to teach Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannont to their Pokemon. Pokemon Ruby: My Version (the prequel to ths one) some pokemon are seen using Teleport outside its given role in the games (Transportation, evasion in battles, etc.) an in another instance, Double Kick is used to make a Pokemon run on water.

The point I'm trying to make is it's really up to you. I do feel you shouldn't limit yourself to just four moves. That was Nintendo's mistake.


i dont use the 4 move rule in my Fanfic. i let my characters' Pokemon learn as many moves as they need & as 4 TM moves,i hav characters that r willing 2 teach them


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When I write a typical battle, the Pokémon uses 6 moves maximum in a single battle, but these aren't the moves that stick with it. For another battle it could use 6 completely different moves, or mixtures or even the same.


That's how I work it.