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More Touhou stuff.


Summer of Wriggle!

Oh dang, she's a girl! =O

Well, I'd draw Cirno in a bikini too, but she'd melt from a result of being the strongest. Oh, the drawbacks of being the strongest in Gensokyo. I could only think of a few people who take notice to this thread. XD


Hooray! You're back~
The only criticism I have is Wriggle's fingers look messed up and her upper thighs look a bit fat.


Well-Known Member

Ahh...why is such a cute girl crying? lol

The arms look a bit awkward and the fingers seem too small. The hips, too, look off. They seem too 'mature' for a girl her age.

Other than that, I like the 'sketchyness' of it and would love to see more (and completed looking) works from you!



Of course, I happen the draw the Touhou character I draw the most in her summer gear.

Clearly, she's the strongest afterall.
Glad to see you posting your art here again Buster. The sketchiness is right on as usual. Keep up the great work.


Ooh, maaaan!
WHOA. She's wearing a tiny little sting bikini bottom and she manages to completely avoid any camel toe?

Tell me, Wolf. Is she a witch?