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Morph Legends 3.0 Sign Ups (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Chili, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    In the land of Pokemon, a new region formed. It’s name, Haoj. In this new region, an astounding discovery was made. Humans who lived there could take on the forms of the Pokemon of the region! They were called Morphers. Slowly, more people migrated there and Pokemon from all over the world were brought with them making the region of Haoj more diverse. As time went on, and the region changed so did the people of the world.

    400 years after the discovery of Haoj, a small clan became known to a town in the Haoj region named Amethyst. They were not well known and their ideals were not to radical. All they believed in was the banning of morphing because of it’s ability to fall into the wrong hands. No one feared them, and no one seemed to care THAT much.

    This peace would only last so long. Their ideals after 10 years spread to the Johto region. The clan began to go by the name of The Collectors. Their ideals changed to a radical view. They began the practice of extracting the energy from Morphers and using it for their own technology. The only way to do this was to kidnap Morphers from the Haoj region. The people of Johto began to fear the group and began moving up North in the region towards Blackthorn city. The Collectors views strengthened even more so.
    They wanted to take on an even bigger project. The powers of regular Morphers were something, but it wasn’t enough energy. They had a grand idea for the construction of a massive super weapon to exterminate the planet with the combined energy of all the Morpher’s. But as I said they needed more. And who has the most energy? The legendaries.

    The Collectors hid this plan from the public eye but sent troops throughout the whole world. Sure, people were scared but were unsure of what they were doing. The legendaries could not even suspect what was happening. The Collectors after only one month, managed to capture their first legendary Pokemon from the Kanto region which was, Moltres. Then Articuno followed, and Zapdos, then Mew, then Mewtwo, and every region so on. (Over time of course.) The balance of the world was out of control, it was as if Mother Nature abandoned the world.

    Then, there was the last legendary left, and he fell to The Collectors. His name, Arceus. The death of the whole world was near and the Legendaries were kept in space hovering right above the Earth in a nearly unbreakable prison which contained the weapon ready to be charged with Legendary Energy and fired upon the world.

    The legendaries gathered close in their final hour, and devised their final strategy. Their last option. They were to give their spirits to select humans back on the surface of this world in order to stop the destruction of this planet. They began to chant these words

    "All the mythical and the legendary
    Gather together to plant the seed in them
    Those below will in time know
    the power that will be given"

    And with that, they let out their final cry as a huge portal opened in the station and they screamed the loudest they ever did as beams shined all out of them and were seen hurling down on earth in a flash of different colors and shapes as they spread around the world. The space station rocked all around and The Collectors were blinded during this event. This continued for an hour or more and suddenly, the lights stopped and shiny dust proceeded to land all around the station as The Collectors looked with disbelief.
    They returned to earth and believing their plans were foiled, decided to slip away for a long period of time.
    “The time will come my fellow people…” Arceus began to speak through all the awaiting spheres of legendary and mythical Pokemon scattered around the world.
    “When you will enter a human on this planet, one with a good intent in heart and a soul as pure as gold.”
    “But for now we wait.”
    The world settled down after that for another 150 years….
    Until you, the Morph Legend are chosen and have grown up a bit. No one has hurt you or knows of your existence, but that can all change. The Collectors are not gone as they seem.. The time may be here for them to rise once more. ​

    All Serebii RPG rules apply
    See here for them http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?415090-The-RPG-Forum-Rules
    *Reservations are allowed*
    Comply with sign up rules or you will not be accepted.
    Have Fun!

    Sign Up Template:
    History: (100 OR MORE WORDS)
    Personality: (100 OR MORE WORDS)
    Appearance: (100 OR MORE WORDS)
    Region Of Origin:
    Pokemon: (Up to 6)
    Powers or abilities of your character (Minor abilities at the moment due to you just becoming a Morph Legend very recently.)

    Pokemon Template:
    Nickname: (if wanted.)
    Special Appearance: (if wanted.)

    Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon Available:
    Mew: Omiko Kaibara (Zekshirom)
    Celebi: Yuriko Sakura (RapidashRocks524)
    Jirachi: Aaron Reyes (Aon_Epiphany)
    Darkrai: Ronan Miller (Shampoo Thief)
    Victini: Alyssa Holdsworth (Tangeh)
    Genesect: Austin Ray "Arc" Caramana II (TheCharredDragon)
    Moltres: Sana {Sam} (Crash & Charm)
    Zapdos: Toby Elias Fraust (Mogar)
    Mewtwo: Jack Aikawa (Truly Deceptive)
    Suicune: Kendra Marina (Pink Harzard)
    Lugia: Reserved for The G.O.A.T.
    Ho-Oh: (Lisa Jones) Zekshirom
    Registeel: Leon Pohl (Tangeh)
    Latias: Josia Lorianth (Zekshirom)
    Latios Hedge Goldenwood (Chili)
    Kyogre:Atalanta Perez (Cressisnumber1)
    Groudon: Kendall Varvaro (Chili)
    Rayquaza: Reserved for Minteh
    Dialga: Diamendas (Diamond) Ray (Cressisnumber1)
    Palkia: Vash (Crash & Charm)
    Giratina: Alexander "Alec" Lascelles Troy (Schade)
    Heatran: Jesslyn “Jess” Smith (Cometstarlight)
    Regigias: Zarra Aiderno (Dragonfries)
    Terrakion: Brian "Brick" Aries Wilson Jr. (YoungGoose)
    Virizion: Maitilda (Hilda) Honovi (Pink Harzard)
    Reshiram: Alexis Jensen (Crash & Charm)
    Zekrom: Storm Stone (Cometstarlight)
    Kyurem: Zeruma I. Uranu (TheCharredDragon)
    Xerneas: Elizabeth Fawn (Mogar)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
  2. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    IT BACK =D

    Ima reserve same as last time: Ho-oh, Mew, and Latias!
  3. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    I'll reserve Xerneas, Zapdos, and Shaymin please.
  4. I would like to reserve Arceus , Dialga and Suicune
  5. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    All are reserved. :) Glad to see you guys joining and Zekshirom, glad to see you again.
  6. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Name: Hedge Goldenwood
    Age: 13. (will be 14 in February.)
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Latios
    History: Hedge was born in the Hoenn region to a divorced mother in the Lilycove City. When he was born, it was said that the sun shined the brightest it had in a very long time. On his shoulder, a birthmark similar to that of the red triangle on Latios. The mother thought of this as a sign of good luck. Hedge had his first experience knowing he was different than most kids when he was about 5 with his best friend, Omara and they were on top of the lighthouse in Lilycove City. He leaned a little too far off the railing of the lighthouse and began to fall, he was destined to break his neck but as he almost hit the ground, he stopped above the ground levitating on his side as he covered his head. However, all that happened was he was placed on the ground. Omara never questioned this but always longed to know more about why this happened. Hedge received his first Pokemon at age 10 and it was chosen by a bond seen by both his psychic mother and himself. This Pokemon was a Torchic. It cuddled right up with him and he felt a lifelong friendship begin. He and Omara’s Mudkip trained together and became great friends. Hedge and Omara lived in Lilycove City until they were 12. However, Omara never got the chance to leave. Despite growing up next to an ocean, Omara never gained the chance to learn how to swim but wanted to prove she was strong. She dove in and swam for a good while, but her heart could not keep up. Early in the morning, even before the fishermen were out she began to drown. No one was there to help her. Mudkip couldn’t help her because he too, could not swim but she urged him to move to shore. Hedge awoke 4 hours later, but it was too late. Omara’s body sank under the waves and slowly washed up on shore after hours of searching for her. Hedge was heartbroken and carried his best friend to the Hospital, but there was nothing to do. She had drowned. The funeral took place the same day and he only managed to say a few words to the funeral party, which essentially were that she was not going to be forgotten and that she was his greatest friend. They buried her overlooking the sea where a ray of sunlight always shined upon her. Hedge was taking a walk when he saw Mudkip coughing up water on the shore. He rushed over and grabbed him up getting all the water out of his lungs. Hedge looked at the teary eyed Mudkip and told him; “We both lost one of the biggest parts of our lives today but I will take care of you, just as she’d do my Torchic. A month later, Hedge packed his bags and told his mother he was leaving. She said her goodbyes and gave him a necklace of the sand from the beach and a jewel found in Omara’s room. He put it around his neck immediately and took off.

    Personality: Hedge finds it hard to trust people ever since he lost Omara but, he is still as sweet as pie. He can be extremely shy but once you start talking, he won’t stop either! He has a great since of humor that not many people expect from him. Although a year has passed, he has not recovered from Omara’s death. He even made up a nickname to branch off of Omara’s name and gave it to Mudkip and called him Omaro. He is still quite sensitive of people asking about his necklace and the story of it. He has trouble speaking about his emotions with people so he sings a lot during the day. He has an angelic voice and quite a talented one for his age that is a rich Baritone/Bass. Hedge will kill, or die for the ones he loves most. Hedge learned to do this a couple months after losing Omara. He can also be protective of people who he feels really connected too.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Hedge is 5’ 6” in height and is muscular in appearance. His skin is a tannish color due to his being in the sunny beach area, though it is fading due to him leaving the warmer weather. His eyes are a color in between Pure Hazel and Brown. Hedge has auburn hair (Red and Brown) that is very curly and he puts a curly hair gel to keep it controlled, but still curly. He generally wears a black leather jacket and light blue jeans with ripped holes on the knees that he cut very neatly himself. Hedge wears combat boots that he made while on his journey across the Hoenn region using materials and skills he picked up from a local shoe store. Hedge also has black motor cycle gloves. (He hopes to one day have a chopper.) He is slightly embarrassed by the fact that he has braces. However, they are just regular silver ones. Hedge has his necklace that is made out of a small glass jar with a loop in it for the chain that is simply made of thin string. Inside of it is Omara’s favorite gem which was a Sapphire because it’s blue color reminded her of the beautiful ocean. Then mixed around it was some long-ago used to be- wet sand from his home town. When bored, he fiddles with it. When meeting strangers, he clenches it tight. Hedge has not discovered it, but he will gain blue wings like those of Latios. Hedge has a birth-mark that resembles that of the red triangle on Latios. (as mentioned earlier.) The same emblem can be seen on one of his baseball shirt that he wears occasionally. On his earlobes, you can see tiny gold hoop earrings or diamond studs.
    Powers/Abilities: Hedge can levitate above the ground for a limited ammount of time and shoot small energy balls out of his palms that are blue in color. He has slowly noticed that the energy balls have started to shoot out and expand to a certain distance, not far but its getting larger.

    Region of Origin: Hoenn
    Name: Torchic
    Nickname: Flaime
    History: Flaime was given to Hedge when he was 10 as his starter Pokemon.
    Special Appearance: Flaime’s “flame feather” areas have always been Blue instead of Yellow or Orange.
    Personality: Flaime is very energetic and nice but make him mad and he’s bound to have a fiery temper.
    Moves: Focus Energy, Ember, Scratch, Growl (For now until he evolves.)
    Gender: Male
    Name: Mudkip
    Nickname: Omaro
    History: Omaro originally belonged to Omara but after her death, Hedge took him in as his own.
    Special Appearance: After Omara’s death a twinkle was always visible in Omaro’s eye like Omara would always be with him.
    Personality: Omaro can be a little insecure at times and shy but is a real sweetheart.
    Moves: Water Gun, Mudslap, Bide, Growl (For now until he evolves.)
    Gender: Male
    Name: Glaceon
    Nickname: O-Ren Ishii (O-Ren)
    History: O-Ren was caught as an Eevee when Hedge was walking through some tall grass one day. He then, took a trip to Route 217 in the Sinnoh region by plane, and leveled up there but had no idea that she would become a Glaceon but was very happy when she did.
    Personality: O-Ren seems like her defenses would be low but she is faster than a bullet and tougher than nails. She can be cold to some people, but is generally very nice to most people. She enjoys fashion culture a lot.
    Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power
    Gender: Female

    Name: Arcanine
    Nickname: Zena (Yes with a Z instead of an X.)
    History: Zena was a stray Glowlithe walking the docks of Slateport City, and then Hedge decided to take her in on his journey. Their friendship was great from the start because Zena saw Hedge as her savior. Hedge won a Firestone at a carnival and gave it to Zena and evolved her into an Arcanine. He uses her for riding around because she is much bigger than he is, and is bigger than the average Arcanine.
    Personality: Zena is a playful, gentle giant. Many are scared to interact with her but they soon see how lovable she really is. She often can get into trouble but can bravely get out.
    Moves: Thunder Fang, Solar Beam, Extreme Speed, Sunny Day
    Gender: Female​
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
  7. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Mind if I reserve Victini?
  8. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    No problem. Reserved.
  9. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Reservation, please? Either Giratina or Yveltal. not sure yet
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  10. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Added abilities for the pokemon just cause, hope you don't mind ^^ (unless you ninja edited the post while i was still writing this XD)
    Name: Melissa 'Lisa' Jones

    Age: 14 (birthday is November 8th)

    Legendary: Ho-Oh

    History: Lisa was born around a family of mainly boys. The only other female was her mother, who she didn't get along with all that much. Her mother believed that females and males had strict roles (AKA stereotypes), but Lisa acted more like a boy that a girl in her eyes. As a result, the two often fought over Lisa's dream: becoming a professional soccer star. Her father, however, heavily supported this goal, and supported Lisa whenever he could.

    Eventually, Lisa gained her first pokemon- a Riolu she named Borial. The two often played together, and became almost inseperable. When she turned 11, she went out to travel the world, but kept in contact with her closest brother, Nathan. Along the way, Borial evolved, and Lisa caught 3 other pokemon- a Eevee (that became a Jolteon) named Nino, a Rufflet (that has since evolved into Bravairy) named Feath, and a Buneary named Twirl. When she was 13, Lisa traveled to the Hoenn region, and met Omiko and Josia, who became two of her best friends. The three traveled with each other, never leaving any of the other two's sides.

    Personality: Lisa is practically a boy in a girl's body. She's active, loves sports (especially soccer), gets excited easily, and loves to eat. Almost every morning, she goes for a jog, and in her free time she practices her soccer skills and trains with her pokemon. When Lisa is determined to do something, she will stop at nothing to do it.

    Despite all this, though, Lisa is pretty easy to get along with. She loves making new friends, and even if the person is tough to befriend, she'll keep at it until she gets her way! Lisa's also pretty emotional, however, so when bad things happen...she easily gets upset.

    Lisa is closest to Borial, since the Lucario was her first pokemon. However, she loves all her pokemon a lot, and would protect them with her life. Same with Omiko and Josia. The three are an inseperable trio, and even if they get seperated, they can always find each other. Lisa also keeps in contact with her twin brother Nathan, who was the one who supported Lisa's dream the most.

    Appearance: Lisa has light skin, light brown eyes, and short auburn hair. She wears a short sleeveless white shirt with red around the rims, with a short pink jacket with long sleeves, dark blue jeans, and red sneakers. On her head is a black beanie with red stripes, and around her neck is a gold chain necklace with a Rainbow Feather charm.

    During formal moments, Lisa's outfit completely turns around. She wears a long satin dress that starts as red at the top and slowly goes from yellow, then to green at the bottom. There are white ruffles on the rims, and she has yellow gloves with red ruffles on her hands, and white flats with yellow tights. She still wears her necklace...then again, she's always seen wearing it. (Omiko was actually the one to make this outfit for her...much to the tomboy's embarrassment)

    Region Of Origin: Johto (currently in Hoenn with Omiko and Josia)


    Name: Lucario
    Nickname: Borial
    History: Borial was given to Lisa as a Riolu when she was young, and has been with her for almost her entire life.
    Personality: Borial is protective of his trainer and fellow teammates, and is kind and gentle towards people he trusts.
    Moves: Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Metal Claw, Power-up Punch
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Gender: Male

    Name: Jolteon
    Nickname: Nino
    History: Lisa was given Nino (as an Eevee) by the daycare couple near Goldenrod.
    Personality: Nino loves to fight, and will do all she can to win. She's also pretty affectionate.
    Moves: Discharge, Thunder Wave, Double Kick, Last Resort
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Gender: Female

    Name: Braviary
    Nickname: Feath
    History: On a quick trip to Unova to visit another one of her brothers, Lisa caught Feath.
    Personality: Feath is calm and not easily disturbed, but isn't afraid to fight if he must.
    Moves: Brave Bird, Slash, Crush Claw, Tailwind
    Ability: Defiant
    Gender: Male

    Name: Buneary
    Nickname: Twirl
    History: Twirl had snuck onto the boat Lisa was taking back to Hoenn, and the two became fast friends once the pokemon was found.
    Personality: Twirl loves to dance, and is good friends with Omiko's shiny Buneary, Balle.
    Moves: Quick Attack, Dizzy Punch, Foresight
    Ability: Klutz
    Gender: Female

    Powers or abilities of your character: Lisa can make small bursts of fire (like Ember), and make a glow on her hands to light up a dark place.


    Name: Omiko Kaibara

    Age: 11 (looks a bit older than 9)

    Legendary: Mew

    History: Omiko was the only child of a couple that ran a bakery. Even at a young age, Omiko helped out, and she got along very well with her parents and the customers. One day, she was watching TV, and a Contest came up on screen. Omiko was instantly captivated, watching one whenever it was on. She'd even move along with the pokemon moving and dancing.

    One day, she decided it. She would get pokemon, compete in contests, and become a star! Her parents supported her, and even surprised her with a gift: a shiny Buneary! She named it Balle, and practiced until she was 10, when she finally left to chase her dream. She caught four other pokemon (one for each contest type), and quickly traveled to Hoenn, where she not only began her career, but also met Lisa and Josia, who she bonded with quickly. Currently, she has gotten a ribbon for the normal ranks of all types except for Tough, and continues to train and prepare for any contest that starts.

    Personality: Omiko is a hyperactive, energetic young girl who loves sweets and pretty things. She's confident in her contest abilities, and always works hard to practice and compete. She often calls her parents and tells them of her progress, and loves them a lot. Omiko is the main cook of the trio, since she doesn't just bake sweets, but all kinds of food.

    Omiko is closest to Balle, as she was her first pokemon, and the one who really started her contest career. She has one pokemon for each type of contest, and trains them all to their prime, giving them pokeblocks and teaching them moves that go with their designated contest type. Omiko even has special outfits she wears for each type!

    Being the youngest of the group, Omiko really looks up to Lisa and Josia, and loves traveling with them. She mainly leaves fighting wild pokemon and trainers to them, since her pokemon aren't really made for fighting.

    Appearance: Omiko has long brown hair in twin ponytails, sand colored skin, and dark blue eyes. When on the road, she wears a short sleeved white shirt with a light pink fur vest over it, a short pink skirt with white shorts underneath, white socks and light pink shoes with slight heels. On both of her wrists are two silver bracelets with different jewels in them- a pink diamond on the left, and white quartz on the right.

    For contests, Omiko has five outfits that have the same color scheme as her normal clothing.

    Cute- an outfit that would fit an idol, with bows and ruffles all over it. (she even has a matching one for Balle!)

    Beauty- a dress that fits a princess, and her hair is down while wearing this. (she also wears this dress during formal occasions)

    Clever- an outfit that fits a scientist.

    Cool- clothing that would fit a person in a rock band

    Tough- clothing that fits a female fighter

    Region Of Origin: Kalos (currently in Hoenn with Lisa and Josia)


    Name: Lopunny
    Nickname: Balle
    History: Balle was Omiko's first pokemon, and was given to her by her parents when she said she wanted to compete in contests.
    Special Appearance: Balle is a shiny Lopunny, and always wears a version of Omiko's Cute outfit.
    Personality: Balle is innocent and sweet, and represents the Cuteness type.
    Moves: Bounce, Return, Dizzy Punch, Defense Curl
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Gender: Female

    Name: Kirlia
    Nickname: Crysta
    History: Omiko caught Crysta when she first came to Hoenn.
    Personality: Crysta is a vain Kirlia who is confident in her role of the Beauty representative.
    Moves: Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse, Safeguard, Dazzling Gleam
    Ability: Trace
    Gender: Female

    Name: Gloom
    Nickname: Spore
    History: Omiko caught Spore as an Oddish just before she left for Hoenn.
    Personality: Spore is the brains of the team, and as such, represents the Cleverness type.
    Moves: Absorb, Poison Powder, Natural Gift, Hidden Power
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Gender: Male

    Name: Taillow
    Nickname: Flitter
    History: Omiko helped Flitter when he was hurt, and he joined her as a thank you.
    Personality: Flitter is a bird who loves action, and represents the Coolness type.
    Moves: Wing Attack, Focus Energy, Peck, Steel Wing
    Ability: Scrappy
    Gender: Male

    Name: Makuhita
    Nickname: Glist
    History: While traveling Hoenn, Omiko found Glist and practically adopted him.
    Personality: Glist is kind, but likes to have a hard 'shell' up, and represents the Toughness type.
    Moves: Tackle, Arm Thrust, Dig, Strength
    Ability: Guts
    Gender: Male

    Powers or abilities of your character: Omiko can levitate light things (pebbles, glasses, pillows, etc.), and levitate about a foot off the ground.


    Name: Josia Lorianth

    Age: 18

    Legendary: Latias

    History: Josia was born to a very famous and rich family, with her older sister Sojia and twin brother Jinen. The two got along well, and when their father suddenly vanished, did their best to support their mother and family. One day, she got word that her father had been sighted in Hoenn. With Sojia working to support the family and her mother still weak from heartbreak, Josia volunteered to travel to Hoenn and find her father. After getting some clothes that would help to hide her identity, she left to Hoenn to find her father.

    During her travels, she met Lisa and Omiko, who eventually found out her secret, and asked to help with her search. At first, Josia declined- she felt that nobody else needed to be involved but her, and since she barely knew them, they could not be of any aid. But eventually, after a pep talk from Lisa, she agreed, and soon, the three became best friends. Josia began supporting them, but always kept her goal ahead of everything else.

    Personality: Josia is a calm girl, and towards strangers, can be a bit cold. She almost never smiles, and doesn't like to involve herself in things that don't benefit her search. However, under that is a soft, gentle girl who simply wishes to see her beloved father once more. It's hard for her to break, but sometimes, if her search doesn't go well for a long time, Josia can easily break down.

    More often than not, Josia can be seen with her shiny Espeon, Urenia. She treats her pokemon with care, and doesn't like it when they lose a battle. However, she doesn't blame her pokemon, but herself for being weak, saying to herself that if she's not strong, she won't be able to find her father. However, she knows that her pokemon, along with Lisa and Omiko, are there to support her when she's upset...and she's really grateful for that.

    Appearance: Josia has pale skin, long blonde hair in a ponytail that curls near the end, and grey eyes. She normally wears a simple, long-sleeved white dress with a light yellow velvet jacket, a crimson apron over her skirt, red knee socks, and yellow heeled boots. Around her neck is a simple string with a blue charm that looks like the triangle on Latias, and she has three rings on her left hand- one given to her at a young age (a tradition for their family), one from her mother for safety, and one from her sister for good luck.

    During a formal time, Josia wears an extravagent red dress with white ruffles on the rims and around her waist, neck, and parts of the skirt. All over the dress are light yellow designs, swirls, and patterns, and on her feet are white tights and red flats. She still wears her necklace and rings.

    Region Of Origin: Unova (currently in Hoenn with Lisa and Omiko)


    Name: Espeon
    Nickname: Urenia
    History: Urenia was Josia's first pokemon, and got her as an Eevee when she first decided to go look for her father.
    Special Appearance: Urenia is a shiny Espeon.
    Personality: Urenia is like her trainer- calm and a bit cold.
    Moves: Psybeam, Future Sight, Swift, Morning Sun
    Ability: Synchronize
    Gender: Female

    Name: Castform
    Nickname: Ther
    History: Ther was caught by Josia when she first got to Hoenn.
    Personality: Ther is an innocent one who is curious about almost everything.
    Moves: Weather Ball, Sunny Day, Hail, Hurricane
    Ability: Forecast
    Gender: Male

    Name: Florges (Blue Flower form)
    Nickname: Blume
    History: Josia was sent Blume as a Floette by Sojia.
    Personality: Blume is vain and thinks of herself as the team leader.
    Moves: Grass Knot, Moonblast, Petal Blizzard, Wish
    Ability: Flower Veil
    Gender: Female

    Name: Bronzong
    Nickname: Runo
    History: Josia was looking in some old ruins when she found and captured Runo.
    Personality: Runo is a 'mon of few words, to be blunt, but it works hard for Josia.
    Moves: Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Extrasensory, Heavy Slam
    Ability: Levitate
    Gender: None

    Powers or abilities of your character: Josia can draw a bit of power from a Soul Dew and add it to her pokemon, and she can make a small ball of psychic energy.
  11. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'll reserve both so you can tell me if you choose both or one or the other later.

    @Zekshirom You have met all requirements! Welcome aboard. Accepted.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  12. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Re-did the entire character. yay


    Name: Alexander "Alec" Lascelles Troy
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Region Of Origin: Sinnoh
    Legendary: Giratina
    Powers: Teleportation. He vanish in a dark, smokey poof, then re-appear in the same manner elsewhere. (like Shadow Force)

    Appearance: Alexander is a bit above average height for his age, with a lean, slightly muscular physique due to him being fairly active in his spare time. his skin tone is pale, and due to him being sensitive to sunlight, he tries to avoid tanning, as it only result in burns for him anyway. His hair is golden blonde in color, and reaches at medium length. His wavy hair is usually kept in a neat and tidy fashion. His eyebrows are gently curved, giving his eyes that serious look, and they are slightly darker than his hair. He have red eyes that faintly glow in the dark, and with his overall serious facial expression, despite being a fairly attractive guy, Alexander can appear intimidating to some.

    A word that can describe Alexanders clothing would be "rebellious". He looks like that guy from school that your mom didn't like you to hang out with. His overall outfit consists of a grey long-sleeved shirt with red lacing and a wide neck, exposing his chest and his necklace. Over the shirt, he wears a black, sleeveless leather vest. Usually kept open. He also wear a pair of slim, black jeans, and a pair of matching black shoes. To accessorize, Alexander wears several piercings in his ears, and a deep, red choker. Under the choker, he wears his favorite necklace, where the charm is a lock, representing how he feels closed up from time to time. Though he dresses like what most would call " a ruffian", Alexander enjoys dressing fashionably whenever he needs to.

    Personality: at first glance, one would think Alexander is the kind of guy that leads riots, or tortures kittens on his spare time. This is suprisingly not true, as he is a fairly calm and collected person. He doesn't say too much, and dislikes being center of attention. Since he spends a lot of time in the company of only his Pokemon, it is not rare for Alexander to experience times of depression and loneliness. His loneliness and feeling of neglection has also contributed to his aggressive personality. Though he tries not to show it, Alexander is a very aggressive person with a big temper. It takes very little for him to snap, though he has learned to keep his rage to himself, expressing his rage in ominous death-stares. If he fails to maintain his rage, however, Alexander turns into a sadistic and violent person, caring little to nothing about the people around him (with the exception of his friends, of course)

    Despite his flaws, Alexander is a valuable friend once one get close to him. He cares deeply for his friends, and would go to great lengths to protect them. Due to his loneliness, he have a bad habit of sometimes getting a bit clingy, or come up with weird, inapproperiate jokes from time to time. Due to this, he can also be somewhat entertaining to be around, in a sad, slightly miserable way. He also have an interest for the occult, and enjoys spending times on graveyards, much to his parents horror.

    History: Alexander was born into a wealthy family of retired Pokemon Trainers. His father had started working for Silph.Co, and his mother stayed at home watching him in his youngest years. From an early age, Alexander showed signs of being different from others. Not only the social arena, where he struggled with his anger, but with how he somehow managed to move from one place in the house to another without making any sound at all. Thinking he only crept around to scare them, they scolded him for it several times, making the already visible distance between them larger.

    In his earlier schoolyears, Alexander quickly fell behind others on the social arena. He was a clever kid, intelligent and cunning. But his sometimes crippeling behavior as a violent kid made other kids distance themselves from him, and even pick on him. This didn't exactly help on Alexanders already weak self-image, and he spiraled down a path of self-loathing and raging outbursts. He was expelled from two schools due to his violence, and his mother took it upon herself to homeschool him. As they spent a lot of time together during that time, his mother was witness to his grim personality grow up. He was a nice kid, and wasn't difficult on purpose. He excelled in his grades, and had a bright academic future. However, he wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, and as retired trainers themselves, his parents didn't deny him that. In fact, they seemed somewhat relieved to have him out of the house, and to this day, they always make sure alexander have more than enough money on him for his journeys, even though he has started to visit home more and more frequently lately.

    - Alexander speaks with a brittish accent


    Species: Froslass
    Nickname: Candice
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray
    Personality: Candice is very loyal to Alexander, due to their similar traits and the amount of time they have spent together. She conciders him her best friend, and she is always there to support him whenever he feels down.
    History: Candice was encountered near Snowpoint City during a family vacation. Due to her alternate coloration, Alexanders father caught her right away, and presented her to Alexander, since he was about to get his first Pokemon.
    - Candice is Alexanders first Pokemon
    - She's shiny

    Species: Weavile
    Nickname: Faust
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Night Slash, Ice Shard, Shadow Claw, Blizzard
    Personality: Faust is a mischeavious Pokemon that likes to taunt and torment other Pokemon during Battles. He's a very competetive Pokemon, and is very loyal to Alexander. The two of them also share a special friendship, due to their similar traits when it comes to battles as Faust sometimes helps Alexander handle his rage.
    History: Faust was met as a Sneasel around the same place where Alexander had met Candice, near Snowpoint City several years later. Faust picked up on Alexanders anger after he lost a battle towards a trainer, and started following him around. He eventually challenged Alexander to a battle, and lost. After that, he decided he wanted to join Alexanders team.

    Species: Altaria
    Nickname: Siegrune
    Gender Male
    Moves: Dragon Pulse, Hyper Voice, Refresh, Sky Attack
    Personality: Siegrune represents all the emotions that alexander try to supress. He is a calm Pokemon, with a big, caring heart towards almost everyone. He is not a great battler, nor does he battle often, but he often helps out soothing Alexander if he gets angry.
    History: As a Swablu, Alexander caught Siegrune after he fluffy little fat bird used Sing to soothe him down after a loss. The Swablu, similar to Faust, seemed to be drawn towards Alexander due to his personality, and like Faust, she decided to join his team
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    Name: Alyssa Holdsworth
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Legendary: Victini

    History: Alyssa was born and raised in Striaton City, Unova. She has two older sisters, but they are ten and twelve years older respectively, so they no longer live at home and instead travel with their pokemon teams. Alyssa loves them dearly, and is never happier than when her sisters come home to visit. As she's ten years old, she's only just become eligible for a starter pokemon. Her parents urged her to go for the water-type, considering Alyssa never learned how to swim and they worried for her safety if she was to go on a journey like her sisters did. She did end up picking an oshawott, whom she nicknamed "Otto". Otto is rarely recalled into his pokeball, as he and Alyssa love playing and training together outside whenever they get the chance, and even when they aren't training Otto likes being near Alyssa even as she does boring things like schoolwork or chores. She hasn't set out on a pokemon journey yet, but she is hoping to start one soon.

    When she was five years old, Alyssa began noticing that the traditionally "fair" ways of solving arguments - like coin tosses or rock-paper-scissors - always ended in her favor. To this day, she has never lost a coin toss in her entire life. She's also more likely to win pokemon battles against evenly-matched opponents, though it doesn't make her win 100% of the time. More recently, she's realized that she can transfer her "super luck" to other people by touching them and wishing them "good luck". She likes to think of herself as a living lucky charm.

    Personality: Alyssa is exceptionally shy and withdrawn around people she doesn't know, but once she warms up to somebody her personality does a complete one-eighty. She is full of energy and loves to run and play with Otto and other children her age, and has a very positive outlook on life. She's a bit naive in a lot of areas, and doesn't fully understand how somebody can be "bad", or that "evil" even exists in the world. Once she feels she has known somebody for long enough (which is her case is rarely very long) she will trust them completely. She has been lucky in that she has never had a bad experience to make her think that friends can't be fully trusted. Alyssa really likes being around older girls in particular, as they remind her of her older sisters.

    Appearance: Standing at about four-foot-two, she's shorter than most girls her age. Appropriately, she also weighs less than the average ten-year-old. She has stick-straight auburn hair that reaches just past her shoulders and choppy bangs. Her complexion is rather pale, though it is dotted with freckles. Her eyes are large and deep brown. She doesn't wear makeup (her mother says she is not nearly old enough for it yet, though Alyssa is intrigued by it). She usually wears outfits suitable for playing outside, like jeans, sneakers, and plain-coloured t-shirts - most often red, as that is her favourite colour. She carries a small blue backpack with her at all times, which usually holds basic pokemon medications and occasionally lunch depending on how far she wanders from home.

    Region Of Origin: Unova

    Pokemon: (Up to 6)

    Name: Oshawott :501:
    Nickname: Otto
    History: Alyssa's starter pokemon. Given to her by Professor Juniper.
    Personality: Energetic and positive. He's the type to go-go-go and then suddenly collapse from exhaustion. He is very picky about the foods he eats, preferring sweet foods.
    Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy
    Gender: Male

    Powers or abilities of your character:
    Exceptionally lucky in minor endeavors. She can bestow luck onto others by touching them. Lucky things are less likely to happen multiple times in a row and are not likely to be significantly large. She doesn't have any direct control over what happens and when it happens.

    ((*I realize super-luck sounds inherently god-moddy, but it will be used responsibly. I'm not going to immediately find the opponent's weak spot or perform instakills etc. If you have any issues or suggestions lemmie know ^^))

    I'll probably add another character later so I can have an older one too. I don't have any other particular legends in mind so I'll let 'em get picked over a bit more.

    EDIT: Second charrie

    Name: Leon Pohl
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Registeel

    History: Leon was born in Kalos to German-speaking parents. Because of this, he grew up speaking both German and French, speaking primarily German at home and French outside of home (his parents were bilingual, but preferred German). He is an only child. When he was seven years old, his father got a new job in Sinnoh and their small family was forced to move to this primarily English-speaking region. Leon was given private English lessons, but he still struggled to keep up in school due to the language barrier. There was only one other child in his class that struggled with a language barrier, and that was a boy named Felix who was deaf. His parents couldn't afford to send him to a specialized school for the deaf, but the public schools did try to accommodate him as best they could. Still, Leon and Felix were automatically drawn to each other because neither of them could make friends for the same reason - they couldn't communicate. Slowly, Leon started to pick up sign-language from Felix and also studied it in his spare time, and Felix simultaneously helped him with his English writing. Within a month they could understand each other on a basic level, and by the end of the school year Leon could speak almost fluently in sign-language and was doing much better with English as well, though it would still be several years before he felt as confident with English as he felt with German and French.

    Leon's experiences with language as a child have made him a multilingual adult with German (which he still speaks primarily to his family), French (which is still his preferred language of the three and is generally the language he thinks in to avoid losing it because he doesn't use it as often ((*will be represented in English in the RP for obvious reasons))), English (what he usually uses on a day-to-day basis), and sign language under his belt. He has a slight German accent, but otherwise it is difficult to tell that English is his third language because he can speak it fluently. In fact, he is more confident with English reading and writing as that's the language he used for the majority of his education. He also has morse code memorized, but obviously doesn't use it much outside of his research. These experiences have also made him very fascinated by language - particularly with pokemon. He doesn't understand why a method to communicate fluently with all pokemon has not been established, considering how important pokemon are to their society.

    Leon actually works for the Devon Corporation in Hoenn, but still does most of his work in Sinnoh and only makes occasional voyages to Petalburg. As a part of their attempt to create a device to translate poke-speech into human-speech, Leon came up with the idea of teaching sign language and morse code to pokemon and was given a deaf pansear and a blind panpour to aid him in his experiments as it was felt a deaf pokemon would take more quickly to sign language as it would have no alternate method of communication and a blind pokemon would take more readily to morse code as they would be better able to listen to the details in the different sounds. Although his morse code went about as well as expected (which wasn't exceptionally well), he actually made great strides with sign language which was a major breakthrough in the study of pokemon communication. He was able to teach his pansear, panpour, and lucario sign language, but could not teach his chatot. The next phase of his research is discovering which pokemon can utilize sign language to communicate with humans, and it is arguably a make-or-break study for him because everything he has worked for could be useless if the vast majority of pokemon are unable to learn sign language.

    Personality: Talkative and very passionate about his research and the world around him. If prompted (even unintentionally), he will go on very large ramblings to convey his theories and opinions, regardless of whether the targeted party is interested or not. Despite this, he is genuinely interested in others' opinions as well, and will often stop himself in the middle of a thought to ask what the listener thinks. He is a genuinely kind-hearted person and will worry deeply about the well-being of those he is close to. In particular, he openly has a soft-spot for infants and very young children / pokemon and loves to play and interact with them. He can be highly empathetic and occasionally emotional, though he rarely allows himself to cry in public.

    He speaks with a noticeable (but not strong) accent. It is mostly German, but there's a few French quirks there too. In particular he struggles with the "th" sound, as it is not present in either German or French: he replaces it with a "z" sound in everyday speech. His "w"s are also usually represented by "v"s, among a few other differences. Leon has a habit of ending sentences with "yes? / ja? / oui?" He tends to talk faster when excited, which can make him a bit hard to understand for those not used to the accent. ((*I haven't really decided how I'm going to type this out yet, but German accents in general look really obnoxious typed out (not when spoken irl though!! so no offense to anyone lol) so it'll be subtle if I decide to type it - probably only with the differences aforementioned.))

    Appearance: Leon's a tall young man, standing at around 6'2". He isn't quite "thin", though his build would be considered below average in terms of weight. He has a naturally blonde shock of hair which is a couple of inches long, but is curly so it doesn't fall very far down his face. He sometimes wears a grey beanie depending on the temperature outside. He shaves semi-regularly, but generally likes to keep a stubble of facial hair. He has an "oval-shaped" face and a cleft chin. He has bright blue eyes and requires corrective lens, though he usually wears contacts. If he needs glasses for some reason (like after he has already removed his contacts for the day, or early in the morning before he puts them in), he does carry a pair of frameless prescription glasses in his bag. He prefers wearing neutral colours such as white / brown / beige / etc, with a typical outfit consisting of black pants and a button-up shirt - add a tie if he needs to look professional, subtract a few done-up buttons if not. Leon carries a gigantic black backpack with him when he travels, which holds all of his camping gear as well as everything he needs for his research and his basic supplies. It is very heavy, and though he rarely has problems lifting it, he does need to take frequent breaks when traveling with it.

    Region Of Origin: Originally Kalos, then moved to Sinnoh.
    Pokemon: (Up to 6)

    Name: Pansear :513:
    Nickname: Extra
    History: Extra was born completely deaf to a human breeder, and was brought to Leon as a baby along with Isaac as part of Leon's research on pokemon communication. She was named "Extra" because Leon wanted her name to be an easy and official sign to learn and get her attention with ("Extra" is signed by putting both hands with fingers connected at the tips vertically on top of one another, and then simultaneously moving them vertically away while spreading the fingers). Despite lacking fingers in her pre-evolved stage, she was successfully taught a modified version of sign-language by Leon, which was considered a huge breakthrough by the science community. Even more incredibly, she taught sign-language to Isaac despite him being blind through maneuvering his hands for him to teach him the signs. Through this unconventional method of using touch and sign-language to communicate, Extra has grown very close to Isaac, and they are now inseparable. Because of this, Leon keeps both of them with him at all times.
    Personality: As Extra is deaf, she is timid and easy to startle if you approach her out of her line of vision. She finds it difficult to make friends as she cannot hear or speak, but tries to be sweet and generous to anybody she meets in hopes of befriending them that way. She is non-vocal but uses a modified version of sign-language. Although she can fight, she doesn't like to fight because it is too difficult to communicate with Leon in the middle of a fight using sign-language so she has to rely on her own instincts alone - sometimes she panics and turns to Leon in the middle of a fight, which leaves her open to attack. Still very young.
    Moves: Lick, Fury Swipes, Bite, Flame Burst
    Gender: Female

    Name: Panpour :515:
    Nickname: Isaac
    History: He was born completely blind to a human breeder, and was brought to Leon as a baby along with Extra as part of his research on pokemon communication. The theory was that the lack of eyesight would make his hearing be more in-tune, and that he would be able to learn morse code to communicate with humans. Although he does understand the concept of morse code, and can tap out a letter or number upon request, stringing the letters together to create words has proved to be more difficult than expected. It is still being worked on, but in the meantime, he was taught sign-language by Extra, who maneuvered his hands to create the signs. Despite being blind, he took to this method of communication much more readily, although his signing is understandably more sloppy than Extra's.
    Special Appearance: Isaac keeps his eyes closed at all times - his eyes when opened are white, although this is typical of his species. ((*note that panpour as a species are often mistaken for having their eyes closed at all times ... look it up on pokemon amie as it's really noticeable there and you can tell that they actually have white eyes and light-coloured eyelids. Just to clarify that this is an appearance difference. xD))
    Personality: Mellow and mature. It's sometimes difficult to remember that he's blind as he walks without much fear of his surroundings. Leon has to keep a close eye on him when he's out of his pokeball, lest he fall or walk into something. Extra will occasionally guide him by holding his hand and letting him walk behind her. He can battle despite being blind, but Leon's commands have to be very specific as he doesn't have as much knowledge of his surroundings and therefore he doesn't have as much free-will in battle. He communicates with other pokemon via pokespeak but can also communicate to humans using sign language (of course, only if the human in question knows sign language) and is learning morse code. Still very young.
    Moves: Lick, Fury Swipes, Bite, Scald
    Gender: Male

    Name: Lucario ;448;
    Nickname: Luther
    History: Leon caught Luther as a riolu a couple of years ago. Leon had heard that lucario are able to fluently understand human speech and communicate it back using their aura, so Leon wanted to raise one to test the theory himself. It took several years of training and bonding and didn't happen until after Luther had evolved, but Leon can now communicate with him telepathically using aura. Unfortunately, this was far from the first recorded case of a pokemon using telepathy to communicate, and doesn't do much to bridge the human-pokemon communication gap overall - but Leon was still very pleased that he got to experience it for himself. Luther will only use telepathy to communicate with those he has a close bond with - in fact, he's never done it with anybody besides Leon.
    Personality: Luther tries to keep a serious demeanor, but once in a while he will crack a deadpan joke. He doesn't understand why this catches others off-guard. He's the main fighter of the team, and as such views himself as a bit of an older brother / leader and cares for Extra and Isaac dearly. He was taught sign-language by Leon and can use it to communicate with Extra.
    Moves: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed, Bone Rush
    Gender: Male

    Name: Chatot ;441;
    Nickname: Trill
    History: Leon's first pokemon. She was given to him as a 10th birthday present because his parents saw how intrigued he was by pokemon speech.
    Personality: A bit on the dim-side, but peppy and very talkative. Trill can repeat several hundred lines of human speech, but doesn't seem to understand anything that she's saying. Leon has attempted to teach her to understand and repeat sign-language and morse code, but she doesn't seem able to remember any of it. Leon isn't sure if this is because of her species or an issue with her in particular.
    Moves: Chatter, Mimic, Roost, Hyper Voice
    Gender: Female

    Powers or abilities of your character: Leon is immune to all diseases and the poison status condition. He has never been sick a day in his life. He's more recently found that he can make his hands turn silver and obtain a metal-like texture, though he doesn't know how to utilize this in any way yet.
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    Over all, it's pretty good so far. I'm putting you down as PENDING until you finish it. :)

    @Tangeh all looks good! I'm very excited to see your character develop and such. :) Accepted
  15. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Name: Elizabeth Fawn
    Age: 17 (October 18th ♎)
    Gender: Female
    Legendary: Xerneas
    Region Of Origin: Kalos
    Powers: Elizabeth can heal minor wounds on herself and others, she can also give people a minor boost in their abilities. She also has visions, but she’s not sure what they mean.


    Elizabeth has a rounded cutesy face, complete with no blemishes and a rather small nose. Her eyes are an odd greyed colour with small x’s instead of pupils. Along with this she has long white hair that is usually braided at both ends complete with a small light pink bow at the top of her head. Her body type could be described as hourglass shaped, with smaller than average breasts. She has very pale white skin, and a small x shaped mark just below her belly button.

    Elizabeth likes fashion, as such she normally tries to be as fashionable as she can. As such, she normally wears a light blue cardigan that’s slightly too big for her, with a nice fitting black dress below it that is obstructed due to how big the sweater is. Along with this, she wears very plain white tights and a pair of brown fashionable ankle boots. She completes her outfit with a striped blue scarf and a large brown bag; which she carries her cell phone and food.

    Personality: Elizabeth is very kind hearted, putting others before herself, especially when they obviously need help or support more than she does. Despite suffering from an abnormality, she’s very kind and doesn’t resent the world for cursing her; however she can get uncomfortable if people gawk at her or stare at her eyes, as she has become very used to people staring at her like she’s some sort of freak. She’s somewhat quiet, however, and will usually only speak when spoken to.

    Elizabeth tends to have a lot of conversations with her Pikachu (her evolved Pichu), and although she can’t quite understand her, she knows when she has something important to say. Some people may find this odd, among some of the other quirks Elizabeth tends to have. Elizabeth also likes to hum, and will do it without knowing, sometimes annoying many other people. She can get somewhat angry if you point out her blindness to her, but otherwise she has a very soft heart.

    History: Elizabeth was born in Geosenge Town, Kalos; to a much older couple. However, from the moment she opened her eyes, they knew there was something off about her. Her eyes were odd, greyed, with small x’s where her pupils should be. Her parents we’re obviously concerned, taking her to a specialist; who determined that whatever had caused this abnormality had also left their daughter blind. Her parents were crushed, knowing that now their young daughter would never be able to lead a normal life. However, it seemed as though their own daughter was trying to prove them wrong.

    Elizabeth was graced by the presence of an Pichu who lived close to their hometown coming to greet the girl one day while she was picking flowers. The Pichu paid close attention to the girl’s face, and although Elizabeth couldn’t see it, she had become accustomed to people staring at her face when they looked at her. The Pichu wanted to help Elizabeth become more, so it decided to join her; training itself to guide Elizabeth around when she needed assistance.

    With her Pokemon at her side, Elizabeth wanted to explore, she begged her parents and finally they relented and allowed her to leave. However, it was also on the day she left that she found out that she was much more than just a young blind girl. While exploring, her Pichu fell into a small hole and got a small cut on it’s head. Once it crawled out with tears in it’s eyes, Elizabeth gave it a small kiss and the wound slowly began to heal. Both her and her Pichu were taken aback by this, however Elizabeth knew it was best to keep this to herself and continue her adventure.


    Species: Pikachu
    Nickname: Ryker
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Electro Ball, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Grass Knot
    Appearance: Ryker is a normal female Pikachu except for a cute red ascot that she wears. It is always seen due to her being outside of her Pokeball.
    Personality: Kind, just like her master. She’s very talkative with other Pokemon, however she knows of her power and often likes to boast about it. She wears the red ascot to show that she needs to be outside of a Pokeball to assist her master.
    History: Ryker was Elizabeth's first Pokemon, and was the Pokemon to help Elizabeth through a lot of her teenage years. She stays close to Elizabeth and often guides her around obstacles, however she will sometimes allow her master to put her in a harness to guide her around.

    Species: Togekiss
    Nickname: Aigis
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Air Slash, Toxic, Roost, Return
    Personality: Very quiet, doesn’t tend to do much except float around when released from her Pokeball. She seems to feel resent towards her master.
    History: Aigis was given to Elizabeth by the daycare couple in Kalos as an egg, after it hatched Elizabeth noticed that the Pokemon was very quiet and didn’t seem to do much besides what it was told so she gave it a very robotic name.

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Vinny
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Disarming Voice, Fake Out, Psychic, Sucker Punch
    Personality: Friendly, very talkative, he loves chatting with any Pokemon who will listen to him. He enjoys playing, however he knows when he needs to fight.
    History: Vinny was the first Pokemon that Elizabeth actually caught, he was a small Espurr when caught but has since evolved.

    Name: Olive Acadia-Helm
    Age: 15 (April 14th ♈)
    Gender: Female
    Legendary: Shaymin
    Region Of Origin: Sinnoh
    Powers: She can manipulate flora, to an extent. Her current powers allow her to ensnare opponents with flowers. Her flower crown can allow her to alternate forms (gain wings on her head) [not currently discovered and will not be for awhile]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Cold Weather / Normal Weather

    Olive is quite pale despite spending most of her time out in nature, her body type could be described as somewhat pear shaped as she is somewhat chubby, presented by her heart shaped face and her chubby cheeks. She has large green eyes and usually likes to complete her face with a touch of blush. She has very long light blonde hair that is usually completed with a light pink flower crown made out of flowers that she found in the field behind her home.

    For clothing, Olive likes to wear a small white dress along with striped white and pink leggings and a little pair of pink boots. Her fashion sense could be described as very cutesy, and she always likes to dress very very nice. Even when it’s cold she just replaces her leggings with a pair of black pants and green shoes to match her bright green overcoat.

    Personality: Olive could be described as somewhat of a hippie, she enjoys nature and everything that the earth has made for itself. She prefers the company of plants rather than people, and she enjoys the company of flora and flowering Pokemon. She finds it difficult to trust humans, as in her eyes all that they’ve done is ruin everything in nature. She’s very vocal about her opinions and will often start fights with people just to get her opinions across.

    Despite being young, she’s very intelligent and can often throw out many of her opinions at will. She also knows ways at which to develop all of her opinions, her sarcasm drips out of almost everything she says.

    History: Olive was born in Floaroma Town, Sinnoh; directly near one of the flowering fields. Her parents were extremely happy as Olive was their first born child, and unfortunately the only child her parents would ever have. Her parents always told her that on her birth, all of the flowers blossomed in a way they had never seen before. Olive had a relatively normal childhood, being able to set out on her Pokemon journey at ten, and sending her parents letters as she went. She managed to catch her first Pokemon all by herself, a small Deerling.

    Around the time she was thirteen, she began to notice something off about herself. She noticed that while sketching flowers in her art book, she was able to manipulate certain movements of the flowers with her hands. She found this odd, but decided that it was probably just an odd coincidence. Currently, Olive is still traveling, hoping to pursue her dream as a Pokemon artist.


    Species: Sawsbuck
    Nickname: Dheerse
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Megahorn, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Horn Leech
    Personality: Quiet and happy go-lucky, usually somewhat slow.
    History: Dheerse was Olive’s first Pokemon, and as such she enjoys riding her around and the two have a very special bond.

    Species: Lilligant
    Nickname: Rose
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Teether Dance, Quiver Dance
    Personality: Charming, a joy to be around.
    History: Rose was Olive’s mother’s old Pokemon, she was sent to protect Olive.

    Species: Sunflora
    Nickname: Sunshine
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Ingrain, Bullet Seed, Giga Drain, Grass Whistle
    Personality: Very lacking in personality, tends to do whatever he is asked.
    History: Olive found him in a field, sitting alone when he was a Sunkern, she invited him to join her team.

    Species: Tropius
    Nickname: Fern
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Stomp, Gust, Magical Leaf, Body Slam
    Personality: He enjoys flying around, he only seems at peace when in the air.
    History: Caught recently.

    Name: Toby Elias Faust
    Age: 16 (July 22nd ♋)
    Gender: Male (Female at Birth)
    Legendary: Zapdos
    Region Of Origin: Unova
    Powers: Toby can shoot lightning out of his palms, otherwise he currently has no powers.


    Toby still has a very feminine body which really bothers him, as he wishes desperately that he was truly a boy. He has a rounded face with freckles on his cheeks and over his nose, along with this he has golden eyes that are somewhat obscured by his black glasses. Toby has messy ginger coloured hair that is only parted by a pair of headphones that he uses to block out the rest of the world, however much he tries to tame his hair it never truly works.

    Toby likes to wear baggy clothes to hide his female body so that people will properly address him as male, he gets somewhat angry if you misgender hm. He loves wearing his dark red sweater that hangs below his waist and covers his mouth and hands, along with this it has black stripes down the sleeves and a dark grey zipper. Toby also wears black dress pants, complete with matching dress shoes that are the perfect size for him.

    Personality: Toby is very apathetic towards a lot of things. He dislikes most people and will usually remain very quiet in social situations, especially due to him hiding his voice in an attempt to make it deeper so that people don’t know his true gender. He loves music, and will always keep his headphones on, as such it is rather hard to get his attention and you’ll normally have to bother him a lot just to speak to him. Otherwise, Toby is very intelligent and loves solving problems and will normally try and solve any issue that you come to him with.

    Toby tries to act masculine, however he still has a soft spot for more “girly” things like flowers and fashion.

    History: Toby was born in Black City, Unova to a very wealthy family. Due to his family’s wealth he was often pushed to the side by his parent’s business choices. Due to this, Toby had no one to talk to growing up especially because he was starting to have doubts about his gender. Toby was born as a girl named Elena, and she was brought up to be an insanely proper woman, which she came to resent. She wanted desperately to be a boy, and upon telling her parents this, she was kicked out promptly.

    She was heartbroken, but roamed the streets alone; by the name of Toby. She managed to befriend a small male Skitty, whom she named Cassiel. He helped her overcome her anxiety and officially begin going as a male. However, he is still technically a female, as such he often has to disguise his voice in order to sound much more masculine.


    Species: Delcatty
    Nickname: Cassiel
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Fake Out, Sing, Retaliate, Doubleslap
    Personality: Very considerate, always looking out for Toby, especially because he was abandoned. Cassiel feels a lot of sympathy for him, and will act very fatherly towards him.
    History: Toby’s first Pokemon, the two get along very well as they both share similar traits.

    Species: Porygon-2
    Nickname: Krondor
    Gender: Genderless
    Moves: Psybeam, Tri-attack, Recovery, Magic Coat
    Personality: Very energetic, always hoping around Toby when it gets out of it’s pokeball.
    History: Toby absolutely adores Porygon, so when he was able to win won he was so happy. He treasures it.
  16. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Can I Reserve Palkia ?


    Name: Vash
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Palkia

    Vash has a sly angular face. His skin is light and freckled. When he smiles it usually makes you grab your coin purse for fear that he would steal it. He likes to wear simple clothing and lots of green. He usually wears a green tee shirt and a thing green jacket right over the shirt. He wears shorts or pants depending on the season. They are usually darker shades of green. He wears comfortable green hiking boots, and usually has a nice long walking stick nearby. On his left arm is a watch. It is green, and waterproof. And of course, in the middle of the watch is his keystone for mega-evolution. He doesn't get to use it much though. His red hair is usually kept well jelled and long. It usually looks like his head is on fire. On his back he wears the sheath from his Doublade.

    Vash is one of those guys you always want around but never know quite what to do with. He is a comedian employing sarcasm and bad jokes to great affect. He is charismatic but hates to do work. He is there for the spoils but gone when the traps go off. He generally has one or two close friends, and has a large group of acquaintances. He often pursues small projects, and keeps many goals. Most of these he gives up on when the work gets too hard. When he drops the act and gets serious about his task he works towards it with a surprising determination and drive. It is as if all of the laziness is storing up strength to accomplish some great task. Overall most people just see a lazy comedian, but the people that get close to him see the drive and secret determination that he hides.

    Battles come easy to him. Everything else he tries is too difficult for him to truly consider doing. He is arrogant and brags from time to time. He likes to make a good showing of himself. As far as romance goes, he bounces around flirting with most girls he meets but never actually amounting to anything.

    He was born in the Sinnoh. In an outlying island on the coast. He left home and never returned. He travels the world now training battling and generally preferring the easy life of a traveling trainer to the hard reality of settling down. He bounces around trying new things and raking in experiences. He has a couple of badges but not enough from one region to challenge the elite four. His biggest achievement was the keystone he discovered. He found one in the Kalos region and went to the Tower of Mastery. He was interested in the new power. He made a firm goal and achieved it. He can now mega evolve pokemon. His only problem now is what he need to do. He is currently in the Sinnoh exploring the Spear pillar.

    Region Of Origin: Sinnoh (An island)

    Pokemon: (Up to 6)

    Species: Doublade
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Ensis
    History: Vash found Ensis in the tall grass as a Honedge. He always uses him as his last pokemon and it fights like a storm.
    Special Appearance: The two blades are not connected, They also do not connect to the sheath.. The blade also changes color depending on Ensis's mood. Vash wears the Sheath on his back and Ensis does not enter his Pokeball.
    Ensis enjoys to fight. He is a sword after all. Aside from that he likes to stay inside the sheath. He dislikes attention and tends to take initiative in battle rather than just follow orders. He and Vash make a good team with both knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other.
    - Iron Head
    - Sacred Sword
    - Swords Dance
    - Shadow Sneak

    Species: Floatzel
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Jet
    History: Vash met Jet when he was in Sinnoh. Jet is a recent aqizition and still does not full trust Vash. He is a strong fast pokemon, but unable to take a hit.
    Special Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Jet is Vain. He is always grooming himself and making sure he looks nice. He hates fightng on fields that do not have water on them.
    -Aqua jet
    -Ice Fang
    -Power-Up Punch

    Species: Vanilluxe
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Liv
    History: Vash met Liv as a Vanillite. He was eating an Ice-Cream cone, and accidentally tried to take a bite out of Liv. The two bonded quickly and are now best friends.
    Special Appearance: Liv Does not have a straw in her head.
    Personality: Liv enjoys sweet things and acts like a much younger pokemon most of the time. She actually enjoys being in warm places, unlike most ice types. Her favorite flavor of Ice-Cream is Oran berry.
    -Ice Shard
    -Weather Ball

    Species: Dugtrio
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Kevin
    History: Vash received Kevin in a trade from a trainer in Diglett cave.
    Special Appearance: All of the eyes are different colors. One pair is green, another pair is blue, the third is red.
    Personality: Kevin is strict. He follows orders exactly and hates improvising. He also likes participate in competitions outside of battling. He hates losing.
    -Sucker Punch
    -Sunny Day
    -Stealth Rock

    Species: Rapidash
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Cynthis
    History: Vash found her in the tall grass. He caught her and they formed deep bonds.
    Special Appearance: Cynthis can lower flames on her back until a person can ride comfortably on her back.
    Personality: Cynthis loves to run. She fights very will when it is sunny and clear.
    -Flame Charge
    -Drill Run
    -Wild Charge

    Species: Abomasnow
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Alex
    History: Vash found Alex as a Snover. He was exploring the Nother part of Sinnoh. Vash had slipped on some ice and had fallen. Alex went and helped Vash get up. They spent a long time together, and have been through much. Alex was one of Vash's first pokemon.
    Special Appearance: The snow on his body is clear, and shimmers like a gemstone.
    Personality: Alex is loyal and always ready to help someone in need. He has a great amount of patience, but if you anger him he shows almost no mercy.
    -Ice Shard
    -Wood Hammer
    -Leech Seed
    -Rock Slide

    Power: Vash can create a small time bubble around him and a few others. This bubble compresses time so that inside the bubble time is moving faster than outside. That means that If I put up a bubble then I will get a few seconds of watching what is going on outside of the bubble. All the people outside of the bubble will see is a blur of movement. The bubbles cannot move once erected, they take a couple of seconds to erect and only last for a minute or two at most.
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  17. Name: Diamendas {Diamond for short} Crest Ray
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Dialga
    History: Diamond was born August 24th and was abandoned at age five for having a special ability. Diamond’s mom and his stepdad were disturbed by this beacause they had strong beliefs in there religion. He went hungry for weeks until he became a beggar and made friends with a Buziel. Diamond did not get very far until he accepted a job application at a fast food restaurant called "Happy Burger” where he served out samples of Milktank with Buziel [who had never fought before] dressed in a burger suit. After four years of being pushed around and scammed into having little to no money, he was nearing the end of his job. One day while he was giving out samples near closing time he was kicked from the side then he exclaimed, "Stop!" the kid who looked 12 to 13 sarcastically whined "What are you gonna do about it?" Diamond and the other kid paused and looked at eachother. Diamond felt a rush run through his veins frightened, Diamond tried to block him, he felt no presence in his path he saw a flash of blueish-white light exit his hand he saw the kid with a hole in his head sizzling he instantly knew that he was dead, so he ran away with Buziel, then he bumped into a Gallade. And that’s where his story begins.

    Personality: Diamond used to be shy, weak, and naive until he realized that he had special abilities. He is starting to become more wise, strong, and smart. However, he is also is beginning to have trouble trusting people after being used a lot in the past. He usually only has a strong bond with only one or two people but he likes his Pokémon a little more because Buziel and Gallade became his god parents. He is more of an introvert, but has some qualities that make him an extrovert. He has a better relationship with Pokémon then with people. He started playing the violin and has developed a passion for it when he found one in the Sinnoh region. He is also is Bisexual which he found out when he was 7. When he falls asleep in his cave, his dreams predicts his future.

    Appearance: Diamond is about 4"8 and has light brown hair and was born with a neon blue streak in his hair, but when his abilities are used his hair turns pitch black but still has a neon blue streak. He also wears mostly blue and orange he loves flannel shirts and tank tops. He wears slightly tight gray pants. He gets this clothing from an old lady named Matilda, who makes them for him for free. He wears gray boots outlined with gray and black fur on the top. He has a special necklace with a Sapphire in it. It has a simple brown string that Gallade and Buziel found for him while playing. He is half black and half Native american and has a scar on his right hand. When he uses his abilitie he transfourms his clothing to a black cloak with spikey boots with a glowing,sparkly blue streak.
    Region of Origin: Canalave City, ran away to Lentimas Town

    Powers or abilities of your character: He can predict the future through touch and when feeling threatened, he shoots a small beam through his hands or hand. He can make bigger ones when his brain knows it has too. When he strikes a little beam his eyes are completely blue, but when he uses a bigger beam his eyes are completely blood red. He also has telekinesis .

    Name: Buziel
    Gender: Male
    History: While Diamond was trying to catch some fish with his bare hands, Buziel taught him how to catch one. That is how they grew a bond.
    Moves: Waterfall, Ice Punch, Return, Bulk Up
    Name: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    History: Gallade was run into while Diamond was escaping the murder that he had committed accidently. He was escaping his own end from a Pokemon Poacher who had captured him since he was an egg.
    Moves: Night Slash, Zen Headbutt, Leaf Blade, Pain Split

    Name: Doduo
    Nicknames: Peanut and Jelly
    Gender: Males
    History: Doduo was in a freak show in the town where Diamond worked when he was rescued by Diamond.
    Moves: Tri Attack, Rage, Fury Attack, Peck

    Name: Egg
    Gender: Unknown
    History: Unknown, was found by Diamond outside Happy Burger in a dumpster.
    Moves: Unkown

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