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Mortal enemy pokemon.


New Member
What is that one pokemon that you absolutely hated since the beginning? For me it's always been Zubats.

F------ Zubat! D<


Well-Known Member
i've always hated rattata and that was doubled by my sister using my master ball on a level 2 one in my fire red


New Member
Oh man Rattatas. I half expect to be surfing one day in pokemon and BAM! Wild Rattata in snorkel gear appears!


<< Bonkers
any pokemon with especially big encounter rates, and are global, like bidoof, starly, zubat, geodude, ratatta, magikarp, pidgey, all that stuff

GET THE PEST CONTROL!!! *takes out bazooka*


magikarp. Annoying and high in encounter rate. I know it evolves to a strong Gyrados but does it have to appear almost everytime I'm fishing?

No. 1 Machop Fan

Well-Known Member
Zuruggu and Zuruzukin. They are based on my worst fear, street teenagers.


What 'bout My Star?
Xatu, why does it need those eyes that pierce a man's soul and drive him to madness?


Well-Known Member
Zubat! Oh my goodness that thing is annoying. Geodude too... I used to not have a problem with it, but then they just kept popping up! They were EVERYWHERE!

7 tyranitars

Well-Known Member
mine are ratatas :p here they are called "rot-op-ata" translated freely to english it would be like gtfo-ata


Wolf Lover
shiftry, what the crap was nintendo thinking when they came up with that creepy and ugly design.


Well-Known Member
I totally forgot about Wingull and Tentacool. Everytime I use surf, there they are!

Cloud Darko

Master Hunter
Geodue... :/ Always hated running into the basterd since I always started witha fire type


Well-Known Member
Bidoof and bibarel. They are all over the place! Horrible for pokradaring shineys.
Also, Shuckle. I hate how something that ugly and weaklooking has to have good defences.


What 'bout My Star?

I hate it so much. I just have to look at a carton of milk and get mad.
I'm assuming you've seen the Whitney Gym Battle flow chart.


Shade of Blue
Bidoof. They break chains, are ugly and are everywhere.

Mankanshoku Mako

Well-Known Member
Bronzor and Bronzong. Play through pearl or diamond without something that knows a fire type move and you too shall despise these pokemon.