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Mortal enemy pokemon.


Hate seedots, but mainly wild pokemon that know protect, all they do is live for a bit longer...


Hate seedots, but mainly wild pokemon that know protect, all they do is live for a bit longer...


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that god damn miltank, and that purugly you battle in the valley windworks


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Ludicolo are so irritating! It's even worse in 4th gen than 3rd, as in Colosseum I had the pleasure of fighting them with Espeon, not Swampert like in Ruby or even Diamond. (Eat that STAB Psychic and stop dancing!)


FireMohawk of DOOM
Protect and Detect are evil moves, whether they're used by a wild Pokémon or a trained one. All they do is put off defeat for one turn. They are the ultimate procrastination moves of evilness.

Golbats and Zubats are a pain with their Confuse Ray. I have a love-hate relationship with Latios thanks to one particularly unlucky encounter which involved 41 broken Ultra Balls and, ultimately, Latios fainting before I could catch it. However, I did catch that pesky Latios eventually (after another 40 or so more broken Ultra Balls).


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Porygon Z. Concept-wiae it just isn't very interesting. We already had an upgrade form of porygon. It's only purpose appears to be a stupidly powerful pokemon.
Well, truth be told, I think concept-wise its ingenious, as I don't think ANYONE assumed it evolving into a hummingbird.

But I agree, out of all the evos in 4th gen, its probably the most useless and least changing pokemon.


Experienced Trainer
Definitely spiritbomb. I detest it because it's the only true "evil" pokemon.


TCG Trainer
Luvdisc. I'm here, looking for a Corsola, and these buggers just won't quit it. Either that, or I'll be trying to theft a Heart Scale from them only to find out they don't have one. Not Awesome at all.

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Anything with Double Team, Inconsistent or Acupressure too.