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Mortal enemy pokemon.

Marbi Z

There are many Pokemon I consider to be my mortal enemies... Garchomp, Metagross, Bronzong, Tyranitar, Ursaring, Ninjask, Salemance, Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai, Kyogre, Duskinoir, Magmorter, and many more!


not the color


Surfing through Hoenn was the biggest pain in the world. Every three tiles you'd find a Tentacool.

An endless sea of Tentacool. With Tentacruel and the occasional non-Tentacool thrown in sometimes.


Shiny Collector
Bidoof is my mortal enemy (and Bibarel even though I use it for some HMs).
They are everywhere in Sinnoh and are pretty lame.
I agree

Gabite family, for no particulair reason they are just ugly
I know some people hate em cuz they're hard to find.
but I didn't really know, until one day I said to myself;
"Hey, ****! let's catch one o them land sharks"

Rayquaza Master777

#1 May Fanboy
To be frank... I'd have to say the Gobitto line. They just look weird. Especially Goruggo. I mean, what is that thing?! A Transformer wearing a tunic?!

Also, I really hate the Miruhoggu line. THEY'RE supposed to be the regional mammals of Unova?! They just look dumb!

I'm also not that fond of the Chobomaki line... They're just... ugly... and dumb concepts.

I'd also have to say the Ishizumai line. They don't cut it for hermit crab Pokemon for me. I mean, they're obviously hermit crabs, but I'd much rather have one that is Water/Rock. Why is it Bug?! Hermit crabs aren't terrestrial arthropods (which is my criteria for the term "bug" if it's used other than for the actually family of insects known as Bugs). I know anomalocaris weren't terrestrial arthropods either (or even arthropods for that matter), but I don't really mind Anorith being Bug type...


Well-Known Member
They're fast too, so its almost impossible to avoid confusion and the following hax.
Woohoo for the replacement Golbat, Kokoromori, which doesn't learn confuse ray!


well...I don't have a mortal enemy pokemon that I always hated, but here are some newer hated pokemon:
Pikachu, f***ing impossible to avoid seeing it....everywhere....forever....
Gastrodon, Training....150 total levels....no...NOOOO!!!!
Chari-friggin-zard, whenever I hear people joke-talking about Pokemon, it's always charizard, Charizard, CHARIZARD! sure, there's a bit of Pikachu, but if you want to sound like not a total moron, don't say Charizard


Fighting Type Prof.
All the standard pest pokemon, ie: Rattata, Zubat, Magicarp, Tenticool, ect.

I agree with Skullkid, can't stand Miltank. It's ugly. I especially hate Whitney's Miltank. Screw you, my Cyndaquil isn't attracted to your obese cow.

I also dislike Xatu and Natu, Flying/Psychic. Throws a damned plank in my plans everytime. I also dislike Will's Jynx. It's abnormally strong, and tends to land critical hits on me...every damned time.

Roselia. They always break my chains.


EDIT: I also dislike Ludicolo...mostly for aesthetic reasons. At least I got to beat Miror B.'s down in Colosseum (What is the deal with that guy's hair?).
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