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Moss/Icy Rock Haunted?


I smash your Boxes.
In Sinnoh, there are two places that are haunted, these two being locations being Eterna Forest and Route 217. And the Moss Rock is in Eterna Forest, while the Icy Rock is on Route 217.
Hmmm, Gamefreak made two Eeveelutions, and the way to evolve them is to be close to some rock, which are in the haunted areas. Nothing odd about that right?
Probably not.
I find it very odd that they put them in the same areas. Gamefreak could have easily placed the rocks in some other random location, but no, Gamefreak had to place the rocks in the exact same areas where there are ghosts. You're prbably sitting there thinking "so what?". But what if I tell you that Glaceon and Leafeon may actually be ghosts of some sort?
So, What do you think about this? Has Gamefreak made two ghosts as Eeveelutions? Or is Gamefreak just messing with our heads/my head?


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But if the rocks were deliberately meant to be in haunted places, wouldn't they get the same treatment in Unova?


probably just a coincidence, plus glaceon and leafeon have nothing to do with ghosts as far as i know.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
It's probably a coincidence, unless the two Eeveelutions are based off nature spirits or something (since a few of Eeveelutions are based off creatures of Japanese mythology, and foxes are well-known in the Japanese culture). Unless these "haunts" explain how it is an Eevee can evolve around them? Perhaps the rocks were touched by a ghost and developed mysterious evolution powers.

I'm sure there's some relevance to this, possibly in the Japanese culture. Otherwise... *shrugs*


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I never knew that Route 217 was haunted o.o
I just knew it from reading this thread :p

There is that possibility of such, but I think it's simply a coincidence since Eterna Forest is the only forest in Sinnoh (IIRC) making it the only suitable place to place a rock there. Same goes with Route 217 (well, there's the adjacent routes and Acuity Lakefront too I guess, but they're really nearby together sooo)


A Greater Evil
Route 217 had that house with the Old lady disappearing, and Enterna Forest with Old Chateu, probably coincidences.


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Most likely coincidences. They were had to put in those locations because they blend with the environment.


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Interesting thought, but I think it's a coincidence. For leafeon, the forest is the only place that makes sense for it. Glaceon I agree, it could be on a random route but I think the reason that it was on route 217 was because it was the biggest snow route, with tall grass and many trainers. But honestly, they could've put it anywhere where it was snowing.

Hmmm... But what if it's a hint at a generation 6 ghost type eeveelution? O__o


Leafeon Lover
Although I believe that this is probably just down to coincidence I have always found it really odd how every Eeveelution can learn shadow ball despite none of them being Ghost type and all of them having generally restrictive move pools.


Prolly coincidence, Eterna Forest is the only forest in Sinnoh, and route 217 is just a snow place with not much else.


Crobat Master
That is an interseting thought, but I think they just put them in a forest and snowy place.