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Most annoying champion (red not included)

Most annoying champion

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To me, i think Lance (or actually all of the Indigo League E4) were soooo easy for me, i could take them out with just my starter and my Mewtwo which killed, I thought that Cynthia was challenging followed by Iris so yeah, Cynthia for me


Wallace was very annoying, carrying so many bulky waters. Cynthia was hard, just because of the diversity of her team.

Diantha, diantha. They tried to make a Cynthia opposite (all white dress and short black hair), but giving her two Fairies, two Dragons, and two Rocks..... If you had an Ice type move, you won.


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Wallace was annoying because he WAS NOT A F***ING CHALLENGE AT ALL! My Swampert demolished all his Pokémon! And I hate him with a passion because he is just a pretty boy that replaced Steven! YOU CANNOT REPLACE STEVEN! STEVEN WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST CHAMPION! Biased opinions aside, I really do like to be challenged. I liked Gary/Blue/Green because he was the anti-Red. He always had something that was strong against your lead! Cynthia was awesome because of her diversity, and Steven was Steven! (Again, sorry about the biased opinions.) Lance was tough for me because his Aerodactyl knew Thunder Fang and one of his Dragonites knew thunder, and my main three Pokémon (Feraligatr, Noctowl, and Lugia) were all weak to electric-type moves. I ended up beating him, though.

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Lance is a cheating bastard when you're nine years old with his level 47 and 50 Dragonites. Oh wait, he still is. Never had I had a more difficult and frustrating time with a champion than with him--both versions (Silver and SoulSilver).


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First runs aside, Steven somehow manages to annoy me every time. I always go into the Elite 4 without grinding, because who needs that stuff? Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh? I'm perfectly fine this way, but Steven's Metagross always manages to screw me over somehow, leading me to PP stall it more often than not. Bringing a Fire or Fighting type doesn't exactly guarantee a victory either, since only half of his team is actually Steel type. He doesn't have the greatest team, but that Metagross alone is awful to fight unless I can manage a crit KO before it wrecks whatever I'm using with Psychic, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, or a potentially Attack boosting Meteor Mash, which is all sorts of bad. So I guess Metagross is the most annoying Champion, not Steven.

I'd say Wallace was annoying, but only because his team seemed to be composed of things meant to annoy you like that Double Team Ludicolo. Even a Grass or Electric type alone doesn't stomp him, though, so his team is as diverse as a mono-water team can get. That said, a mono-water team is reasonably easy to get around. Blue was never any bit annoying, because seriously, it's the same team you've curbstomped about 6-7 before. There's not much you don't already know, since your team is probably fit to beat him at this point, levels ignored. Lance, despite the stupid level curve in Johto, was never that awful to fight, either. If you have an ice type, you've pretty much won, though I know having an ice type isn't exactly common because of Johto's iffy Pokemon distribution. I've never had a terrible time with him, though. I've actually had tougher times with Karen, to be honest.

Cynthia has a great team, probably the best, but she comes a slight bit short in terms of being annoying outside of a Nuzlocke with that Togekiss of hers. Garchomp hurts, no doubt about that, but that moveset comes a bit short in terms of just how threatening it can get. Having beaten that thing with an underleveled Bibarel, Garchomp doesn't bother me. She's got a great team, but it's not annoying to beat. Alder almost doesn't count because he's a post-game fight, but letting Volcarona set up is the worst thing you could ever do. That's the only massive threat he has, though. Iris and Diantha have that nice level curve that I like, but their teams do share a relatively common weakness, so they fall into the same boat as Lance, apart from leveling.


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Lance, so boring, his team is 99% composed by Dragonites.


Lance's Champion team:
Gyarados (16.66%)
Dragonite (16.66%)
Charizard (16.66%)
Aerodactyl (16.66%)
Dragonite (16.66%)
Dragonite (16.66%)

16.66 + 16.66 + 16.66 = 50%


Uh, no.

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I've never completed R/S/E, so I don't know how annoying Wallace or Steven are. I remember Cynthia being a pain, as her team was quite well balanced out and my team was weird. Lance could be swept with a Politoed and an Electric type for Gyarados. Iris was easy, and Diantha was pretty low levelled considering how easy it was for you to have a full team of level 70+ in X/Y.


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Definitely Lance. always took me at least 2 attempts to beat him. He and those Dragonite Grrr!


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I personally never had so much problems with the Champions because my teams always tended to be very good balanced and had something for every type that was thrown at me. But if I have to mention someone it has to be Steven in R/S. I think the combo of Armaldo and Metagross screw me over a bit but I managed to find a way around it. Strangely I have never had problem with Lance like many others, everyone seems to have had some problems with him but I never remembered having any problems with him at all. Neither in R/B/G/Y or G/S/C.


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In terms of teams: Cynthia.

Just plain annoying:

How the hell did this guy even become a champion? His team is insanely weak and he lost to N who, if you remember, only
catches pokemon sometime before battle, probably does not train them, and releases them after the battle. This guy is a tool.

Whoever came up with the idea of making a child the champion is probably doing drugs.