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Most annoying gym leader

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Brawly hands down. 0HKO all his pokemon except Makuhita. Makuhita took 3 hits to kill with my Tailow. What made the fight hard was Bulk up. With the lack of special moves in my arsenal it made it a waiting game.


Tate & Liza were no big deal, just trashed them with my Armaldo and Walrein. Although it was nearly impossible to beat Brawly and Wattson with a Spheal and Treecko.

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I think Flannery and Norman were hardest for me. Flannery had a mean Overheat, and Norman's Slaking were pure power. I also remember Wattson from Emerald was particularly hard. I think it was his Shock Wave using Magneton that got me.

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Tate and Liza
Blaziken used double kick.~40%damage to lunatone.
Solrock used psychic. (Blaziken is left with 16 hp)
Lunatone used psychic.
Blaziken fainted.


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Norman,Tate and Liza,and Juan. As a kid, I always lost to Norman because of slaking. Tate and Liza are hard for me still since July 2005 because I never train I'm either levels 39-41(I know that sounds good but I always lose) Juan is hard because kingdra always uses rest when I'm gonna end i get so so so so mad like I feel like to destroy my gba sp.


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Flannery, that Torkoal is nearly impossible to take down if you don't have a ~Lv 30 Water or Ground type pokemon. At least I didn't have any problems while using Marshtomp.


Norman in Ruby & Sapphire specifically. It's tough to match his Slakings' levels at that point of the game, so it turns into a real super-potion fest.


I don't like the second leader, umm... Brawly or something like that. I don't want to take zubat every time to my team


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I usually find Brawly a bit of a *****, he can be a nuisance. Winona and Tate & Liza can be annoying too if you are not prepared!


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It had to be Tate and Liz for me. I normally don't have any trouble with Gym Leaders but in my second run of Emerald I refused to level grind and just kept trying until I beat them. It only took me an hour :3


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I was pretty young when I first got emerald, or at least I didn't have a good enough grasp on it yet.

I remember Watson and Winona were the ones I had the most trouble with. Taking on Watson I was unprepared and it's safe to say his team wiped me out pretty quickly. Winona was slighlty more difficult but when I figured out which type of move was most effective on her it was pretty easy to tak her down.
I believe every single gym leader in this game is impossible to beat without SE attacks

My lv 16 grovlye's absorb only knocked down a bit of Roxanne's Nosepass HPs and then it has that OP Rock Tomb.The fact a SE move like that didnt even budge it says that neutral attacks are basically useless.

Brawly's Makuhita took at least 4 pecks from my taillow and was finally in the red zone but thats it.I tried experimenting with tackle from my Aron which only took down a little bit of its HPs.

Wattson's Magneton's steel typing is a pain and its high basse SP aTTACK combined with Shockwave spam=death.His Manectric is even worse since the Shockwave oneshotted my lv 24 Grovyle.I never used a ground type against him since it would be too easy.

Flannery is just horrific since all of her pokemon know Overheat which is a hyper beam level attack which oneshots even things that resist fire like my freaking Pelipper.I can conclude if you dont kill her pokemon right away they will spam Overheat over and over.Warning her Torkoal has a white herb to ignore the Special attack nerf Overheats does.

Norman's Slaking was annoying and I wanted to beat him without SE hits but I had no choice but to switch to my Hariyama and spam Revenge to kill it.

Oh Winona..........

I seriously hate that Altaria with a passion.You literally need Ice Beam to kill it in one hit because of its good defenses.Also if you let that thing dragon dance at least two times then you are screwed when it starts spamming EQ.Her Skarmory is impossible to kill without resorting to Fire and Electricity due to its crazy defenses.

Tate and Liza are without a doubt the absolute hardest gym leaders in this hard game.Oh god I spammed Surf so many times and couldnt kill that Claydol.If you dont kill that Claydol you are screwed because its a bait to make you not hit Xatu so it can Calm Mind to prep for a psychic sweep.Even then that Lunaton loves to put your mon to sleep and start spamming Calm Mind.Note I didnt use a dark type since immunities make things too easy but its was sheer luck I beat them to tell you the truth.

Juan is a joke by the time you face him and his Kingdra is the only pain since it spams Double Team and knows Water Pulse and Ice Beam.


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This is based on a Emerald emulator semi-nuzlocke (only semi because each Pokemon gets 3 lives) because it's been years since I beat Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald (and I haven't reset them)

Lombre can crush Roxanne's team with Bullet Seed.
Brawly was my toughest because Makuhita got 5 Arm Thrust hits on my Combusken and used Bulk up a lot so Taillow had problems.
Wattson has an irritating Magneton unless you've got Combusken/Blaziken or a Makuhita/Breloom.
Flannery's Torkoal was vicious especially with that White Herb but after it KO'd a Swellow and Lombre Aron was able to crush it.
Norman was actually pretty easy I thought. I really smashed his team with Blaziken.
Winona has some definite type advantages in Dragon and Steel, but provided you have a solid Electric type her team's not too tough.
Tate & Liza I actually felt were laughably easy. Claydol was a bit tougher but the rest of their team went down fast and the battle became 2 on 1. R.I.P. Swellow :(
Juan...I don't actually know yet :) I'm en route to Sootopolis atm. He should be easy from what I remember of him.
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Roxanne: easy.
Brawly: easy with a levelled-up Taillow, or if you were lucky enough to catch an Abra and train it a bit.
Wattson: easy.
Flannery: hopefully you picked Mudkip at the start.
Norman: hopefully you picked Torchic at the start.
Winona: easy with a Pokemon that knows ice beam.
Tate & Liza: the bane of my childhood. There are no decent dark-types in 3rd gen save maybe Absol, but unless you did some ridiculous grinding before facing these two little b!tches you'd be in deep sh!t. They KO'd my team again and again until finally I taught my Swampert and Ludicolo surf and just pounded the living hell out of them simultaneously.
Wallace: Not too bad, I would always get an Electrike early in the game so it'd be a pretty strong Manectric by this point and could pretty easily sweep his team. Only problem was that damn Whiscash, but not too bad if you picked Treecko at the beginning.


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Flannery and her Torkoal ...I kept loosing thanks to Attract.
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