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Most annoying status effect?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Quilava42, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    What is the most annoying status effect to you? For me, it's Confusion! I mean, sometimes your Pokemon would hit themselves three times in a row very hard while the opponent tries to kill us.
  2. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Me too. I find myself shouting at my 3DS like an idiot while everyone stares at me when that happens
  3. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Paralysis or Burn because of how common they are
  4. Greekboy

    Greekboy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd have to say confusion too. Sleep in Gen 1 was annoying too, because you couldn't attack when it says you woke up, only to have the pokemon make you fall asleep again on the next turn (especially if it's faster than your pokemon, that's what's annoying) :/
  5. sleep, defiantly. you can't attack when you sleep.
  6. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    Confusion. It's the reason I lost to Iris once. -w-
  7. Shayminslicker

    Shayminslicker Comes out of Nowhere

    Attraction. Its stays on untill the pokemon faints and it gets a 50% chance of hitting
  8. Thomas Elliot

    Thomas Elliot I AM HUSH

    I've had my problems with Confusion or Paralysis throughout the gens. But I truly had when I get Frozen, it seems so rare to happen, but when it does, it just completely screws me over.
  9. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    Yeah, attraction is pretty annoying too.
  10. Pilpulp

    Pilpulp 美的

    Sleep imo is worse than confusion, but man something about it! So I have to go confusion.

    Wait lol forgot about attraction, that's even WORSE than confusion!
  11. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    I remember that in that state, I have a 25% chance of attacking. It sucks a lot.
  12. Greekboy

    Greekboy Well-Known Member

    Well, attraction is pretty much paralysis, except with paralysis your speed falls as well.
  13. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Attraction always seems to screw me over the most, plus you can't get rid of it until you switch or faint the opponent.

    Though in Gen I the obvious answer is Frozen.
  14. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Don't forget the ultimate in annoyance

    Confraction Paraflinch
  15. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    That's got to be the most annoying.
  16. Arvis


    lately, sleep and confusion have gotten on my nerves.
    it feels like the majority of trainers in SS have a pokemon with hypnosis, or the move supersonic -_-
  17. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    My list in order of worst to least worst:

    1. Attraction
    2. Freezing
    3. Sleeping
    4. Paralysis/Curse (GHOST)
    5. Confusion
    6. Bad Poison
    7. Poison
    8. Flinch
  18. VaironGod

    VaironGod Dunsparce>Arceus

    I hate Paralysis sooooooooooo much. It just always happens to me and if anything has static it is gonna hit me. I just hate it.
  19. Zecaomes

    Zecaomes Hey Scotty,Jesus Man

    Sleep or Confusion. C'mon, attacking yourself? It's so freaking annoying. Being asleep too. You just can't attack for a certain number of turns, it's really OP
  20. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    Confusion. My Typhlosion in HG fainted from confusion alone. He got Swagger'd, then he hurt himself every turn until he fainted.

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