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Most Beautiful Pokemon?


Milotic, Gardevoir and Lopunny. >.<


Reviving an old thread :p I think Serperior and Gothitelle are beautiful.


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The Eevee family, Ninetales (DUH!), Vulpix, Suicune, Arcanine, Froslass, Gardevoir, Milotic, Dragonair, Masquerain, Absol, Purrloin, Liepard, Glameow, Altaria, Rapidash, Meganium, Lilligant, Persian, Kingdra, Gorebyss and Keldeo (Pretty Pony!)

But I imagined all these Pokemon looking all girly and covered in sparkles so that probably helped me think of more. But if I had to pick the most beautiful it would be Ninetales & Suicune ^.^

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Gardevoir, Milotic, Lilligant, Meganium, Lapras, Froslass.
Milotic? Since it says so in her dex thingy.
I'd have to say Gothitelle since she's beautiful and bad-arse, IMO ~nya
Also Cresselia, her to.


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Milotic, duh.


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I myself am quite the fan of Garbodor. And Muk.


Actually. I like Milotic. Milotic gets my vote. Cinccino would be beautiful, but it's more cute than beautiful when compared.

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Lopunny.... Gardevoir.....Lopunny....Gardevoir.....Lopunny... Ohhhh!! I can't decide! Can I just go with both!? :-S


Or not :/
Absol, Gardevoir, Latias (yes really), Flareon, Lucario, Ninetails, Whimsicott (well, it's more cute than beautiful), Dragonite, prabably more but I can't think of anything.


I also think that Milotic is very beautiful, but looks better without being shiny. Also, I think that Froslass looks more beautiful when shiny.


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It's a tie between Milotic and Meganium for me. My head blows up whenever I try to pick first place.


What did you say...?
Wow Absol was mentioned a lot :p

1: Absol (Derp)
2: Ninetales
3: All Eeveelutions
4: Zorua
5: Milotic
6: Gardevoir
7: Lopunny ^_^

All are beautiful IMO