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Most Broken Yugioh Decks

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Shiny Collector
Yata lock. Play Yata lock.


King of Losers
Just looked up yata lock, and man that is so evil.

Mr Dragon

Crazy Dude
I played during the March 2013 format and I remember both Dragon Rulers and Prophecy to be hugely broken decks. That format was so bad it actually got me to stop playing competitively because I decided that I didn't feel like wasting the enormous amounts of money that I would have to to use a playable deck.

Well, other than the money involved, it actually was a great format. There was a lot of skill in both of the mirror matches especially.

magma grunt edu

casual hardcore fan
i have always liked yugioh but since it's basically the most expensive TCG, i turned to the PSP and DS games. I had WC2006 for the GBA, tagforce 1,2 and 3 and played a lot of WC2011 on the DS. Those were all amazing but after tagforce 3 i went out for a long time. With WC2011 i came back with all the synchros and now, since duel carnival came to the 3ds, i was very happy again, even if the game doesn't have online. People said the game was not worth the price but i disagree, it's a lot of fun trying to come out with new decks. It's just a shame that besides the lack of online, there's a lot of cards missing like cold wave, giant tundrade, raigeki, you know, the cards that were banned for a long time, although cyber stein is still there.

Anyway, i had a lot of fun trying the possible OTKs considering the cards available in the game and if anyone else has the game what decks have you tried out? Some of the most fun i had was quillbolt XYZ, phantom of norleas, fire kings and gimmicky puppet machina.

magma grunt edu

casual hardcore fan
I haven't played competitive in a month or so but my friends tell me that Shadolls are the the **** right now.

I played on DN with shadolls and yep, they are pretty broken.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I hated Dragon Rulers back when they were at their peak as a deck, but now I loathe Shaddolls even more after losing to so many Shaddoll decks recently. They're a broken archetype imho.


Why not both?
YUGIOH! My, I never knew serebii had a yugioh community. Shadolls are great, seriously great. But not broken: I've beaten shadoll decks before.
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