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Most Dissapointing Pokemon You Have Used From The 5th Generation

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Lost all my shinies.
The monkeys were the worst. My Pansear lasted until the third gym. Pokemon families like Pidove, Woobat, and Patrat were also horrible. As for Liepard, I actually used one up until my team broke through the level 30 barrier, when it started to fall behind and became useless. I'm actually not sure why people hate Zebstrika, I found it awesome. Mine even had bad IVs, bad nature, and the wrong ability. At first I was gonna dump it, but then I got to the electric gym. At the end of the leader's battle, it came down to my newly evolved, half-health, paralized Zebstrika vs. her Zebstrika, and somehow I won. My Zebstrika really proved itself, and ended up being a reliable Pokemon that took all the way to the end of the game. It's still apart of my main team long after I beat it, and I refuse to dump him for a better zebra. Few Pokemon are truly "weak." If you train them right and play to their strengths, any Pokemon can be good. (Well, not any Pokemon. Those monkeys are about as useful as an unown.) I personally have always liked to use the underdogs. Go Zebstrika!


Dragon Pkmn Master
Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour + evolutions. to me they were just a pain to level up and all the work put in to leveling them never really seemed worth it since there were always others that could do just as well in battle, if not better. Admittedly, Pansear as an early fire-type is nice with Oshawott, but once you hit the third gym Darumaka is better in my opinion.


Well-Known Member
Serperior was the biggest disappointment for me. I love the design but the stats and move pool it got are not great.

Same for Zebstrika. I had one my first play through for a while however I stopped once I got Galvantula.


Lover of underrated characters
Pansear was, when I started with Oshawott it took me awhile for Pansear to finally beat Burgh's team


Well-Known Member
Serperior was the biggest disappointment for me. I love the design but the stats and move pool it got are not great.

Ugh. Serperior's movepool is awful. Although Leech Seed was very useful once I got to the Elite Four.


New Member
Pansage. It died alot, even against lower-level Roggenrolas in Wellspring Cave (which on the most fundamental level of element matchups should not be possible; and I know I'm not THAT bad myself). I gave up on it at lvl. 20.

I was also excited to get my Liepard, but that too was underwhelming. I mean, how can a Dark-type Cat NOT learn Bite on its own?!? All I ended up keeping it around for was because it was the first that I noticed on my team that could learn Cut. I also taught it Thief, but as early on as I am right now, there's not a fat lot of good that's doing me (other than the occasional Berry)...

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
The most disappointing Pokemon has to be Samurott . Despite its awesome looks it's very average . Stats are average and movepool is really poor . Would have benefited a lot more if it had a secondary typing .
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Painis Cupcake
The most disappointing pokemon I had to use was Purrloin. It was so weak and frail I had to ditch it right after the first gym leader.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
Ingame...I had a leavanny dropped it after 5th gym.
Wi fi sake managed to sweep with zen darmanitan...required loads of para support, e-hazards and revenge killing/1 memento to see him sweep the remaining 3 pokemon...it wasnt satisfactory at all...not to mention the ingame leveling...


Well-Known Member
zebstrika and pansear.


Lady Molly
Liepard. I thought using a dark pokemon would help considerabley with the Elite 4. It didn't.
It's a really, really weak Pokemon.


My team didn't let me down. I avoided some pokemon like Zebstrika. I can't wait to mix up my team in the next game.

Dragon Trainer X

I liked most of my team members in Black. They battled pretty well, and they didn't ever let me down. Although, some Pokemon like Sigilyph, Zebstrika, and Klinklank were almost impossible to work with.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Semisage, and Garbordor. With Semisage I thought I'd be using a good grass type, but I was wrong even of you choose not to evolve it, it's movepool is still bad.


Shine, Eevee, shine!
I suppose I got lucky. I don't use pokemon that are traded to me, so I never used the Monkeys. I did, however, raise a Liepard on my first runthrough of Black. I never really cared for it, but seeing as it was a purple cat, (my two favorite things) I stuck with it. She died a LOT in my battles with the Elite Four, and when I caught Reshiram, I made it go back in the boxes.

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
I think most of the pokemon in Unova are not very good especially when compared to the other regions.
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