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Most disturbing-looking pokemon

Which Pokemon looks more disturbing

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It looks like the Pillsburry dough boy.


Angelic Pika

i stalk you
hahah ... Gliscor looks scary and disturbing ...

oh and ... uhh yeah Lickylicky too ...

Gengar has that creepy smile .. as if it's going to attack you with an axe or something ... but it's still cool...:D

.:angelpika @_@ </3


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This poll needs Lopunny and Probopass.


That guy.
Add Lopunny, Glisor and probopass.


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If you've actually seen Loppuny in another pose, it is not actually that disturbing.

Polls should always have the option "other" especially when it doesn't even take ten choices on it.


Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
Jynx. This pokemon is way too disturbing and it creeps me out too much. And I really don't like this pokemon. Also this pokemon has bad designs too.

Empoleon Emperor

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JYNX. It's in capitals because it's gross.


Eh, ragazzo!
I really thought the Regis looked the creepiest, but they are awesome because of that.

Regice is the creepiest of them (it also has a pretty freakish cry), and it is my favorite, though I tend to like Ice types more anyway.


Special Sweeper
This poll needs Lopunny and Probopass.

Lopunny is OK (just a bit too girly), and...
NEVER say Probopass is ugly, why on the earth do you think it's ugly???