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Most epic battle ever?


Ground Pound
So what was your most epic battle ever in a Pokemon game? Mine was when I was only using my Blaziken during the Elite Four. Blaze Kick had 6PP left. SO when I fought Steven his Claydol would survive by 10 hp and then kill me when I had 64Hp left. SO had to restart 11 times until I critted his Claydol. It was the most awesomest and most epic battle of my life.

Sarcastic Oshawott

Wow such forum
My friends and I (2vs2) had a battle and it lasted for about a half hour and we were using the launcher things and it was heated. I won though. lol


The Samurai battle in the anime. EPIC.
red in hg :D

2D Thom

Im a tombsone
Well i never got to battle Red in SS... It has to be eather N or Gheitis. I actually felt i was in the battle.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Up to now, fighting Cynthia in Black. It was actually a funny battle too. Lots of Potions and Revives were used..And much teamwork was necessary

That Garchomp was the biggest problem of course..I had to pull off multiple switch-outs between Stoutland and Unfezant's Intimidate and Featherdance before I could actually take that thing out. Stoutland's Rocky Helmet helped out too.

My team was in the 50's-Early 60's at the time ^^

Darkmaster Rannon

Thundercats Hoo!
When I fought Lance for the first time in SS, single handledly beating him with my lv. 46ish Gyarados. It just felt epic to me as I've never one monned through a champion before, using a member of my ingame team.


Skyla lovers
- When battling Chili with only my Snivy, it was my only loss in the game (I didn't use the monkey gift surely)

- Battling Skyla's Unfezant with my own same leveled Unfezant.. In the end the ability "Super Luck" really live up to it's name.

- Have yet to happen, but I kinda adore Alder as the coolest champ other than Lance, so I am expecting an enjoyable battle against him


My solo of the elite 4 in Sapphire with Swampert. Plus this was when I was 8, and didn't realize ground was super-effective against steel. Close second is probably N. It was an epic struggle through the first half, then I came back in his face and DESTROYED the rest of his team.


First Team Aqua battle in the forest for me
epic music.


I be an Exotic One
My battle against Red in G/S/C, it was crazy epic since I was like eight and had no idea he was there.