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Most hated pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by swalot=yes, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Pkmn Breeder Jack

    Pkmn Breeder Jack Static owns you.

    I love Lickilicky! He's just so weird. And I like the quirky pokemon, like him and Tangrowth.
  2. Neekerisanni123

    Neekerisanni123 Kanbei <3 _ <3


    Possibly almost every pokemon in Gen. IV. And some others as well.
  3. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    I hate those pokemon that appear a lot in the games like Bidoof, Tentacruel, Starly, etc...
  4. Venomfrog

    Venomfrog Perpetual Observer

    I despise Heatran. Partly because it looks hideous, but mostly because in every battle I did on ShoddyBattle before I quit that game half of my Fire attacks would be absorbed by a switch-in Heatran.

    I do not mind it if one Pokemon consistently defeats me, but if that Pokemon is a legendary, then it gets extremely annoying. It felt like every opponent had their own personal Stark Mountain in their backyard.

    Though, to be honest, I do not hate Pokemon as much as I hate the way they are exploited, but that does not change the fact that Heatran (and Garchomp, too) are the only Pokemon that make me cringe.
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