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Most Important Things To You In Competitive Battling?

Gee, it's been a long time since I made a thread in GPD.......

Anyway, what are the most important things to you in competitive battling? Items? DW Abilities? 5th Gen Moves? 1st Gen Moves? Weather? Walls? Try to be somewhat specific and try not to put something like "Pokémon" or "Moves".

Here's my top 5 list from most to least:
1. Items
2. EVs
3. Dream World Abilities
4. Gen 3 Pokémon
5. Gen 4 Pokémon
I'm pretty new, but I would say probably EVs or Abilities (not necessarily DW). Other than, of course, the Pokemon itself.

EDIT: Whoa, my post #666!!!

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Abilities item's and ev's are very useful.


Not a tool
Balance is important. To me, it just doesn't seem right if I don't have a support pokemon, a sweeper, and a wall all on the same team.


Justified Trope
Personally, the most important thing is to read some back ground of your opponent, get an idea of what team they may use, and design your team to exploit weaknesses and counter major defenses.


The King of Town.
Type matchups.


Cannon Time.
Using lower-tiered Pokemon to beat Smogon people. That's it. =3


True Beauty
To me the most important thing has to be Items, & strong Pokèmon I've found that if my team is as strong as they can possibly be type match ups are something I can stress less about.

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
I don't play competitively, but there is something that I think should be most important to a lot of people who play: remembering that it's just a game. Some people take it far too seriously.


The most important thing is strategy. You could have all the best pokemon in the meta, but that doesn't mean a thing if there just plopped onto team a team with no forethought.


1. EVs/IVs/Natures
2. Proper movesets
3. Items
4. Strategy (type matchups)
5. A good ability


take a byte
EVs and IVs, a good Pokemon team (tiers don't matter! I can sweep with a UU Typhlosion!), items, good abilities, a good strategy, and good natures.

for a good team, there should be a Physical and Special Sweeper, and a Physical and Special Wall at least