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Most Improved Pokemon of this Generation

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by ROBO PIKA Tek 2, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. ROBO PIKA Tek 2

    ROBO PIKA Tek 2 Kid with Pantz

    I. Introduction

    A. I had another thread that was just like this one, but Profesco had closed it, which is fine by me because it was in the worst spot for it to be (And his signature tells me to listen and keep quiet anyway). So this is the newer and better thread! Why is this one newer and better you ask? Well, I'm not allowed to answer that (Hint: It has a special thanks at the end! Those are always awesome). So enough with my garbage, lets get to letter B.

    B. Just like I promised in Article 1, Section A, here's Letter B.

    C. Alright, enough fooling around. Lets get to the the thread itself. This is all about Pokemon who got an awesome new boost! Pokemon who sat alone in NU, and one from UU, got a great deal of a boost where they landed. They're now seen in OU, and one is now hanging with the Ubers, which is quite an accomplishment.

    D. Okay, so letter D is a challenge to those who say "I liked _______ before he was cool."- Here is a challenge: Use those Pokemon without there special ability and tell me how it works out. Good luck to those who try my special challenge!

    II. The Most Improved Pokemon

    A. Last Gen, nobody had paid much attention to these outstanding Pokemon. This Gen, they're top-rated, they're the best. They're the ones who have a set made everyday for them. They're the ones who just rocked the house. They're for lil' Pokemon who statred in the lower tiers and pulled their act together to get into this thread! They are:

    1. Blaziken: The Pokemon who is known as the best starter ever for what he did: He got into the Uber tier. It was a long hard fight, but he managed. Sitting at the top of the mountain, Blaziken stands (Or sits). Anyway, enough with the award ceremony. Blaziken got one incredible ability that could make him faster than Infernape: Speed Boost. The ability to get a speed boost, hence the name, every turn. Its like getting an extra Scarf per turn just leave out the choice part. That was all Blaziken needed. He already had a very high Attack and got access to Hi Jump Kick and Flare Blitz, which he had turned into monstrous STABs. The only problem is he isn't used much in Ubers meaning Blaziken may just have been sucked clean of his power.

    2. Espeon: The most rejected Eeveelution after Flareon (Who'll hopefully make this list next Gen). He never had much, besides the nice Speed and SAtk. He didn't have a great typing, he didn't luck out with a good ability, and to worsen the mood: it kinda creeps me out. Now that Espeon is so great and I have been filled with enough bias, Espeon is awesome. Funny Story: I was just derpin' around and battling and stuff with Espeon. When suddenly, a wild Pokepedo appears! He said Espeon is now as sexy as Gardevoir. 0.0 <------ My facial expression. Espeon was one of those Pokemon I had mentioned being from NU and rising to OU, meaning he's still legal and awesome to use.

    3. Politoed: Another Pokemon who had been rejected because it couldn't keep up, Politoed is now one of the top used Pokemon. He may have taken Kyorge's signature ability, but Kyorge isn't as cool (Yes he is, just trying to make Poli sound cooler). The ability to set up endless rain is crazy. Drizzle turned Poli from creepy, smiley NU frog into "Geez, I hate this Guy". Poli helped Pokemon who used Swift Swim, which he got banned, Rain Dish, Dry Skin, and Hydration a reason to be used, also Thunder started showing up again. Politoed's moveset is also quite nice IMO. Hypnosis and Perish Song are two nice moves. Politoed, if I don't see you on an OU rain team, than I'm so sorry for what garbage they did to you.

    4. Ninetales: Just like Poli, Ninetales started something, a new generation of Sun Teams. Ninetales had made it everywhere, but is often overlooked by its competitors Tyranitar and Politoed as he is often known as weaker and has a type disadvantage. He's got Groundon's ability, as Poli did, and put it to good use. Like Poil, Ninetales helped Pokemon with their seemingly useless ability's, such as the ever common Chlorophyll and the more rare Solar Power, Leaf Guard, and the incredibly rare Flower Gift. Solarbeam was used often as well. Nietales made sun my favorite weather in OU.

    5. Dragonite- Dragonite may not have been boosted a couple of tiers, but his ability MultiScale has caused forfeits worldwide. which he only shares with Lugia. From HGSS he also got access to ExtremeSpeed and can get Aqua Jet. Dragonite has also been known as one of the greatest Rain Abusers as it gets Thunder and Hurricane. Using MultiScale is basically a free Dragon Dance as it can survive that hit quite easily. Also, using Roost he can recycle that MultiScale. His massive Attack stat makes up for his lacking 90 Base Speed Stat, which he can get up using Dragon Dance that was mentioned earlier. This fan favorite got even more favoritism with the amazing MultiScale ability.

    6. Chansey, Dusclops, Porygon2: With the newly added item Eviolite, these Pokemon are everywhere. Pokemon with older brothers and sisters are now picked first. Chansey now gets more Special Defense to outclass her sister. Dusclops does the same but on both sides. Pressure plus Awesome defenses plus Night Shade plus Wil-o-Wisp will wear down opponents. Porygon2 does great as well and can be used in many instances. Against Sableye it gets Prankster which it can use very well using Trace. It also gets Heatran's Flash Fire to absorb Fire Blast and Lava Plume and can trap Magnezone using its ability against him. Don't get me started on Dugtrio though... As you can see, the Eviolite made history.

    III. Conclusion

    A. Well, that's it. You've done it. You completed reading this thread. Go outside and get some fresh air.

    B. Now that you've come back inside, please reply using as many of the guidelines seen below:

    1. If you think another Pokemon has the honor of making it onto this list.

    2. If you feel this thread needs more work and is completely inaccurate.

    3. If you accepted my challenge and you feel now is the time for a reply.

    4. If you want a special thanks as seen below, in Article 4, Section A, Paragraphs 1-

    IV. Special Thanks

    A. Like I said in Article 1, Section A and Article 3, Section B, Paragraph 4 you all deserve a special thanks! To recieve a special thanks, please follow the guidelines below:

    1. If you read the whole post you get a generic thank you message onto your wall thing.

    2. If you read the whole post and even went outside to get a breath of fresh air you get a thank you on your wall that says in one sentence how awesome you are.

    3. If you went outside got a breath of fresh air and said I was awesome on my wall or right here on this thread I will write you a thank you a note onto your wall thing that consists of 50 or more words.

    B. Make the post about a special thanks onto this thread or my wall thingie telling me which guideline you followed. Please don't lie! My thank yous are special!
  2. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    Nitpick; Ninetales is spelt, well, Ninetales.

    Don't forget that Sharpedo also got Speed Boost this gen, and it hasn't faired too badly in OU/UU/RU I would think.
  3. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

    I believe Salamence was a heavily boosted Pokemon because now that it got Moxie it can run a Choice Scarf and a Dragon Dance set very effectively, it was a member in one of my best teams.
    Gliscor gets a honorable mention as well. I had a lot of trouble with it should my Weavile not be alive. Poison Heal is almost broken.

    Espeon wasn't very much improved. If you have Ferro, simply hit Espeon as it switches in with Gyro Ball, and if you have some Attack EVs, it's an OHKO. If you have other leads, attack with your strongest move. Once it's down set up entry hazards.
  4. Aegon

    Aegon _

    What the...? I'm not a regular competitive battler, but even I can see that there are so many things wrong with this post. >_>
  5. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    ^Agreed. Poison Heal is broken? How the-

    Offensive SD Scizor 2HKOs Gliscor with Bullet Punch, Landorus with a Naive nature and 28 SAtk EVs OHKOs with Stealth Rock and so on.
  6. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    IMO dragonite also deserves to make that list. With the addition of multiscale, dragonite can now compete with salamence and his other fellow dragons.

    This ability makes dragonite one of the most feared pokes in the game

    Oh and I followed IV A 1
  7. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Definitley Blaziken. He was almost never used in 4th gen but now with speed boost he outclasses infernape by far
  8. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    By this logic doesn't every poke suck? Every poke has its niche and weaknesses. You just need to know and acknowledge a pokes weakness and use it accordingly.
  9. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member


    'Nuff said.
  10. Mr. Marowak

    Mr. Marowak was wrong about Gen6

    I'm stuck somewhere between Blaziken, Dragonite, Sableye and Espeon.
  11. ROBO PIKA Tek 2

    ROBO PIKA Tek 2 Kid with Pantz

    Uhhhm, NO

    Dragonite was OU this and last gen.

    Gliscor is only a better wall.

    Espeon went from NU to OU that deserves recognition.

    Sharpedo is the frailest thing ever.

    Oh crap. Ninetales is spelt wrong.

    Sableye was UU and still UU.

    Sorry about the quick post.

  12. Gibran

    Gibran Swag Nation™

  13. Yeesh.

    Heavily boosted? No, I doubt that. Moxie was a nice addition, but it just gave Salamence a new toy to play with. If anything, Salamence got a little bit worse. Dragonite, with its fancy new Multiscale, finds setting up a lot easier than Salamence, and the OU metagame has become so unkind to it that no one would consider it broken like they did last Gen.

    Powerful, yes. Broken, of course not. Really, Gliscor is not that hard to handle. Depending on the set, it can be completely shut down by Pokemon like Rotom-W, bulky Waters, BalloonTran, etc.

    Magic Mirror is the reason that Espeon is OU right now, and it's a very good one. Not only does it make all status moves and entry hazard moves useless, using them against your opponent, but it also makes Espeon one of the best Baton Pass Pokemon ever to exist.

    But the point is that Dragonite now has Multiscale. Before 5th Gen, Salamence pretty much outclassed Dragonite. It was a wonder that it remained OU so long last Gen. With Multiscale, Dragonite just laughs at even super-effective attacks while its HP is full, meaning that it has a much easier time setting up than Salamence. While it didn't push Salamence off the map, it did make Dragonite the more desirable choice for many teams.

    A far better wall, and a far better stall breaker. If it wasn't for Magic Guard abusers like Reuniclus, Gliscor could be the premier stall breaker of OU. Poison Heal to make it immune to status and offer double Leftovers recovery, Taunt to shut down opposing recovery, Swords Dance with good offensive moves, Gliscor has it all. But honestly, just the fact that Gliscor has Poison Heal makes sets like SubProtect deadly.

    But with Speed Boost, it's one of the best late-game cleaners there is. Despite its lower-tier status, the OU metagame is actually very kind to Sharpedo. As long as you save it for late-game, when random priority users are dead, Sharpedo can be an absolute monster on Rain teams. Also, like Blaziken before him, you can forget about outspeeding him with a Choice Scarf user after he has accumulated a couple of speed boosts.

    Actually, before now, Sableye hasn't been UU since 3rd Gen. It was NU in 4th Gen because it just didn't do anything important. Now it has Prankster, which is a very good ability for a slow Pokemon like Sableye. It allows it to outspeed the fastest of Pokemon and burn them, Taunt them, poison them, or Recover in their faces. It has made Sableye into a nice stallbreaker and a decent check to a number of offensive threats.

    One more thing. Why does everyone automatically assume that just because Blaziken is an Uber now, it's dead? Blaziken is still sitting at about 10.6% usage on the Ubers ladder, which is pretty good. That's over three times the usage requirement to remain OU. Again, pretty much the only Uber-viable Pokemon that can safely switch in and tackle SD Blaziken in the Sun (thanks to Groudon) is Giratina.
  14. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    Dragonite is crazy good now. and Sableye went from being a shiiity UU pokemon to a fierce contender in OU (although it's still in the UU tier). i can not even tell you how many teams i screwed over with sableye alone.
  15. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Nobody mentions Cloyster?
  16. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    ^That is quite true. Shell Smash turned it from a low tier Spiker all the way up to a Sweeper capable of taking Mach Punches from unboosted Conkeldurr at -1.
  17. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    Porygon2,chansey and dusclops just saying..
    I also think dugtrio and gastordon got improved not directly though.
  18. lolwutlolwutlolwut

    Gastrodon was directly blessed by the Gamefreak gods and you know it. Storm Drain now turns from a useless ability into a godsend for many teams. Access to Scald also means that physical attackers can get burnhax'd to death.
  19. MatchMaster

    MatchMaster Member

    Study users, like Donphan, Skarmory, and Forretress; just one extra move can change the game, especially with all those special attackers out there who plow through the aforementioned Pokemon who have low special defense. I also have to agreed on Politoad especially; Drizzle gives it something worthwhile to use. I don't think Dugtrio has been mentioned yet either; it used to be in UU, now it's capable of functioning in ubers, thanks to Hone Claws and its ability, arena trap.
  20. ROBO PIKA Tek 2

    ROBO PIKA Tek 2 Kid with Pantz

    OK, so does everyone notice how every Pokemon got boosted 2-3 tiers up? Yes? That is why Pokemon like Dragonite aren't on here. He didn't improve as amazingly as the other Pokemon who made the list.

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